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Full of Mystery: Chapter 7

March 23, 2010
By Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
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This week has been a living nightmare. I am back in the hospital. My mother found me sitting in the shower after I cut my wrist. She rushed to my aid and called the ambulance. I really wanted to die but she saved me. I’m sitting in the hospital now waiting on the doctor to come check on me soon. Cameryon is lying beside me holding me tight. I was crying I wanted to be with him so bad. I wanted to die and live in peace. I wanted to see him on more time, kiss him one more time.

I stared into Cameryon’s eyes after a few minutes. He kissed me on my cheek, my forehead, and then my lips. I wanted him but a part of my heart was still with Justin. “Baby, be mine,” he said to me staring at me with those golden shades of brown in his eyes. He was so sexy.

I nodded my head in agreement before laying my head on his chest. Mother walks in while we were watching Maury. That show is so crazy. “Have any of you seen Obedience?” she said as she walked in. we looked at each other and I knew I had seen her before I went to the hospital. “I don’t know where she is,” I lied to my mother. I had to keep my secret hidden.

Soon Cameryon said he had to go to work, but he would be checking up on me later. We said our goodbyes as he left the room. A few minutes later, a male nurse walked in the room. “Hello Miss Bradford,” he said as he greeted me. I smiled because, of course, he was good looking. He smiled back as he checked my vital signs. “I’m sorry, I am Jaylon,” he said introducing himself afterwards. “I am your nurse for your stay here.” I smiled and introduced myself as Amari.

We chatted for a little while before someone called him to another room. He was a cool guy I had to admit. I felt tired all of a sudden and I didn’t want to sleep. I soon found myself cuddling with a pillow and dreaming about my prince charming until I dreamed myself to sleep.


Jaylon walked off to the medicine cabinet. I started working with the medicine, mixing up an antibiotic. I felt someone else in the room with me, but I thought it was another nurse. I got this weird feeling that something bad was about to happen. I was right. I felt a rope being tied around my neck. It tightens by the seconds. Two women grip the rope and pulled hard. I heard someone else coming before I felt the rope drop and the women ran. I didn’t get a good look, but I know I knew them from somewhere. I couldn’t place my finger on them. I told security to chase after them, but by then, they were out of sight. I grasped to catch my breath after this weird attack.


Amari goes home. I arrived back from my walk tired and with less energy. I lay down in my bed, daydreaming about Cameryon. He was a good person and I think he can relate to my pain of losing Justin. I hope he isn’t playing with my emotions because I really don’t need that kind of stress right now. I lean forward to grab the remote on the end of the bed. My wrist still hurt and I hate trying to move them. “Oh, the pain!” I would scream. I wish it could go away. I learned something, never to cut myself again. I lay back and watch TV for a few hours before Cameryon arrives back from work. He is dressed in pajamas. I guess he is staying with me at the hospital to night. Well, I can say I am happy to have some company.
Jaylon arrives rubbing his neck as he stares at Cameryon. He is sitting on the bed with me, no shirt, watching One on One staring my girl Kyla Pratt. He checks my vitals again. “I am a doctor at Mercy Wilkes Hospital,” Cameryon shouts proudly to him and smiles lightly. Jaylon smiles back as he starts talking about his medical career. I don’t understand most of what they say, so I sit back and smile.
I think I fell asleep somewhere during their chat. I woke up lightly dazed like I hit my head. The bullet wound to my chest was bleeding heavily as Justin came from behind a tree. He had a pistol point toward my head and I couldn’t help but cry. I wondered why he was pointing at me. I wished I could stop him from pulling the trigger. He pulls it as a silver bullet came bursting out of the barrel. It hits me in my left temple as I fall down backwards. He walks up to me and I realized it was not Justin holding the large gun. It was I, myself, Amari. I shuddered as I pulled the trigger to the fatal bullet that shot through my brain, shattering my skull.
I woke up frightened, screaming loudly in Cameryon’s ear waking him up from his sleep also. He held me, “There is nothing after you baby.” I smiled as I lay back with his arms still wrapped around me. I love sleeping in guys arms. It makes me feel protected and warm. I fall asleep quicker in someone’s arms then I do by myself.
Drifting off to sleep was more peaceful this time. I didn’t have a nightmare, or a bad little dream. I slept with Cameryon on my mind and I thought through all the doubts I had about him. Did he really care about me? I ask myself this question every time I meet a new guy. You never know how dirty guys are until one plays with your emotions, and leave you to die like a bear in the wilderness.
This thought reminds me of my ex-boyfriend Tony. I stayed with him for a few months before I fell in love. I didn’t fall in love as easy as I do now, but I really felt connected to him emotionally and physically. It was like the seventh month in our relationship, when I found out that he cheated on me with my best friend and got her pregnant. I cried that whole night before I was able to control myself. I felt so hurt and deceived. My feelings where hurt and I couldn’t believe this was happening. Our relationship was never the same and I felt as if I should end it. I did.
That memory sent chills slowly down my back. Was I dumb for trusting a man? My thoughts then went to today. How Jaylon was flirting? How he was almost strangled with a rope? I giggled at the thought. I thought about many things. I also decided not to trust Cameryon and Jaylon just yet until I get to know them a little better, just to keep my feelings from getting hurt.
I am a hard sleeper, but lately I haven’t been sleeping that hard. I heard something, but decided to play like I was still sleep. I heard a voice as Cameryon suddenly got up and walked to the door. He talked to someone in a hushed voice so that he wouldn’t awake me.


“Cameryon,” I said stretching as if I was just waking up. He ended the conversation and walk over to me, brushing the hair from my face. I smiled at his pretty face and felt a few butterflies in my stomach. I wish he was Justin, wish I had a chance to say good bye. I watched as he climbed beside me, just stroking my hair watching how my eyes looked over his face. He smiled. He has the biggest, sexiest smile I ever seen on a man. It was so feminine, but so luring. I thought of the word lust when he smiled at me. I really liked him, but I still had trouble trusting men.
It felt so natural to be liking Cameryon like this part of me was telling me to slow down because I had just lost Justin, and the thought of losing someone else would definitely send me into a deep depression if you know what I mean. I wish I had something, a wish, or a request that could help me bring him back so no one would I have to suffer. It was my fault that he was dead in the first place. I wanted to go back to that night and do things differently.
I was able to leave the hospital a few hours later. I wanted to ask Cameryon who he was talking to, but I didn’t want to seem like the jealous type to him, even though I was. We rode in silence to the place, nightmare I called home. I wanted to see what drama they had in store for me today. Probably more drama that was associated mostly with Felicia. I still couldn’t stand my stepsister.

I walked in the door and the house looked different somehow. It stunk from cleaning products and I could see the blood stains on the rug. I knew where the blood came from, but I could point to any without revealing information that was crucial to my freedom. I was able to understand certain things more know this information and what it would lead to. I thought about obedience and where she was hiding. It was because of me she left this house. I wish she would come back now, alive.
I stumbled pass Felicia's door. She is talking very loud and her door is open. I stand on the side and listen to her and Danielle's plan to murder me. “They got to be joking,” I whispered to myself without letting them know I was there. I knew she didn’t know I was at home, probably thought I was still in the hospital. I finally step out to see the surprised looks on their face. It was funny in many ways, but I knew there were more surprises to come. I wish those could just disappear.
My mother soon arrived home from work. She was breathing hard and sweating. “What is the matter?” I asked her concern with her help. She stops gasping long enough to scream, “It’s time!” I knew what that meant. I told Felicia to grab the baby bags and head to the door. I sat mother in the passenger seat and I drove. Danielle went along since her parents weren’t at home to open the door.
I called Howard and let him know we were on the way to the hospital. Amari was breathing hard by the minute and her contractions where getting closer together. Her water then broke, in my car. I thought of how much longer it would take to get there.
Cameryon brought a wheelchair outside to assist my mother. They took her straight to the delivery room as we stood outside. I didn’t want to see what was happening in there. Gross! The doctor soon arrived thirty minutes after we arrived. My mother was fine and so were the twins, Jamarion and Jazelle. I picked out those names, but I didn’t think mother would use them.
Howard was the first to go in the room. Mother was lying there with both the babies in her arms. I cried as I saw Jazelle. She was tiny with little fingers and toes. I asked to hold her. She grimace a little as she was moved, but snuggled in my arms as I rocked her. She soon opened her eyes and looked at me. I couldn’t help but smile at the tiny being laying here, on me.
I soon found myself in a world of motherhood as if Jazelle was my own. She looked just like me even though we had different dads. I believed she felt safe as she lied in my arms. I held her for a long period of time before I realized I had to go finish my job. I handed the twin to the nurse as I left the room.


Aaliyah smiled. “How do you feel sweetie,” Howard asked me as the twins left the room. Amari had just left to run an errand. It was just him and I. Felicia and Danielle went walking to a nearby mall. Soon I heard a bang before the nurses rushed in my room. There was a panic looks on their faces as the caught their breath. I heard a gunshot as the nurses hit the floor. I could help, but wonder what was going on.
The hospital got out of the code and the nurses went back to their stations. A doctor and a few nurses were shot, but not injured. I watched as my doctor walked in to say something heartbreaking. I could tell by the look on his face. “Miss, can we have a moment alone?” he asked as if this was really important. I had just given birth and now there is drama. “This is my husband, Howard. Whatever you have to say can be said in front of him,” I said in a weird, worried tone. The doctor closes the door and prepares to give us the news.
“You daughter, Jazelle, have been kidnapped by a masked assailant,” he told us slow and nicely. Tears ran down our eyes. “There is a more. I have to inform you that your son, Jamarion, didn’t live because the assailant strangled him,” he said. I screamed as Howard held me back from doing what I really had to do. I felt alone like part of me was taken away. “Who would do this?” I whispered as Howard cradled me and my tears strolled down my cheeks.
My sadness turned to horror at the thought of Jazelle dying to. I couldn’t let that happen and with all my might I would try to stop it from happening.

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