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Full of Mystery: Chapter 5

March 23, 2010
By Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
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Obedience, Jarrel, and I stayed in the living room while Felicia had invited Danielle over to study for a test that they had tomorrow. Obedience was scared to be alone with Felicia also and she told me she believed that she killed Justin too. I told her I felt the same way.
Jarrel was worried about both of our safety when we were alone with Felicia and I didn’t blame him a bit. “Do you think we are next?” I asked Obedience wondering what she could do to us. I feared for all of our safety if we were left alone with her. What would she do next? “What will happen if she killed mother and stole her babies?” asked Obedience wondering how distraught Howard would be.


Danielle sat across from Felicia on her bed. “So what has been on your mind Felicia?” I asked her. Felicia was so crazy after our fun the other night, I was wondering what we could do next. “Danielle, I want to kill Amari. That girl has picked the last of my straw. She even gave me a broken nose. Isn’t that mean?” she said to me. I felt her pain and I couldn’t stand her either. She always thought she was all that, which she wasn’t.

I missed having a friend to talk to all the time, and Felicia filled that spot quickly. “I want her dead, six feet under, no pulse at all,” she said jokingly. We both started laughing as she fell to the floor. “Is that how she is supposed to look?” I asked giggling at the way Felicia was laid on the floor. She nodded slowly and got up eventually. We started backed studying so we could pass that test and not fail the semester.


As she walked pass Felicia’s door, she over heard her say, “I want Amari dead. She didn’t deserve Justin nor does she deserve to live in this world. I am going to kill her and her little dweeb sister.” “Whoa!!” said Obedience as she ran to the living room. “I heard something you might want to know,” she whispered to us as we sat there anxiously awaiting the news. “Felicia wants you dead.”

Amari stared dumbfounded. I had already figured that so it wasn’t a real surprise to me or to Jarrel. We laughed thinking to ourselves, “How she is going to kill me?”

We heard a knock on the door. Obedience answered it and it was Justin’s younger sister, Innocent, standing there. “Hey everybody, Amari can I talk to you privately?” she said in her low, proper voice. I rolled into the kitchen as she followed closely behind me. “How I your mother doing?” I asked her, wondering how much pain she is going through. She shook her head as she said, “Mother is in the hospital for trying to kill herself.” She stuttered to get the words to come out her mouth.

I shivered at the thought of how much pain Lisa was going through. Was she thinking the same thing as me? “Wow, are you okay?” I asked looking at her. She sat at the dining room table and bust out into tears. I wheeled by her to let her know I was her for her. I hugged her and patted Innocent on her back. “I miss him, too, girl,” I said remembering the times we spent together.

We sat there until Felicia came in and saw us. “I miss Justin so much Amari. He meant the world to me and now he is gone,” she blurted out through her tears. This was hard on both of our parts and I could tell. I wanted to comfort her and baby her to make her feel better. She was only fourteen, way too young to lose the only brother she had. She cried more and more and didn’t seem to stop. Felicia had her head down. I knew she felt shamed for killing Justin and it now showed. We walked quickly out the room and didn’t look back. Innocent finally was able to control herself to a whimper. “You may have lost a brother, but you don’t ever forget that you have a sister,” I told her. She hugged me as she was getting ready to leave.

I got to the door and said, “Would you like to stay over here tonight?” she smiled and agreed knowing her mother wouldn’t mind it. I missed letting Lisa’s voice fill the air even though her son was gone. “We are going to go visit your mother in the hospital tomorrow too. I limped up stairs and she helped me up. I quickly got dressed for bed. Innocent slept right under me. I had her wrapped in my arms as she cried all night long.


I woke up smothered in a cloud of sadness. It was Justin’s funeral and I knew it was going to be the hardest day of my life. Everyone in the family had to go to support me. Felicia, however, didn’t want to attend and was trying her hardest to keep her father from making her go. I dress in the black prom dress I had worn when I had gone to the prom with him.

I look in the mirror remembering that fun night at the school, our last year. I hear a knock at the door. It was mother who was indicating the limo that Innocent and her mother were riding in, was here. I walk out and felt my eyes already watering.

I sat down in between them and broke down crying. It was official, I had lost him. He was gone, forever. Lisa was comforting me as I laid my head on her shoulder. We all would miss him, the voice that always filled the air. I watched as everything I ever wanted was to be buried in a coffin six feet in the ground.

We arrived at the church in a couple of minutes. They got out and sat on the front row near my boyfriend. I didn’t sit down on that row. I sat near, well in front of his coffin. “Why,” I yelled to the lord which had taken him from me. I broke down and lay on the steps crying, asking to bring him back. “I wanted our dream wedding, I wanted our kids to grow and love us, “I screamed. The preacher rubbed and patted my back. I finally got up and rubbed my hand against his faded cheeks. The life, his love, was gone from the dead body. I wished I was able to see his smile one more time. It was impossible though and I sincerely missed him. I watched as the preacher preached and I sat there in front of the coffin. I kissed his cold lips and wanted him to kiss me back. I stood up and listened to all the tears that was shed because or her. I look Felicia dead in her eyes. She looked up and saw the sadness I believed she had caused.

I knelt down and prayed before we exited the small church. My eyes were red from all the crying and I quickly got in the limo. I didn’t want to see him be buried. I wanted to go home, and home is where I went.

We made it home safely. I didn’t speak to any of my family. I sadly walked to my room and lay down. I thought more about him. How his voice used to fill the air or how he made me smile every day. I wished I had a chance to say goodbye or even tell him I loved him. It would have been better to talk with him again.

I woke up with my pillow soaking wet with tears and my eyes redder than before. I had a dream, a dream that he was here. He was alive and talking to me. It was a good dream that brought back memories of how we loved each other. I got up and went down stairs. Mother and Howard were talking about something I didn’t pay much mind to. I went to the phone and dialed Innocent’s number. She quickly answered and I could tell she had been crying to. I invited her over again. She came over quick. They didn’t live that far away from us. I was meaning to walk other there soon.

She came up to my room. “Wow, I love your room sis,” she said. I smiled as she called me her sister. She hugged me and said, “I miss him too, but you still have me.” I started to cry. I never knew how Innocent was such a good person. I loved that girl to death. I waited before I let her go.

I drove to the hospital were her mother was. She was talking. We chatted with her for a little while.


I got home pretty late. I stayed with Jarrel for a while, doing a little studying. I walked through the door making sure I wasn’t going to wake my parents. I had fun, but now I was tired. I saw that Amari’s car was gone and I knew her and Innocent probably went to see Lisa. I bet Felicia was still her though. I walked in my room to see her on my bed reading my diary. I felt anger and rage come over me as I snatched the pink book out her hands. “What are you doing with this?” waving my diary in her face. She smiled that wicked smile as she laughed at the anger she had caused. It took all my strength not to slap her at that moment. I set my diary down. “I suggest you don’t hit me or I will kill you too,” she said before leaving. That comment sent shivers down my spine. I feared not only my life but my family’s as well. My mother was having twins soon and my sister is having emotional problems. Who would save us?


We had been sitting there listening to Lisa. “What evil person would want to take someone’s life?” I wish I knew the answer. The police were still looking for Justin’s killer. I looked at the clock and saw how late is was. I wished they would just check out Felicia’s alibi, I mean, she had a motive. “Do you need a ride or a place to stay?” I asked innocent. She nodded no and I went out the door.

I saw doctor after doctor. Before I reached a door, one hot doctor with his head in a magazine was standing at the reception desk. I smiled as he looked up to see me standing there. “Hi, I’m Amari,” I said to the doctor. He smiled quickly and introduced himself as Cameryon. We stood there and talked for a while as I heard Innocent’s voice coming down the stairs. “Watch her walk home please,” I said before leaving my number written on his arm. I ran to my car thinking how I can meet someone after I just lost my fiancée. I felt a wave of guilt overpowered me as I started on my long ride home.

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