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To Soon to Die

September 27, 2010
By vampiresrock GOLD, Cornish, New Hampshire
vampiresrock GOLD, Cornish, New Hampshire
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To Soon to Die
Chapter 1

“NO!” they yell. I grin evilly at their feeble cries.
They hardly know what this pain will be, but they cry all the same.
Soon they will feel the real pain. The agonizing pain of eternal suffering. They pain only heart and mind can feel behind their best comprehension. They will never know that pain I feel.
“Well, well, well...I hope you like your new accommodations, because you’ll be here for the rest of your short lives,” I sneered nastily.
“Please, please, this is madness,” they sob.
I slap one of then across the face. Nice, smooth and hard. It made a loud CRACK! as it connected with skin. My wedding ring made a hard, ragged line through her left cheek. I giggled at the fun.
“You don’t know madness. You b****es think you know madness, but you don’t. You can never know. You need to go thought the pain I did. The pain of a lost lover. They pain of the mockery, the pain of the cold wrapping around your protected heart, forever sealing it. You need to feel the physical pain in where I felt the emotional. Until I make you feel that pain, you will never know madness or pain. Until then, I have no respect for you and you make me sick,” I turned to the second girl and spat in her face. “You hardly earn any respect. I shouldn’t even spit on you, that is how unworthy you are,”
The second girl slowly reached up and removed the spit from her sweaty face. “You know, everyone feels the pain of love, you’re not the only one. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and I’m not going all psycho. Point is, I’m not going to die here because you’re crazy,”
I slowly pointed my gun at her. “Then tell me…too soon to die?” and shot.

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