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Full of Mystery: Chapter 8

March 23, 2010
By Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
Khia_A. PLATINUM, Sicily Island, Louisiana
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Today was Saturday. Mother was still in the hospital. I hadn’t heard from them since yesterday after I left to continue my plans. I was getting dressed for Innocent’s funeral. Cameryon was sitting on the bed as he watched me gussy up. I wore red and I had to admit, I looked hot. Cameryon was watching the time because he didn’t want to be late the funeral. I couldn’t help but wonder how Lisa was reacting to all this. She was probably as upset as me. I didn’t have the time to wonder, just finish and hit the road.

I soon finished and Cameryon carried me out the door. He drove because it wasn’t far from where I lived. I made up my mind not to stand by the coffin the whole time even thought she was as close to me as Justin. We arrived and I did the exact opposite. I stood beside the casket while the preacher preached and cried a river.

I cried through the whole funeral. Obedience was like a real, blood sister to me. I had lost her, when I wanted and needed her most. I wish I could see her face one more time. “I killed her,” I shouted to the heavens above me. I didn’t know where I could go, what I could do as I stood there alone. Well, I really wasn’t because Cameryon was standing near with his hand on my shoulder. It feels like I was falling in love with him the longer the time we spend together.

I was weak from all the crying. I could barely stand when we were getting ready to go to the graveyard. I had to admit to I didn’t want to go, but this time I wanted to see my sister put to rest. We rode in silence with Cameryon’s arm wrapped around my shoulders. I was still crying, but I couldn’t help it. I watched as the cars in front of us sped off behind the limo Lisa was in. We rode kind of fast, too.

We made just as the rain started to come down. “Why did you let it rain on my sister’s funeral?” I shouted to the heavens as Cameryon helped me out of the car. It had to rain. We stood under the tent that was near where she was going to be buried. The preacher lowered her into the six feet pit where she was going to remain there in peace.

We silently prayed as she was covered in dirt. The casket disappeared under the large pile and the people around us started to walk away. I stood there until she was fully buried under the dirt. I walked away silently as the rain ran down my face. I was soaked by the time we made it back to the car. I drove in silence slowly to keep from sliding off the road. It was pouring down so we stop at McDonald’s and ordered something to eat. I didn’t really eat much, but I was comfortable lying on Cameryon’s chest as he ate his food and some of mine. He drove to my mother’s house.

We sat in the living room watching some comedy movies that didn’t seem to make me laugh at all. I finally was depressed. I saw it come and so did Cameryon. I have been through so much these passed months and everyday seems to get hard. “Who would cause this to happen?” I asked Cameryon. He rubbed my hair as he answered, “Only God knows sweetie.” I’m so sick of these nicknames. I heard a knock at the door as Cameryon got up and opened it. The woman from across the street named RhayOnna was standing at the door holding baby Jazelle. I quickly got up and picked up the baby out her hands. She said, “Someone left her at my door last night and said her family stayed here.” I smiled and went and sat on the couch as I cuddled her in my arms. That was the first time I smiled today.

Cameryon came and sat near me with his arm around my shoulders. We looked like we were the happy parents with the new baby. I had known Cameryon for a few months now. I really liked him.

“Sweetie?” he asked me as I fed Jazelle a bottle. I nodded my head for him to speak. He looked at me and said, “I love you.” I almost dropped the bottle out of my hand as the words came out. I didn’t expect that from him so early. I smiled and almost shed a few tears. “I love you, too,” I said. I put the baby down in her cradle and started kissing Cameryon. He put his hands on my cheeks as he kissed me harder than before. He laid me down on the couch as we continued kissing more and more. The phone started to ring so I answered it. It was mother and I told her Jazelle was safe here at home. She was overjoyed and said she would be there soon.


Mother made it home soon and took baby Jazelle out of our hair. I missed her though and now I wanted one of my own. I wanted to wait, but the urge to become a mother was becoming unbearable. “Amari, can you come downstairs please?” mother said as Cameryon and I walked down the stairs. Detective Madelyn was standing there.

“I hate to have to inform you all, but your family member Obedience was found dead this morning near the lake,” she said as Jarrel walked in. he had heard the news and he started to break down into tears. Everyone did, but I had already known she was dead before.

Madelyn walked me to the police car and took me to the station again. I don’t know why she thinks I am responsible for all these murders. I sit down once again in front of her. “Where were you in the time you sister went missing?” she asked staring me down to see what I knew. I didn’t know much but I said, “I was in the hospital for cutting my wrists.” I showed her the marks. She believed my story which was true. Where was I before that? No one knew but god and me. I stayed for a few minutes before Cameryon arrived to pick me up.

We rode home as the sun started to set. It was so pretty. I wanted to go by the beach. He drove us there and it was a beautiful scene. The waves splashed just as the birds flew by. It was so pretty. I grabbed his hand as we walked down the beach. I had a blanket in the car. I laid it out on the sand. We both lay down and watched the sunset. I turned to him just as he kissed me gently. “I love you,” I whispered before I kissed him back, harder than he did me. I really was feeling this dude and he really was feeling me. I wanted to go further, but my heart was still on Justin. I couldn’t do that much.

We stayed there a little longer and I watched him watch me. We stared in each other’s eyes a little longer before we headed out. We made it late and we didn’t stay up. We went straight to sleep. My sister’s funeral was tomorrow. I was under surveillance. I knew because I saw the same SUV following me everywhere learning my schedule. I couldn’t stand this for long. I soon drifted off to sleep as Cameryon lay behind me.


I woke up soon in despair. I wasn’t going to anymore funeral’s. I couldn’t do it. I was sick and tired of watching people die because of me. I got up and rushed out the door. I was raining hard as I heard the SUV start. I also heard the door open behind me, but I didn’t turn around. I couldn’t let them see what was hidden in my jacket. I was scared and in pain. I couldn’t kill anymore. I wanted to die by the people I love the best.

I ran to the cemetery as I saw Justin’s grave, next to Innocent’s and Jamarion’s. I didn’t go to his funeral either. I sat there thinking why the people around me are dying. I missed them deeply and wanted them her.

I stared at the graves. I thought of the deaths. “I killed them!!” I screamed through the rain. I wondered could my friends forgive me. I wanted to let them know, I didn’t want this to happen.Their spirits nodded in agreement. I saw their scared and frightened faces. I framed my own step sister to get away with murder. I killed the people who loved me most. Everything I thought was a lie. I saw everything flash before my eyes. I was dumb; I killed people that meant the world to me. They helped me when I needed them. I pulled the gun out just as Danielle walked up behind me. I turned and shoot her twice, one in the head and neck. I knew she died instantly as Felicia rushed to her side. She was crying for her friend to be alive. I wish I didn’t kill her. I thought about how I killed my own sister, my flesh and blood.


It was night as she walked home. She knew she was passed her curfew and she needed to be home soon. I snuck up behind her as she turned the corner. I cut her throat as she stuttered on her words as she saw my face. I killed her without a mask, she needed to see the real me. She did. I carried her into the woods. She was still alive, but barely as I pulled her into the flowing stream. I wanted her to die in the place she knew the most. She followed down the river, turning the water red. I hated to see her bleed to death in the river she loved the most.


Detective Madelyn was right. I was the murderer. I turned as I saw Madelyn raise her gun at me. I turned towards Felicia and pulled the trigger just as Madelyn shot me. What did I do wrong? I closed my eyes as I felt the dead come over me. I knew the spirits where dragging me to hell where I belonged.

I woke up chained to the hospital bed alive. My parents stood around with tears. They knew what Detective Madelyn knew from the beginning. Felicia laid in the bed next to me. She had her leg in a cast and moved away as I watched her. My mother stared at me with weakened eyes. “Did you kill him? Why?” she asked. I nodded yes even though I didn’t want to answer. I didn’t want to hurt Felicia, but she was a witness. I knew I was caught now. I was to live my life alone in a place where I belonged, a prison cell.

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