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Mind Control

July 9, 2010
By Uniqueada PLATINUM, Durham, North Carolina
Uniqueada PLATINUM, Durham, North Carolina
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My name is John Switze. I was born in New York. I have two wonderful kids, but their mother past away, she was murdered. Both of my parents are from Afghanistan and I am a Muslim. On September 11th 2002, there was an incident that happened here in New York at the Twin Tower. My people came and destroyed that building and killed many people. I was very disappointed to my people and wondering why they killed all those innocent people.

I was taking a walk around the neighborhood as I normally do every day. While I was walking, I was still thinking of these innocent people that have been killed. It tore me apart to know that is was my people who did this terrible thing. I was walking back home and thin I could feel someone’s standing behind me and I could see the person’s shadow. When I turned around I saw two men and then I couldn’t see any more because they blind fold me. I could feel myself being toss into a vehicle and the vehicle started moving. I was thinking to myself, who was these people? Why are they taking me away? Did I do anything wrong? I felt the vehicle stop and they had taken me out of it and unfolded the blind fold and I was in a building that looks like it been here for years. The windows were all cracked, and the building had no paintings. I met someone in the building.

Two more people came in and the door slam right behind them as they walked in. we all sat together in a little room and I went up and suggest something and said, “That we should all tell each other about ourselves so we can all keep our mind off of things and I looks like we will be in thing building for a while so we might as well get along with each other.” So we told each other about ourselves and when we were done I have noticed that all of us that are in this building right now are all Muslims. I thought that was weird. Also one of the people said something about how he knew that he was going to be captured because he was outside and his friend called him and told him that in the news I had said that are a group of Americans who had enough of the Muslims because of what happened on 9/11 and how every person who is in that group had lost someone from that incident. I was thinking like wow and this is terrible, that these people are going to kill us. We also talked about what we were afraid to face in like and our nightmares. A woman was looking around and notice that each door had a picture of a person and those pictures were us. When we knew that the rooms were ours, we went to our own room and fell asleep.

We have all woken up from our sleep and we saw that there was already a table of food for us to eat for breakfast. I wasn’t sure if we should go ahead and eat it because we don’t know what those people put in that food, but I was hungry so I just went ahead and ate. After I ate I felt a little sick and I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. I knew that there was something wrong with the food. It was weird because one person was going crazy and screaming because he said that he “saw spiders” which I didn’t see any spiders at all. I thought that man had gone crazy. Then I saw two women acting crazy too. One of the women was being scared to go down the steps and she was thinking that she will fall. The other woman was screaming, looking at her arms and legs and kept on saying blood, blood, blood. I didn’t see any blood on her. I was like what is wrong with these people. “Have they gone mad?!” I said. While I was worrying about these people, I could hear voices, children voices, voices that sounded like my children. I was frightened. I didn’t know what was going on. Their voices got louder and clearer and it had sounded like they were screaming for help. They were screaming “Daddy, daddy come and help us, help us daddy.” Tears ran down my face as I heard their crying voices. I thought that I knew for sure that they were my children, that it was their voices, but I couldn’t find them anywhere and it seems to get even louder than before.

I realized that everyone was becoming maniacs running around the building including me. Some were even thinking of killing themselves because they were tired. They were so afraid and I was too. The weird thing is that all these people are crazy because they are cared of what they saw and they thing is that before they have all told each other their fears. That guy that said that he saw spiders had said before when we had that little conversation that he doesn’t like spiders and that he was afraid of them. The other woman who screams every times she goes downstairs said before that she was scared of heights and the last woman who kept on saying blood, blood, blood before said that she doesn’t like to see blood and that she gets frightened when she see blood. Then it was my turn when I had heard my children’s voice, well I thought that I heard them and on that day when we had that conversation I had said that my biggest fear was me loosing my kids or them being taken away from me I had already lost my wife. These people who created this plan are very smart, but I had to find a way to mess it up.

This is madness. Even though these people kidnapped us its still sad because they had been through so much, loosing their love ones and everything. I was still hearing the voices of my children. It is very heart broken because I wanted to look for them, but I knew that it was all a trick and that I needed to ignore all of it. That I need to calm down and try to calm down everyone else. Okay, okay, I knew that I said that I should calm down and ignore the screaming and crying of my children, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to do something so I didn’t have to hear it, I had to kill myself.

When I was about to stab myself, I had saw the door open and I was a man. He was a police officer. I can tell because I can see his badge and his uniform. I still had the knife in my hand. At first I thought that this man was my imagination, that is was just more of those people tricks. He came closer to and closer. I was frightened, I didn’t know if he was an illusion or real. So I went closer to him and touched him. I could feel him and it felt real. I gave him a huge hug and said thank you and that we were free from hell.

The police officer took us away from that building and gave all of us some water so we can relax. We were so happy. We were finally rescued. We had all said good bye to each other and had gotten a ride home. When I went home, my kids were there sleeping on the couch. They awaken and the youngest asked my if I was home and I replied with a big smile “Yes honey daddy home, daddy home.”, and this time this voice was real.

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it was english three homework, it was suppose some kind of horrow movie

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on Jul. 22 2010 at 6:39 pm
Uniqueada PLATINUM, Durham, North Carolina
25 articles 48 photos 26 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Yes we can"- President Obama

this is the first draft so try to ignore the mistakes the best you can. Thanks :)