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He's Mine...

January 6, 2010
By JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
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"So you are gonna be here in five minutes?" Natalie said on the phone to Frank. They have been childhood friends for the longest time, this was her weekend to bring Frank to the lodge and tell him she loves him. She had the strength to do it, she loved him, she always loved him.
"Yes best friend in the whole wide world I am pulling down the old dirt road." Frank exclaimed.
"Okay see you soon!" Natalie hung up and jumped up and down to the room down the hall way. She made the bed quickly and took some rose peddles and spread them on the bed. The fantasy of him and her played through her head over and over. His touch, his kiss, his love all over he body is what she craved. She picked up his picture that was on the nightstand to the bed, his perfect picture in her hands.
"Is anyone home!?" Franks voice boomed.
Natalie sat the picture down on her night stand and ran out and there was Frank with his luggade. "Frank!" Natalie squeeled. She ran and jumped in his arms. He twisted her around and puts her back down on the ground. "I have missed you so much!" Natalie said in a loving tone
"Yeah well you know I couldnt miss our yearly traditon at the lodge!" He laughed and looked into her eyes and Natalie melted.
"Well we need to catch up, and I have to tell you something." Her heart jumped in the pit of her stomach, she was really going to do this.
"Me too, but you go first!" He exclaimed and gave her knudge on the shoulder.
Maybe he wants to say it first, Natalie thought, maybe he will say I love you... "No you go first." She smiled;hoping.
"I brought someone with me." He said slowly.
Natalie pursed her lips, "Is it Mike, or Todd?"
"No. Ummm..." he paused and smiled."I wanted my friend to meet her before we go public about this, I'm getting married!" He gave a huge grin.
"What?" Natalie said astonished.
"Hey guys!" The high pitched voice came from the door way. Natalie looked. She was a short girl about as tall as she was, blond, tan,white teeth, and a beautiful face. More beautiful then she would ever be.
"This is Carrie," Frank said.
Natalie's stomach turned and it wobbled. "Hello..." she choked out. "Uhh, nice to meet you." Natalie held out her hand.
Carrie rushed in and gave her hug, "Frank has said so much about you! I feel like I already know you!"
"Right..." she patted her back lightly and Frank stood back and smiled.
Carrie stepped back and put her hand around Franks waist, "I wanted to surprise you... Surprise!" Frank exclaimed.
Natalie looked at them blankley. "Yeah..."
Carrie felt awkward, "So where will we be sleeping?" She asked.
"Down the hall way," Natalie pointed. Carrie smiled and gave Frank a kiss and took her stuff to the bedroom.
"Are you okay?" Frank asked.
"I'm fine," she turned away and went into the kitchen to put a pot of coffee on the stove.
"You dont even seem happy for me," he said.
"I am...believe me." she put the coffee pot under some water.
"I know I havent known her long enough but I really have a great feeling about this Natalie. So please be nice." He put his hands on her shoulder and looked into her eyes.
"Okay..." she gave a weak smile.

Natalie sat on the couch and glared at Frank and Carrie who sat near the fire place. They were kissing and telling jokes to one another. Natalie bit her tongue. She had to get rid of her, somehow.
"So how long have you and Frank been friends?" Carrie asked.
"Since we were four..." she said softly.
"Oh wow, thats a long time." She smiled.
"How long have you known Frank," she asked.
"Seven months." Carrie and Frank looked at each other and kissed.
Natalie looked away."Wow seven months and already jumping in a marriage!" she laughed.
"Yeah well we love each other Natalie, I already told you that," Frank said.
"Well it might not work out." She looked at her cup,and silence filled the room.
"That wont happen with us," Carrie said.
"Oh really, what makes you think that?" Natalie looked up and smiled.
"Natalie..." Frank said.
"I am just saying!" she laughed. "You never know Carrie might be pregnant, is that why you two are getting married?"
"Excuse me?" Carrie said.
"Natalie!" Frank yelled.
"Well I have to wonder why the person I have known for twenty years is gonna marry a girl that he has known for seven months!" Natalie stood up angered.
Frank stood up also, "It's none of your bussiness!"
Carrie got up and walked outside angered and upset.
"Wait Carrie!" Frank ran for her but she was gone in the woods. Damn it Natalie!" He punched the wall. "What is wrong with you!?" He bellowed.
"Nothing, I am just--"
"There is something!" He cut her off. "We are leaving," he walked away.
Natalie grabbed his arm frantically, "Please! Dont! Okay I am sorry, I will make it all okay!"
Frank looked at his arm and was surprised how Natalie was holding him so tightly. "How are you gonna fix things?"
"I'll get some shoes on and I will go find her and I will apologize, okay?"
"Okay..." Frank pulled away and sat on the couch.
Natalie ran to her room and put on her shoes. He cant be with her, she thought. I have to do something... Natalie went to the night stand and pulled out the .35 magnum and put it in her coat pocket.

"Carrie?" Natalie yelled her name. She had been walking in the forest for a good five minutes looking for Carrie. She was gonna kill her, and no one would find her body and she could have Frank all to her self.
She saw Carrie's blond hair at a far distance, she was sitting on a log with her head in her hands. "Carrie?" Natalie said softly.
"What do you want? You want to ask me more questions on why I shouldnt marry Frank?" She looked up at her with tears in her eyes.
Natalie sat next to Carrie on the log.
"I'm sorry, I just have known Frank for a very long time thats all. " She clenched the gun in her pocket.
"I know, believe me I do. But I really love Frank and he loves me. And it really means a lot to him if you just told him you really think us two would work." Carrie smiled and wiped away her tears.
"I'm sorry Carrie," Natalie gave her a hug.
"Thank you, "Carrie said.
"Not so close," Natalie said.
"What do you mean?"
"There is a problem, I love Frank. And he loves me more." Natalie said harshly.
Carrie pulled away, "What?"
Natalie grabbed the gun out of her pocket, "He loves me more then he loves you." She pointed the gun at Carrie.
"Natalie!" Carrie scooted backwards and fell down on the cold ground.
"He loves me! You understand me!? We have known each other for twenty years! And no girl that has known him for seven months will not take him away from me!" Natalie screamed.
"Natalie put the gun down please..." Carried begged.
"No." Natalie fired once and hit Carrie in the shoulder, Carrie screamed. Carrie laid down on the ground not moving, Natalie walked up to her. Carrie opened her eyes and kicked her knee and Natalie fell to the ground clenching her knee and she dropped the gun. Carrie picked up a rock and smashed it over Natalie's head. Carrie ran back to the lodge.
Natalie got up quickly and stumbled and found the gun and ran after Carrie.
"Frank!" Carrie screamed.
Natalie stopped and pointed the gun and aimed at Carrie.
"Help me! Fran--" Carrie fell to the ground shot in the back.
Natalie stumbled to Carrie. Carrie turned over screaming from the pain. She turned over on her back . Natalie stood over Carrie and pointed the gun, Carrie cried, "Please Natalie."
"He's mine." She shot and hit Carrie in the head. Carrie laid lifeless...dead.

"She is dead..." Natalie said blankley. Frank got up from the table and threw the chair against the wall.
"Oh my god!" He fell to his knees. Natalie ran to him putting her arms around him, "I shouldve never brought her to the lodge Natalie!"
"It's okay..." she rubbed his head softly, the smell of his hair made her peaceful and made her forget what she did.
"Where could've she have gone? She is probably lost!" He said between sobs.
Natalie smiled. "No she is dead, a bear wouldve gotten her."
"We need to call the police!" Frank said frantically.
"No!" Natalie yelled.
Frank looked at her shocked, "Why?"
"She had it coming," Natalie said sternly.
"What are you talking about?"
"I love you Frank, I have always loved you..." Natalie said softly.
"So?" She mocked. "I love you! She was in the way! I did it for you, I did it for us!"
Frank pushed her away. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?"
Natalie fell down to the ground. "Why are you doing this? You know she was in the way!" Natalie bellowed.
Frank shook his head. And he walked slowly to the door, "You are crazy..."
Natalie got up and walked towards him.
"Get away from me!"
"Stop being this way!" Natalie stomped her foot and screamed and pulled her hair.
"I will never love you. Carrie was the girl I loved, and you killed her. I will never love you..." Frank started to walk out the door.
"No!" Natalie screamed and jumped on his back and she started hitting him with her fists. She pulled his hair and scratched his face with her nails. "Get off me!" He bellowed and threw her off his back onto the glass coffee table.
"I'm calling the police!" Frank yelled and started to run to the door. Natalie got the gun from her pocket and pulled the triger. Frank was shot in the head and he fell to the ground dead.
"NO!" She screamed. She got up slowly pain rushed through her.
Frank was in her arms dead and Natalie sobbed slowly and screaming rocking back and forth. Looking into his lifless eyes and she touched his beautiful face and skin.
"Why did it have to be this way?" she said to Frank softly. "I love you Frank... we can be together." She grabbed the gun and put it to her head. And pulled the trigger.

The author's comments:
Hey guys enjoy a girl named Natalie who will do anything for to get the person she loves in her arms. No one will get in her way. Enjoy "He's Mine..."

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on Aug. 10 2010 at 5:43 pm
Blue4indigo PLATINUM, Sturbridge, Connecticut
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Wonderful story, so sad and dramatic!

HelloLove said...
on Jun. 9 2010 at 12:31 pm
HelloLove, Dexter, Michigan
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That's very good :) It seems everything went so fast in one evening! I really enjoyed it, and it sure did keep me on the edge.

on May. 11 2010 at 8:09 pm
Mariah_0.0 SILVER, Peyton, Colorado
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wow that was intense! and very sad. very good story just like your other stories. keep on writing and..if your stories get turned into a movie...can i be in it lol