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the journey from hell

September 20, 2010
By unlike-azazual SILVER, Navarre, Florida
unlike-azazual SILVER, Navarre, Florida
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all of a sudden a distant voice became lound and when i was conviced it was the devils tounge cerassing my ear it turned out to be the musical voice of an angel.

“Your soul is mine to keep.” Was his last words, as i contimplated my final decison... I was in hell, in total damnedation, were your screams will never end, and were you will burn forever…. well forever is a long time and I could honesty say I didn’t want to burn for that long. There was only one way out of this fiery pit, and this knowledge I knew…….. In silence I climbed out of my fiery hole and ran straight to the gate, for once you get past it everything behind you is gone and everything becomes black... well everything did, except for my hand which was still covered in flames. I used it as my light to guide the way…… Since my time in hell fear seems to fade, there aren’t many things that I haven’t seen in hell that I would already. Honestly the worst lucifer could do to me is send me back to my fiery hole, I think the only reason he hasn’t stopped me now is because he wants to see how far I'll go. As I kept a steady pace toward the same direction the high pitched scream were slowly fading, and that’s when I then noticed a small tiny spec of light from the far distance, as I got closer the spec got bigger and within five minutes I was standing in front of a huge black pond with a ring of fire around it, no boat or oar, but somehow I knew I had to cross it. With my hand sill in flamed I dipped my arm into the liquid to demolish the fire, with a loud chhhhh! My arm was free of the flames fiery grip. A shadow caught the corner of my eye, I rolled my eyes wanting to know whose ass I had to kick in order to save my own so i could continue my journey (a demon, Satan may have sent or maybe Satan himself) I turned around to see my victim, but turned around to see another helpless soul looking for a way out. The man was cowardly looking and had “fear” written all over him. He seemed a bit relieved to find someone else heading his way. And for the time being we just stood in silence.

A sign next to the pond caught my eye “Cross if you may, for there is only one down fall, one dismay.” With this though I eased myself into the black water, getting ready to swim across the pond, it felt nice, it had a cool feeling against my skin and I needed to get out of the heat in the air. I slowly started swimming to the other end of the pond feeling the cool of the black water against my skin. “Hey are you crazy?” the man finally spoke “No, Not crazy why don’t you come join me?” He slowly inched in to the water and started to swim; I reached the other end before the other guy did so I got up and turned around to cheer him on to find him scared out of his wits. “Come on, there’s nothing to be afraid of, there’s only you in the water just keep swimming.” He slowly started swimming again before something grabbed him and took him under; he came up for another breath before being dragged under once more. I quickly dove in the water to look for him I didn’t know how deep the water was but I honestly did not care. After minutes of searching I finally gave up realizing he was probably back in his fiery hole, but as getting out the pond I saw a body at the far end, not one bit surprised to find that it was the man... just shocked that I was able to recognize him through all the blood. His chest was cut open from his collar bone to his belly button and his heart was ripped out of his chest, I could still see his veins struggling to pump blood through a heart that isn’t there. He obviously did not understand the sign, something I realized even before this journey, in this place if you let your fears get the best of you they become real, this man must have had some extreme fears, because whatever it was, got more than enough of him. If you think about it, it’s kind of sick how hell works I may seem fearless (for now) but I still have a heart. I walked away slowly feeling sorry for the man realizing that escaping is not an option for him.

So again I walked in silence to the next obstacle wondering how much more intense it will be than the first. When I heard a soft ching, ching, ching, ching, repeatedly without a pause as I moved closer the chingging got louder, until I was looking at a street court with the fallen angels themselves (demons) playing double-dutch, but not with just any jump rope, with a jump rope made out of razor blades. Instantly catching on to the rules of the game, I waited in line for my turn thinking of the consequences... If I failed, I would be cut to shreds of course, but then my left over’s will be devoured by the demons, hardly leaving any room for recovery. so I’d rather succeed at this than fail, I waited patiently for my turn……… ching, ching, ching, churk as I heard the sound of another body being sliced “????????” the demon called meaning next. The woman in front of me started to double-dutch, And to tell you the truth she looked pretty good at it, but she didn’t do it for long until she jumped to the other side, she stopped and looked at me in a daze and all I can remember was her deep blue eyes and the deranged look on her face. The demons stared at her with hungry eyes waiting for her to make a move, then in one instant her body crumbled to pieces into a pool of blood. The swiftness of the blades and the strength of the demons, mutilated the woman’s body without even an attempted sign of struggle. The sight didn’t give me much of an appetite, but the demons begged to differ. They scrambled up the poor woman’s remains and devoured her in a haste. It wasn’t long before they were done with their meal and were back to their intense game of razor blade double-dutch………“????????” (next) they called and it was my turn, I jumped in and heard the constant ching in my ear and trying to keep the steady beat of the rope, I jumped out and realized chucks of my skin was missing, but I was still alive and all of my limbs were still attached. If anything I thing the demons were more shocked than I was. Having the knowledge that a piece of meat with legs (me) is going to get to walk away, but it was the rules of the game, they couldn’t touch me. They looked at me for another minute, and then they became more aware of the other meals that were awaiting and again called “????????”.

I slowly continued my journey from hell walking in silence which felt like hours until I came to a sign and a shovel that said “the province you seek”. To tell you the truth I thought it was a joke after going through all of that, the fallen are going to make me dig my way out. But then I caught on realizing that there’s going to be a catch……. there’s always a catch. So not wasting another minute on hesitation I grabbed the shovel and started digging, not knowing which direction I should be digging in I just dug……I dug for a stretched out amount of time until I came upon a chest. The chest I was familiar with, but shocked I was the one to find it. The chest contained the ancient secrets to the true successes of evil, mostly known as the seven deadly sins. Satan created them the day Eve was created and Eve was also the first person that fell to its unholy power, later followed by Adam. Funny how I should stumble across them, considering that God locked them away centuries ago.( When Lucifer’s new created power overshadowed the light that once shone so brightly on earth, God stored the evil away, leaving what was on earth to run its course of unknown sacrifices, and letting the battle of good and evil take place through his people.) Smiling to myself God must have had a sense of humor, knowing that of all places Lucifer would have never looked in his own domain, but again I wondered of all the people, why was I the one to find this ancient secret?

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