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Full of Mystery: Chapter 2 Part 2

March 23, 2010
By Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
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“What? I don’t like that tablecloth, pick the pink on instead,” she demanded. Felicia looked at me and I looked at Obedience who looked at her. Obedience and I started laughing and continued to set up the table arrangements the way we wanted. Felicia angrily stumped away. We set up the red and white plates along with the white silverware. Obedience set the lighted candles in the middle of the room. I had to admit, the table looked nice.

The door bell rang just as we were finishing up. I answered it while Obedience went and got dressed. I opened the door to see the kind of tall guy, apparently Jarrel, standing at the door. He was fine. He had a light complexion and his hair was braided like Paul’s off of College Hill: South Beach. He was real cute and I could feel Justin’s, Crescent’s, and Danielle’s eyes on me.

“Hi Jarrel, I am Amari, Obedience’s sister,” I said introducing myself to the stranger. He smiled and gave me a hug saying, “We will be family soon sister-in-law.” I laughed and smiled as we walked over to the computer on the other side of the living room to talk.

Jarrel and I were just talking about his senior year in college, meaning he was older than me. We turned to finally see Obedience walking down the stairs in a red tunic that showed her pierced belly button we both got on my 20th birthday and a dark blue mini skirt. She did look cute especially in the red baby doll shoes she always wore. Jarrel stood and met his baby girl at the bottom of the stairs. They hugged and kissed as I loudly said, “Awwwww!”

They both laughed at me and I couldn’t help but to notice they were beautiful together. We all went over by the computer chatting more and getting to know each other. I ran upstairs to grab my camera and started snapping pictures of Jarrel and Obedience. Soon, Obedience suggested I take pictures with Jarrel. I disagreed until she politely pushed me by him and started snapping the camera. I was really into it and had fun with Jarrel. On the last picture he had picked me up and held me on his arms. I grabbed his western hat and smiled. She flashed the picture laughing at how dumb we looked.

Suddenly, Justin came up behind Jarrel and me and suggested he put me down now. Jarrel stayed in his spot saying, “You have your own girls to have fun with and we are just doing the same.” Justin got hot and I could tell something was going to go down. Obedience looked concerned at Justin. He soon rammed both of us into the wall.

A sharp pain flew through my body as I dropped to the ground. I held my stomach tight remembering the other night of what Justin and I had. I wonder is this the end to that? I lay on the ground and soon blacked out.

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