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Full of Mystery: Chapter 3

March 23, 2010
By Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
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I awake in a white room. I couldn’t see anything, but the white walls. It took a while for my vision to become clear. I see my mother starting to come near me as she sees my eyes start to gently open. “Hey sleeping beauty,” she said as I thought of the day Justin had called me that.

I shake my head lightly trying to remember what happened. Mother saw the look on my face as I started trying to figure out what was going on. “You were injured during a fight between Justin and Jarrel.” she explained to me. “You had a broken rib and your ankle is broken also.” I let out a loud gasp. “How could he do this to me?” I asked myself out loud.

I laid awake thinking about my nightmare that felt so much like a dream. The doctors came and checked on me every once in a while. I felt the need to cry and cuddle my soft teddy bear. I asked mother to leave, even though she wanted to stay. Soon she left and soon I was crying. My heart was broken. I felt the pain of being alone and unloved. I couldn’t bear the weight of it and I allowed myself to let out those hard feelings. I wished I had been more careful with who I planned to spend my life with.

I was crying when Justin walked in with flowers and a card. I was still crying when he kissed my watery cheeks. He set the flowers on the table next to my uneaten food. I was then handed the card he was carrying. I slowly reached for the card.

I pulled out a red and black card that read:
Dear precious,

I really need to apologize for my rude behavior the other day. I have injured someone I really care about over something so stupid. I blame myself that you are in the hospital and I wish there was some way I could turn this around. I really missed you and I am truly, sorry for everything.
Justin Wilson

I started to cry some more, feeling the feeling of warmth and kindness. He gently hugged me being careful not to touch my stomach like I was pregnant. I pulled myself to him and wished he could carry me out this dreaded place. I move over so he could lie beside me. I laid my head on his chest like the old times and wished on the world to never let us part. I closed my eyes and slept with peacefulness.


I awoke to the movement beside me. I felt a gentle hand rub my redden cheek. I looked up to see Felicia’s red and black hair. I shivered as a long silver blade came towards my beating heart. I tried to scramble away from her, but it was too late. The blade cut me wide open and blood drained from my beautiful body. I felt mother and Justin calling me up towards the light where they laid. I scrambled to stop the bleeding as my lifeless body collapsed on to the bed. I felt an angel take my spirit higher and higher into the cloud, waiting was the golden gates. I allowed the gates to open only to see my worst nightmare. Felicia was there to haunt me to.


I awoke in a fright screaming and sobbing as mother tried to calm me down. “It was only a dream,” I repeated to myself over and over. Justin held me tight to protect me from someone who was there to hurt me…myself. I wetted his shirt from my tears that only the death of Felicia could stop. Was my dream a message from the future? Was that really going to happen to me? Am I destined to be killed by Felicia?

My mind wondered to different places and I couldn’t help but to wonder. I finally calmed down just as mother, Howard, Obedience, and my witch of a step sister, Felicia, walked into the plain white room. I shivered as if I was cold, but it was only the presence of Felicia that sent me that way. Mother was smiling so hard that it looked like her cheeks were going to burst. Something excited has happened and I could tell it made mother happy. Howard was smiling hard also.

Obedience walked over by me and rubbed her hand across my shoulder just as Jarrel walked in. He had brought me chocolates and a card also apologizing. He was standing behind Obedience when mother started to spread her news. “As some of you know, I have been very sick. Well I found out today that that reason is because I am expecting,” she said looking straight at me. I gasped in polite as I heard the word emerge from her mouth. I looked down at mother stomach and she did look pregnant, well a little anyway.

“I also wanted to tell you all, I am 4 months and I am expecting twins. A precious boy and girl who I will cherish for the rest of my life,” she said as she started to cry some more. I felt Justin's hand on my waist pulling me tighter to him. I didn’t want him to let me go. The cold eyes of Felicia were hard upon me and I could feel her cold stare. I was afraid to look up and she could tell. They soon left leaving Justin, Obedience, Jarrel, and I alone.
Obedience shut the door soon and the room went silent. “I have a bad feeling about that girl,” I said to Obedience shaking my head slightly. Justin moved away from me and said, “You don’t even know her and you’re talking about her. What gave you the right?” I gasped at his attitude towards me and I didn’t do anything to him. “Why are you taking up for her when you know that it is true?” I said staring him right in his eyes.

He didn’t respond to me, but he got up and left me alone with Jarrel and Obedience. I stared in amazement at how mad he was at me for talking about my witch step sister. “What has gotten into him?” I asked starring at the cute couple on the side of the bed. Obedience looked at Jarrel and then back to me. I was kind of afraid of what she had to say. I got a little nervous as she started to talk. “Sis, you know I will always be here for you, but I do have to tell you what has been going on while you have been in the hospital the past few days. Felicia is not the kind of person you would want to keep Justin around. She has been flirting with him all the time. Felicia and Justin have been acting like they have been a couple for years while you have been gone,” Obedience had finally looked up at me. I was crying, not able to believe what I have heard. I again had that feeling that something evil and dark was coming. I was alone in this world and could trust no one, but my family. I had to hold on to only hope that he was not cheating on me for my little step sister, Felicia. I stayed quiet as Jarrel and Obedience comforted me through the pain that I could be losing Justin to Felicia.

I cried myself to sleep.


I awaken the next day as the sun shined upon my dirty bed. I had been in the hospital for five days now and today I could go home. My mother and Howard were already there waiting for me to awake. The doctor checked my broken rib and ankle making sure I was ready to go home, where I could stay alone in my own sanctuary, my room. He said, “If you have any problems darling, please don’t be afraid to come and visit us again.” I smiled at the remark as Howard and Dr. Reid helped me into a wheelchair.

When we got in the car, I was suddenly struck with a wave of drowsiness and could barely keep my eyes open for the ride. I was so excited to be back in my home that I fought sleep. I didn’t go to sleep thinking about the position I am in and wondering what I should do. I couldn’t help but start cry about all the things I been through.
It was so much to bear upon someone like me. I thought about my father, how he abused me for so many years. How he was the worst father I could ever wish upon a child? He beat me until I was small and weak. I prayed for me and my mother to get out of that situation. He was killed just the next day, in a car accident. I felt so ashamed. I blamed myself, all the bad things that I had wished upon him. It was my fault, all my fault. I loved him through all the pain and suffering, but I couldn’t deal with not having him there. I wanted to believe, believe that my life would get better with him. I was wrong in so many ways. I am thankful for him though because if I wouldn’t have been through all those things, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t be so strong and kind hearted. I have made a path to not follow my influences of my dad, but to build my own path of righteousness.
I though more about the pain and suffering and soon I was at home. Mother helped me into the wheelchair and I quietly wheeled myself to the door. I wheeled in and saw Justin and Felicia sitting in the living room. I then saw something that was very painful to see, his arm around her shoulders. I quickly wheeled in front of him and asked him what his problem was. He shuttered at the tone and attitude in my voice, but I was really mad at him. “How could you do something like this? You two have liked each other from the start. Well, guess what? You are caught!! Justin don’t you ever talk to me again while you are living,” I screamed loudly at Justin before tears started to roll down my red cheeks. I felt the anger rising higher and higher as I stood in front of them. “Well, since you are done could you please move out the way? You’re blocking my view of the television,” said Felicia quickly and silently.
I was about to knock the mess out of that witch, but Howard stared in my eyes and told me not to. I grabbed her head and punched her dead in her nose. It started bleeding everywhere as I continued punching her. He head jiggled back and forth with ever blow I gave her. I soon felt Jarrel’s rough hands grabbing me from behind to stop the fight I had caused. Felicia was crying hard and I was smiling now with the satisfaction that I had beat her. I did feel guilty, but she deserved what she got.
Her bleeding eventually stopped but her nose was leaning now and she couldn’t do anything to fix her pretty face. She was going to have to deal with what she had received.
I wheeled myself to the staircase and limped to my room. I lay on the bed and cried until I heard a knock on the door. It was Justin as I had predicted. He was hot and I could tell he was mad at me. “What in the world did you do that for?” he asked amazed that I beat up his girlfriend. I gasped and started to poke my finger in his face as I said, “You two act like you’re the couple planning a wedding and our relationship has been falling apart every since she has been in this house. You like her more than me and I believe you don’t want me anymore,” I said shivering as the words came out. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and for you to act like this towards the one you supposedly love is ridiculous and stupid. You really got me twisted because I am not and refuse to love someone who has the desire to cheat on me when I am not around. I don’t want that person to be my husband.”
I had to sit down and calm my nerves before I hurt him too. I gently pulled the beautiful ring that I wanted to treasure forever, off and throw it at him. He pulled me off the bed and pushed me against the wall again, hurting my already broken rib. I quickly winced at the pain as he started yelling at me in my face. “Don’t you ever disrespect me in that kind of way! You know I have been there when your friends weren’t and you should already be thanking me for not kicking the mess out of you. I can’t wait to get you alone so I can start,” he said with this evil smile on his face. I was afraid for my life. “Get out!!!!” I screamed at him as tears rolled down my eyes. I buried my face and his chest begging, pleading him to tell my why? I hated to let him leave my sight and let him leave out of my life.
I watched him as he kissed my cheek and started to leave the room. He picked up the ring and threw it in the trash can on the side of my room. I watched my love walk out the door.
I ran and shut it behind him and fell in front of the door crying my eyes out until I had a headache from so much crying. O felt bad for kicking him out and yelling at him like that. I was ready to apologize but I quickly decided to lie down and wait until the morning. I wished I had him to wrap his arms around me and I would be happy again. I will always have love for him that no other dudes could take away from him.


I struggled out the door. How could Amari do this to me? I stood by my car. “I mean I am Justin Khalil Wilson. How dear her?” I said out loud. I wanted so bad to run up to her room and hug her.

I got to be the bigger person. I walked to the tree where Amari and I wrote our names in a heart. I started to remember the good times and how our relationship was filled with laughter. We were made for each other. I heard low footsteps, but I blew it off as a dog or cat. I started to walk to my car as I felt a sharp pain in my upper back, followed by another. I was pinned to the ground as someone in a black jacket emerged in front of me. “I didn’t want to kill you, but I have to hurt her. The only way to do that is through you,” that person said.

It was a she. She sounded so familiar, I couldn’t recognize her voice. She pulled out the weapon that she had stabbed me with the first. “Please, no, please spare me,” I screamed to the masked killer. She smiled and laughed a little as she handed the knife to another person I had not seen hiding in the shadows. It was a double attack. “I prayed my last prayer,” I said to the two. The two looked at each other as if they didn’t care about what I said. The other raised the knife and stabbed me deep in my heart. I breathe my last breath and saw my last view of the two as they dragged me across the lawn. I was looking at the moon as my breathing slowed and my eyes closed.


I wanted to feel his touch all over me again like our first time. I wanted to feel his warm breath surround me, suffocating me with its good smell. I wanted to be in his arms forever. I needed him, craved him, desired him in a way I never had felt about him before. I wanted to awake to the sound of his sweet snore and listen to him as he starts to talk about sweet things about me in his sleep.
I truly wanted to be his wife, forever and always. He was my world we may fight and argue, but we still love each other anyways. He is my baby and I wanted to keep it that way. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow, so we can get back together and make things back to what they were.

I still didn’t go to sleep I just laid their thinking about our future and wishing he would burst through that door any moment and hold me and never let go. I wanted him, he was the icing to my cake and I need him to make me complete, whole, again. I started to cry wondering what has gotten into us. We never let something so minor turn into something so big like this. I wished I could go back in time and wish I never introduced those to each other so I would be in the place I am in now. It really is ridiculous how many fights girls get into just because a guy wanted to try to keep both of them apart.
It didn’t work for Justin because he had picked two step sisters that lived in the same house.

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