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Anastasia: Vampire

March 9, 2010
By lalaj94 GOLD, Oldenburg, Indiana
lalaj94 GOLD, Oldenburg, Indiana
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As I walked, I more sensed the girls trouble that saw or heard it, though I could see and hear her troubles with the young male vampire currently holding her against the alley wall. Sighing I contemplated walking away. Saving meager humans wasn't my game and with my age, most didn't take me seriously anyways. Plus, my new shoes did not need to be abused by the mucky alley floor.

Still, this girl looked so upset, so in need, it nagged at me. There was something about her. Her terror rolled off of her in waves that my sensitive mind didn't like to feel. She struck a chord that I didn't even know I had, and at my age surprises were rare.

Deciding I needed to do a good deed, as I was majorly overdue, I walked up to the male who looked no older than I. Of course, he was much younger. That was obvious in the way he defended his catch (being the young lady) so viciously. Any vampire of an older age would have heard me much sooner and would have been much calmer in his attack. He simply let me saunter up to him, throw him up against the wall and in an instant I was helping the girl to her feet.

Clearly my show of strength scared her witless as she could barely stay conscious staring up at my too bright eyes. I could see very easily in the dark corners of the alley and in my peripheral I saw the idiot vampire attempt to sneak up on me. With a noble cry the girl attempted to warn me but I was already on him, fighting his offensive with one of my own. He was slow and inexperienced. I had him inside an Idiot sized hole in the wall with 30 seconds.

“Who are you?” the Idiot cried, looking fearful as I re-assumed my position in front of the girl.

Clearly he knew I was a vampire as well, and one of a formidable age. Youth showed in his posture and the way he didn't control his face and eyes. They were, after all, the windows into your soul. A very private place indeed. Only idiots let you in such important places uninvited.

“My name is Anastasia.” I murmured, watching his immediate reaction to my name. His eyes widened and his breathing sped up. Breathing was only necessary for speaking and the fact that he did it so regularly and in a human like reaction was yet another sign of his age.

I only breathed regularly when I was attending some type of meeting or party where talking was inescapable. Otherwise, in human settings, where humans usually were too scared to approach me I made a simple movement of the shoulders to imitate breathing. None would ever be the wiser.

Music blared from a car passing the alley and I couldn't help but pity that poor humans sensitive eardrums and poor taste in music. Clearly, Beethoven and Debussy were not making any major record sales nowadays. I almost smiled at my small mental joke but I had to continue this tough appearance for the young man to leave this innocent alone.

That brought my thoughts back to the girl whose breathing and heart rate had slowed dramatically into an appropriate and calm state. So unusual that she was so peaceful when two immortals were prepared for battle over her blood and life. Clearing my mind to read her own I risked my life, or existence, and moved from my ready position.

Turning back to look at her I saw fear in her eyes, apprehension as well. Too much for my immediate comfort in fact.

'I'll be famous now, holy-' and that was all her thought gave away before I realized her true intention. She was a hunter, a novice clearly because her earlier fear was not faked. That was all it took. Seeking regard from a small kill, which was someone who was most likely going to be dispatched among ourselves, after all, feeding openly and defying an elder... he was a naughty boy alright. But she was going to get there first with a plan that had gone wrong.

Moving slowly to me, she pulled out a long and intimidating knife with a wicked gleam to it. Suddenly the alley seemed too small and narrow, too suffocating. I never did like weapons. Or spiders, honestly that many legs...and eyes, totally unnatural. But, back to the large knife in my face.

“Killing you will make me famous.” she said, “Die knowing that, Leech.” Oh, yes. I hate derogatory terms too. Especially that one. Moving swiftly, I knocked the knife out of her hand and had her in a choke hold against the alley wall before the human girl could look. Even though I wanted to roll my eyes at the thought of a young female like this, in such pitiful shape, dispatching me from my immortal place in this world, it was a rather refreshing thought.

At this point, instinct took over and my lips parted over my too sharp and too white teeth into a terrifying snarl. Not that it would have scared me. I practically invented the feral snarl. Obviously, the girl wasn't expecting me to move quite so quickly and she definitely
wasn't expecting to be so quickly overpowered.

“Quickly,” the Idiot snarled, “Kill her. She is nothing. Just a human.” I wanted to kill him for such an idiotic remark, but what do you expect from an idiot?

“Shut up.” I growled equally vicious in my tone of voice. Looking the girl in the eye, I saw adrenaline fuel her with a flushed pallor and a fluttering heartbeat. Somehow I needed to talk to her, I knew I needed to be alone with her. There was something about her...her scent. I had finally placed it, it was her scent. But what about it...ugh it plagued my mind annoyingly.

“Leave.” I ordered the Idiot without respecting him enough to look back at him. His scoff reverberated through the alley and I turned, dropping the girl.

“One more chance, Idiot.” I said, not knowing why I needed to elaborate with this young human so badly. Scents were everywhere after all.

Getting in his face, I let him see my eyes, brighter and wiser than his. Age seeped from me because I let it and he got the message. Finally I looked at him, actually looked. He was of a medium build with unremarkable brown eyes and hair. Vampiric beauty made his features cruel and sharp but he was still plain by most immortal standards. But aren't all idiots?

“Now, leave.” Pouring as much acid into my voice as possible wasn't that hard as I had plenty of experience with it. Turning once again I looked back at the girl and looked at her too.

She was petite with a platinum blond bob that fit her pixie face perfectly and her green and hazel flecked eyes were natural with little make up, only adding a haunting shimmer to her pretty face.

“What is your name, little girl?” I asked, attempting to sound polite.

“I am not a little girl, I'm 17.” she said, raising her pointed chin defiantly. Nearly laughing aloud, I resolved into a simple smirk and started over.

“Please, forgive me. What is your name?” I asked again, trying to sound respectful. This was better because she stood up a little straighter and her movement caused that strange, unforgettable scent to cross me again.

“My name, Anastasia Deveraux, is,” and with a badly acted and unnecessary pause, she broke the tension, “Luna Aurora.”

I nearly laughed again. “Humans and their ridiculous names these days.” This only received a glare form the tiny human.

“Well, my dearest Luna,” I said, with a laugh still caught in my throat, “I am afraid I will need to borrow you.”

She looked absolutely terrified for a moment but my face seemed to reassure her.

“Money,” she said, “Pay me and I'll do whatever you want.” I raised an eyebrow at her (hopefully) accidental innuendo but I also was wondering something else.

“You shouldn't take deals from my kind.” I said. “Its wrong, isn't it?” Her eyes weren't exactly happy but calculating. “We are not to be trusted, Luna Aurora.”

She simply snorted in response and said, “I'm not a killer and I need money to escape this hell. If your going to kill me you will. I know.” I surprised at the casual tones she used to describe me killing her but she continued. “I don't care. Death is better than this job. Hell, that's all this job is. Death. So, I see your opportunity. I'll help you. For money. I promise I won't hurt you.”

You had to love how humans could be bought. She thought me almost...not dangerous. Laughable thought, really.

The author's comments:
This is inspired by a poem I wrote and will eventually be a full length novel.

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