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Getting Rid of Steve

July 28, 2010
By Hayden Lambert GOLD, Spring, Texas
Hayden Lambert GOLD, Spring, Texas
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When the bell rang, I walked quickly to my car, put the keys into the ignition, and shifted the gear to drive. As I zigzagged through lanes of traffic, I thought about all the relaxing activities awaiting me at home. First, I would grab a snack. Later, I would watch that movie I ren… “NO! Study!” Steve roared suddenly.

“But I’ve got plenty of ti…,” I began.

“Don’t argue with me! Study!”

“Ok, ok,” I mumbled to myself. This was going to be a long night.

As I sat studying for my History test for next Thursday, I realized that Steve, my inner troll, dominated my life. I had to take back control. When Steve finally went to sleep and the low rumble of his snores reverberated inside my torso, I began formulating a plan to rid myself of this pest. However, without Steve, I found it hard to focus. My mind jumped uncontrollably from one thought to another, and I soon lost control over my actions. I immediately went to my Playstation and began playing a new videogame, but the stereo called out for my attention in a sweet, melodic voice. After listening to half of every song on my iPod, I watched three-fourths of an episode of Top Chef. However, before the judges could announce the eliminated contestant, I moved on to reading the new novel my mom had given me for Christmas. As I sat helplessly fretting over my lack of direction, I realized that getting rid of Steve must take a back seat to more vital tasks. I had plenty of time to work on a plan later, anyway. I would rid myself of him tomorrow or maybe the next day.

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