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Full of Mystery: Chapter 1

March 23, 2010
By Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
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School is finally over. I walk over to my locker happy to see my sexy boyfriend, Justin, standing right in front of it. I smile walking towards him slowly. The janitor must have just mopped the black floors, it was kind of slippery. I kiss him gently before pulling out my English and science books.

He never was the kind of person to do his homework. He grabbed my heavy backpack and wraps his right arm around my waist. We started walking towards the big red doors when I saw my arch rival Danielle and her crew walking towards us.

Danielle had a huge crush on Justin, which she knew she could never have him. That girl couldn’t take no for an answer. “Hey Justin,” she said as she stood in front of us. Justin answered by kissing me and walking around her. That witch, she couldn’t take him from me if she wanted to. I bet that set her mind straight.

Our walk to my house wasn’t long. I lived right in front of the university. My mom was standing outside and so was my new step dad, Howard. He was good looking, but a little to talkative for me. We both spoke to them before heading to my room. We had just moved into the two story house. It had a pool in the back yard, five bedrooms, and three baths. My room, of course, was my favorite colors, red and black. I had my red, black, and white laptop along with my walk in closet. I so love my room.

My parents trusted my privacy, since I am twenty-one now. I got Justin to sit my backpack in the closet, and turned on the radio. It started playing our jam Break Up by Mario. I soon lay on the bed with my head on his chest. I wanted to lie there forever and ever.

Justin and I had been dating for seven years now and every day we learn something new about each other. I never met someone as loving and passionate as him. I love the way he looks at me and the way he treats me, with respect. He was there when my dad died in the tragic car accident and when my mom had to go through leg surgery. I have to admit, I am in love with him. He knows it, too.

I raise my head and whisper in his ear, “Baby, I love you.” He smiled widely and gave a little giggle. “I love you, too, precious.” That was my nickname that only he called me, Precious. I snuggled back into his chest, hugging him a little tighter. He just laid there and he quickly knew what I was doing. I closed my eyes and fell in to a light sleep.

I woke up to the sound of my mother’s voice. Justin was sitting in my big, red chair watching wrestling. I realized I had fallen asleep, again, on his chest. “The wedding is tomorrow and I want to know if you are going to be with me all day?” she asked. I nodded my head in agreement since I was the bridesmaid, and I was pretty happy that Howard put Justin in the wedding so I could walk with him. Justin looked up, “About time my baby woke up.” He smiled widely looking straight at me, laughing. I walked over to the mirror.

I looked older. I still had my light brown complexion, but my black hair was much longer. I had grown from 53¾inches to 54½inches. Justin was still taller than me though. I hated that so much. My grey eyes shined in the light. They brought out my complexion more. I saw my average breast and my rounded hips, not to mention my perfectly flat stomach that I had worked hard to keep. Justin came up behind me and kissed my lightly on my cheek. “Look how pretty my Precious is,” he said acting like the mirror was a real person. He was spending the night with us so he could help Howard with some wedding stuff in the morning. His mother, Lisa, and his sisters and brothers were joining us at the wedding.

I turned and kissed him back, which lasted longer than I expected. He was such a good kisser and I had to give him his props. I did get addicted to his kisses quickly after our first kiss. There were just breathtaking. I love the way his lips, so soft and big, were. I had a flashback about our first kiss.


My mom had finally allowed boys at the house. We were sitting outside on the porch. I had gone in the house to put the remote back. I came out and French kissed him. It was our first kiss. The breeze was blowing and the scene was just right with the lakes in the background. The birds were chirping and the tree whished in the background. It was such a perfect kiss. I would never forget how good I felt after that and the warm feeling I got from him.


His hands grabbing my butt brought me back to reality from my beautiful flashback. I giggled then sat in his lap. We watched wrestling until ten that night. I wish I could fight like them. Justin started kissing me on my neck. I got up and looked in the mirror finding a purplish mark. “Baby, you put a hickey on my neck before the wedding.” He laughed as he got up and looked at the hickey that now lay on my neck.

I saw nothing funny about it, but I laughed anyway. I looked in my draw and found a large black t-shirt with a red puppy on the front. I grabbed a matching red bra and panty set. “Baby, I’m headed to the shower,” I yelled to him as I was walking through the door. “Can I join?” He asked sarcastically.

The warm water felt good on my sore body. I ran the water through my hair, gently rubbing my scalp. I hadn’t known I was in the shower for so long until Justin knocked on the door, “Bay, are you through?” He said through the door. I turned off the shower and grabbed a towel. I opened the door seeing him in some shorts and a t-shirt. “What is it bay?” I asked. He came in and grabbed me by my waist. “I can’t be away from you that long.” He smiled. “Typical Justin,” I said thinking about our childhood relationship.

He used to always say sweet stuff to make me feel better throughout the days. He always gave me a hug and tried to sneak a kiss on my neck. He was so fun to be around and he still is. Justin always stayed by my side even when I got pregnant when we broke up for some time and he still wanted me. It showed how much he was willing to be with me.

I laughed and started kissing him. He pulled me closer to him. I grabbed my clothes and walked to my room with him. He sat on the bed while I dressed. I felt his eyes on every inch of me and I felt great that he found me attractive. I decided not to put on the t-shirt and just tease him for the rest of the night.

I believed in the Bible, no sex before marriage. I have lived by these rules until now and I don’t plan on breaking them. He knew this, too, but he hated it waiting so much. I sat beside him and laid my head on his shoulder. He placed his hand on my stomach and the other on my thigh. He was trying to control his self and I could tell.

Obedience walked in, but quickly walked out. I told her to come back and she came in and apologized for interrupting. My sister and I had a very close bond like that. I told her it was alright and let her speak. “Hey Justin,” she said waving. “Do we get to meet our new step sister tomorrow?” she asked me. I nodded my head, thinking how weird it would be to have someone new in the house. Obedience waved good-bye and walked out my room.

It was now twelve in the morning. I went to the lights, flicking them off. Justin had taken off his white tee, showing his bare chest. I had to admit, my baby had a body. The six packs was my favorite part, other than his lips.

I turned the television down so we could sleep. I put both our phones on the chargers. He was already laying down, waiting on me to join him. I lay right next to him, feeling his warm skin warm my body. It sent a feeling of love and warmth through my body. I laid my head right under his chin. He let out a low sigh before he placed his arms around me. He brought me a little closer to him and drifted off to sleep. I laid there a while thinking how great our lives could be with just us together. I wanted to marry him, settle down, and have a few chaps of our own. I couldn’t wait until it was that time.

I drifted off to sleep thinking about our future together and hoping and praying those dreams come true.


I woke up the next morning. I saw that Howard and Justin had already left. I saw a note sitting on the dresser. It said:
Good morning bay, sorry I left my sleeping beauty so early, but I will see you later so be ready precious.
Love, Justin

I smiled at the little piece of paper. Justin and I were meant for each other. I knew and felt it in my heart that we were. I laid down, again, thinking about our future together. How could a perfect couple not live a life like that?

I got up and got dressed. I grabbed some tight legged jeans with a striped lime green and black shirt. I threw on my lime green flip flops and went in the bathroom. I blow dried my hair and flat ironed it, too. I decided to wear my long, beautiful mane down for the October wedding.

I brushed my teeth and sprayed on some Victoria Secret perfume. I smelled and looked good. I went in my mother’s room and she was up rushing to get her clothes ready.

I carried her wedding dress and accessories to the red and white charger that read “Miss Aaliyah Parker” on the back window parked under the porch. Obedience was helping put the rest of the wedding party’s dresses and accessories in the car, too. Mom came out ten minutes later dressed and ready to go. I dropped her off at her hair appointment while Obedience and I walked over to the nail shop.

I got my nails done in orange with a white and brown design. Obedience had hers white with an orange and brown design. Hers were cute, I had to admit.

We walked over to the hair salon to see how mom’s hair was going. It was pinned up very cute and sassy. She had her rhinestones and her crown in, too. “Cute look mother,” I said smiling. Obedience had a smile on her face. Mom got out the chair and paid the stylist for her work.

We got in the car and looked at the clock. It was 4:17p.m. We had the wedding scheduled for 5:30p.m. I drove to the church which only took a few minutes. The rest of the bridesmaids were there along with our step sister. I saw her from a distance, but I still wasn’t sure it was her. We passed out their dresses first. I grabbed mine and drove to the house to get dressed.

Justin was there getting dressed in his tux. I went in my room and got dressed with him. My dress was orange with a brown line going down the back of the dress. It was a tube top. I stood as it showed my perky breasts and slim figure. Justin grabbed me from the front and pushed me against him. “You look very nice baby,” he whispered in my ear. I smiled and started kissing him some more, getting a little bit of lip stick on him.

My moment was interrupted by Howard walking in to check on Justin. He saw us kissing and cleared his throat to signal he was in the room. I blushed as the kissing stopped. “You look beautiful Amari,” he said walking over to hug me. I fixed my lip stick and wiped some off Justin. I had to admit, I did look beautiful and sassy. Howard signaled it was time to go and Justin kissed me on the cheek as we walked out the door.

We made it there in a matter of minutes. I was happy it was finally time for them to get married. I walked into the ladies dressing room. I saw mom standing in the mirror, her long hair following along with her white veil. Her dress looked great on her and really helped her figure. “Mom you look stunning,” I said. She thanked me and I gave her a hug.

The wedding started soon and I walked down the aisle. Justin held me close to him never letting go of my arm. I knew soon I would be walking down this aisle not as a bridesmaid, but as the bride. The fantasy brought tears to my eyes as we walked up to the stage. All the bridesmaids and there groomsmen stood evenly together on opposite sides. The next song started playing and the large brown doors opened wide. My mother walked out slowly. She looked more beautiful than ever and more tears started falling down my cheeks. Justin saw this and he hugged me tighter, trying to comfort me a little. It did help, I had to admit.

The wedding started and the preacher preached. They said their “I dos” and stuff. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride,” the preacher said smiling widely to the newlyweds. They kisses lightly then headed back through the brown doors.

The bridal party followed with their men. I got in the room and kissed Justin, trying not to get any lipstick on him. The newly wedded couple was confronted with congratulations. We got in the limo and rode to the reception along with many cars following behind us.

Each of the bridesmaids’ name and their escort’s were called to be seated. I sat right beside Justin. My mother got up to say a few words. “Hello everybody, I would like to thank all of you for coming and thank my wedding party for participating in such a wonderful event. This means so much to me and my family. I have had many ups and downs these past years, but God has found a way. Now, I would like to introduce the new addition to the family, Felicia stand please,” my mother said loudly in the microphone.

A tall, dark skinned girl stood. Her boy cut was cute with black and red hair. Her eyes were a light brown. She smiled and waved to everybody. I snuggled more into Justin’s shoulder. “I would like for Justin to come up and say his few words,” said Howard on the microphone. Justin stood and said, “It has been a blessing having this wedding. It was beautiful and fun for me. I really appreciated Howard adding me to the wedding party so I could walk with my girlfriend. My mother has always taught me, do what you think is right. Well as you all know, I am dating Amari and have been for a few years now.” He walked over in front of me. I stood there frozen about what he was about to say. “I have always loved you, precious, and seeing such a happy family come together like this is amazing, but I have something I would like to ask you.” He pulled out a black box and said, “Will you marry me precious?”

I looked at the ring. It was beautiful with a silver band and a huge diamond in the middle. I started crying and I couldn’t speak. I nodded my head and wrap my hands around his shoulders. He took my hand and slid the ring on my ring finger. It fitted perfectly. The crowd applauded the beautiful scene. Mom and Howard came over to congratulate us and Obedience hugged us both. “Well, looks like there will be another wedding coming soon of my daughter-in-law and son,” said Justin’s mother, Lisa.

I didn’t stop crying and just lay in Justin’s arms, waiting for the food to come. I couldn’t even eat and I felt overjoyed that one of my wishes came true. I love Justin and now he is going to prove he loves me.

The wedding has ended now and I walk through the door with Justin falling close behind. It’s just me and Obedience tonight, so Justin is staying over, again. I close the door after we piled in. Justin and I went straight to my room while Obedience stayed in the living room.

I helped Justin out of his tux and he helped me out of that long pretty dress. I put one my poodle tee and some booty shorts of course. While he walked around shirt less, I looked at the tattoo that lay on the left side of his chest that read: Amari’s Hubby 4 Life.

That brought me back to the day he went and got that tattoo. I was so surprised when he said he wanted it on top of a black and red rose. It was so pretty and I made him keep his shirt off for a whole two months because of it.

I looked at the ring, then him, back and forth. “Baby, do you like the ring?” he asked staring me in my eyes. “Of course,” was my response to his kind of silly question? I couldn’t help but to like it.

I lay down with him right behind me like I was sitting on his lap. I cuddled a little loser before he wrapped his arm around my waist and held me there. I felt so comfortable and warm being next to him. I drifted off to sleep knowing my mother, Howard, and step sister, Felicia, will be here tomorrow.


I woke up around eight and look on the side. Justin was still there sound asleep and snoring. He sounded so cute when he snored. I kissed him on the cheek and got up out the bed. I ran down the stairs, seeing mother, Howard, and Felicia talking. “Good morning,” I shout from the bottom of the stairs. Felicia turned and looked at me. Mother signaled for me to come here.

“Felicia, this Amari, and Amari I know you already know Felicia,” she said as she introduced us to each other. We said our “Hi” and I went on to the kitchen. I hadn’t realized Justin had awaked until I heard Felicia whisper, “Who is he?” I smiled and walked over to Justin and kissed him on his cheek for now. “Morning,” we whispered in each other’s ear.

We walked in the kitchen while Felicia stared with evil and jealous in her eyes. I thought nothing of it. Felicia was moved into her new room by the evening. When she finished, we all hung out in living room watching the movie My Bloody Valentine. It was a good movie, but was so predictable.

We just sat around talking to each other. I was sitting on Justin’s lap when Felicia saw the large diamond ring sitting promptly on my ring finger. “Are you two engaged?” she asked with a questioning look on her face. We both smiled and looked at each other. We both nodded yes before we kissed. “Eww,” screamed Obedience, covering her eyes. We all laughed at her silly tail.

Felicia had this jealous look as she stared at the ring. I placed my hand behind his back to keep the ring out her view. “It has been fun hanging with all of you younglings, but I think it’s time for me to hit the sack,” I said turning my head to Justin. He smiled and picked me up under my legs and carried me up the stairs. “Look at the prince carrying his princess up to the tower,” shouted Obedience. We both laughed as we entered my room.

I still had on my shorts and tee from early so I lay on the side of my baby and let the love music play. I didn’t fall asleep to the music, but to the sound of his heartbeat. I drifted off to sleep.

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I wrote this last year and I am just now uploading it.

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