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Full of Mystey: Chapter 4

March 23, 2010
By Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
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“What a beautiful morning.” I said as I woke up from my precious slumber. I never felt too alive and free. I limped outside to see Justin’s car parked still in the drive way. “That knuckle head must have stayed in his car last night,” I said as I walked closer to the vehicle. I started to smell something gross and nasty. I at first thought it was coming from some dead cat or dog on the road but it was coming from the back of Justin’s car.

I winced again at the smell and wished I had some perfume. I silently and slowly started to open the car’s red trunk. I started crying as I saw what lay in there, the mutilated body of Justin.

I screamed and cried as everyone rushed out of the house. I couldn’t even stand straight after what I had seen. How could anyone do this to a person? I felt alone and couldn’t help but stagger as mother called the police. I wanted to hold his body close to me. Let his blood drip on me, cleanse my pain. “I wanted him,” I screamed to God. “I wanted him!” I staggered to the ground where I laid for hours and hours near his dead corpse. How could I let someone do this to him?

The police had arrived while I was still sobbing on the ground. “Excuse me miss, but we need you to leave the area.” I pulled my face out of my arms and he saw how bad this really affected me. I had been crying since early this morning and it was now in the afternoon. He let me stay in that spot while they let the officers process the crime scene.
They saw blood in the yard where they thought the attack had begun. I felt so wrong to yelling at him and blamed myself for his death. I should have made him stay and he would have been safe from danger. He bled to death and because of me, he is dead. “I didn’t even say I love you,” I whimpered to the police. He sat down beside me and wraps an arm around my shoulder and whispered, “It’s going to be alright darling.” I hoped, only wished that was true.

I started to cry even more as they finally removed his body. I saw scratches on his face and a few large stabs to his torso. I ran up to the body and asked, “Could I ride in the ambulance with him?” They looked at me shocked, but they agreed. I sat and the ambulance, sitting right over him. I felt pain strike me in every nerve as I wished he was alive. I became silent, not talking to anyone. I just sat there with him and watching him go to the morgue. I quietly started walking when the same officer offered me a ride home.

We rode in silence other than my low whimpers that I had caused to stop. I wished God wouldn’t have taken him from me. I wanted us to last a little longer. I wanted him to be mine forever. Why couldn’t God fulfill that? We soon made it to what I now called my nightmare. “Miss, we will be calling on you as a witness and a suspect in your fiancée’s death,” he said. I nodded and walked slowly to the door. Obedience opened the door for me and allowed me in. I got in my wheelchair and sat in front of the fireplace. Everyone came and tried to comfort me, but I had just pushed them away. Felicia was always smiling at my desire of wanting him and my despair of losing him to someone who wanted him to die, to suffer. I sat there and never moved from my spot. I didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, and just sat there thinking about losing Justin. I wanted him too bad to even think about my help. I had become thinner and my skin color started to fade paler, and paler.


Mother called the doctor today. I had been sitting in the wheelchair for two weeks. Mother was afraid for me and I was wishing and thinking let me get better. He came quickly and diagnosed me as being in depression. He said that the accident had sent me into a depression mode in my life where I felt the need not to eat or sleep. He recommended that I take some anti-depressant pill. I didn’t want to take those stupid pills; I wanted to be depressed, to die so I could be with my love. My mother wheeled me to the kitchen and I didn’t even have the strength to refuse. She rolled me to the table where Felicia and Obedience sat eating breakfast. She had made pancakes and sausages for breakfast this morning.

I sat there as she fixed me a plate of her famous strawberry pancakes. I was let out of school for a month due to the accident. I didn’t want to eat and mother was going to make sure I eat something. She sat in front of me and fed me like I was a little girl again. I wanted to refuse, but I managed to open my mouth for every scoop. I finished the plate and as mother went and got me some more. I looked up into Felicia’s eyes and she couldn’t even look me straight in the eyes. She kept her head down never looking up to me.

A thought that popped in my head was: that she had done something so wrong that she knew would devastate me. I started to wonder, did she kill Justin? I believed she did and that would have been the reason she couldn’t look up. Wait! I am getting ahead of myself, she was just ashamed that she had tried to steal him from me and now he is dead. I watched as she ate her food. Mother came back and finished feeding me like a baby. She rolled me to the guest room and told me to sleep her until I get better. Obedience came and let me cry on her shoulder. Justin’s funeral was going to be in the next two weeks and I couldn’t wait to see him even though he was dead. I wished I had him now.


Detective Madelyn called me early this morning she wanted to make sure that I was alright. I said, “I am better now and I and dealing with the death of Justin easier now.” I could tell that made her happy. Then, she said, “Can I come get you so we can ask you some questions?” I agreed and Obedience helped me get dressed so I wouldn’t look like a complete fool.

She arrived just when I was being rolled outside. I limped my way to her car and sat in the front seat. We rode in silence and I was a little scarred but I knew I had nothing to be ashamed off. I happily limped into Interrogation Room 108. I sat down in those comfortable white chairs as Detective Madelyn argued down Detective Fort who clearly states, “She has a broken ankle. How could she carry a body that big to the trunk of the car which was five feet from the crime scene?” I had to admit he was right and why would I kill Justin anyway? I sat there for what seemed like hours waiting for them to finish their conversation. Detectives Madelyn and Fort finally came in. They read me my rights and asked that I only tell the truth.

“So miss, what happened that night before you found Justin’s body?” he asked me starting off kind of easy. “I had just come back from the hospital and I walked in seeing him with his arm around my step sister. I rolled over to them and sat in front of them yelling. I then jumped on my step sister and broke her nose,” I said as the detectives looked at each other with worried glances. “I limped to my room and cried until Justin came in there with me. We started arguing and he pushed me against the door. I told him to leave which he did. I cried myself to sleep that night and woke up ready to apologize. I went outside and smelled and odor that was horrible. It was coming from his trunk so I opened it. Then I saw him.” I was already crying about the situation.
Detective Fort looked satisfied. Madelyn asked, “Why did you kill him?” I shuttered at the comment and quickly shook my head. “I wanted to marry him; I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. I wish I hadn’t thrown him out and maybe he would still be alive now. I wanted him to be here right here, right now so I would be happy again,” I screamed in tears. I wanted to sock her in her throat, but I resisted. “I believe Detective Fort that my step sister killed him because she knew it would hurt me and I would be devastated. She can’t even look me in my eyes at this point in time,” I stated clearly through my sobs of distress. I wanted to cry harder but something was holding me back. “I wished he was still alive,” I said to the detectives who suspected me as being the killer.
Detective Fort took me home and explained that the spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend of the deceased is always suspected of killing the victim in situations like this. I happily smile thinking that I could never kill him.
I got home and limped my way to my wheelchair that was still parked on the curb outside of the house. I wheeled myself to the door and entered quietly. Felicia was just coming out the kitchen when I realized what she had on her shirt. It was red and smeared. I swallowed my words. I didn’t want to believe what I saw. She couldn’t be wearing that.
I shivered. I knew what lay on her shirt. It was blood. I quickly rolled to the phone and called Detective Fort. “My sister is in the room with me and she has blood on her shirt,” I whispered to the detective. I felt bad being in the room with her and didn’t want her to over hear me. I rushed to her and started talking about how much I missed Justin. She didn’t reply to me or even look at me. She kept her eyes straight. I looked her dead in her eyes and could tell she did it.
I didn’t want to think she killed him, but she was able to. I rolled to the door as Detective Fort pulled up. He walked in and asked Felicia for her shirt that she was wearing. She took it off slowly with a worried look on her face. She ran to her room to get another. “I am afraid to stay alone with her,” I said. I didn’t want to be killed by that evil girl who was so sweet at first. I wanted to be me and alive. Detective stayed with me until my sister and Jarrel came home.

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