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ummmm... I'm not sure

October 18, 2010
By TheGirlsGotDreams BRONZE, Cortland, New York
TheGirlsGotDreams BRONZE, Cortland, New York
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*Mom talking*
"No Cyle you cannot go to the Valentines Day party!"
*Cyle(main characters twin sister)*
" MOM! That's not fair! Every one is going! I already made plans to meet Jack there and everyhting. I will go to that party and you will not stop me. I control my own life and you aill not ruin this for me.
*Mom eyes are watering*
"Cyle please don't go I need you to listen to me. Something is not right about it. I don't even know anything about these people. They just moved here 5 days ago! Please just go upstairs to your roo-."
"NO! I'm leaving.
walking out
Dad gets in way
"Clye look at me" He takes her head in his hands "Please were not just telling you we are pleading you. Look at your Mother! Please. (sigh) Please just stay home."
*Cyle smiles*
"Oh I am so sorry mother and father for my ill-bred temper. How will you ever forgive me?"
**MyKenna(main character)**

'I saw right through her simulated grin and childish tone but mom and dad were blind'

" It's ok we are sorry for making you sacrifice the party for us. I love you "
He hugs her and kisses her head

'I know her way of thinking'
"Well I'm going upstairs.....

** Her plans

...To call and let them know I won't be arriving.....

** Her up coming actions

...Maybe have Jack come over.....

** She will attend the party

...Watch a movie.....

** Cyle will walk out her french doors

...Pop some popcorn.....

** Step over the terrace rail

...That is if he can come.....

** Decend the lattice work she begged mom and dad for

...Can he daddy? Pretty please?.....

**She will disappear into the night

"Well.... I suppose he could.."

**Unseen unheard

... Yay! I love you daddy!!.....


... Well I'm going to my room to call Jack."

"Ok honey" Sighed mom. They all exchanged huds and kisses and ignored me as usual when they passed me on the eighth stair. When Cyle came to me she sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder. I cringed but she didn't notice.

" Oh MyKenna, if only you were more normal you might actually be as popular as me." She almost crooned " We could have been such good friends. After all we are the same. You are me." She smiled that smile she did after we did something naughty as children and for a moment my heart ached for her. This aching soon was replaced by the firey hate that burned for her.
" No, we will never be the same." I hissed through my teeth. She frowned stood up and walked away. When she reached the top of the stairs she turned to face me and whispered barely audible
" You had potential Mickey. You had your chance." I felt the tears burn when she used that name. When Cyle was little she had a speech problem. This problem carried out all through elementary school also. The problem made it so that she couldn't pronouce my name correctly and when she tried it always came out mykeenah so we shortened it to Mickey for her. When she saw the water well up in my eyes she let out this half crazed half amused laugh that echoed throughout the hall as she made her way to the pink door with the gold engraved plate reading

Cyle Marie Kingston

" Our baby girl."
Her name comes from a latin word Sile which means blind. When I heard her lock click I felt sick for not stopping her. While I made my way to the cellar stairs I noticed something peculiar and missing but I couldn't place what it was. Anyways, I kept going down the old stairs. When I reached the stairs I took a left, walked to the end of the hall and found the old blood red door with the silver engraved plate reading

MyKenna Samantha Kingston

"forever loved"
Umhm I wish. As I entered my room I heard a a shrill scream. I turned and sprinted down the hall in record time. I ran the stairs taking them two at a time making it to the top finding all the lights off but the one over the island in the kitchen and mom hunched over the counter with dad at her side. He glanced at me and then quickly looked away as if it hurt him to see me. My mother noticed and looked up. Dad tried to direct her attention fron the cellar doorway but it was no use. When she saw me the look on her face was horrifying. Her eyes spilled over and ahe let out a quiet long sob. My father reacted immedietly and wrapped her in his arms taking her away from me. I turned in rage decending the stairs again taking them as far as my long legs would take me. When I reached the bottom I tripped falling on my hands and knees. I felt a searing pain on the palm of my left hand with a dull pain in my right knee. All of this was soon overcome with uncertainty of why I'm so angry. I limped down the hall supporting myself on the wall. When I made it to the door my whole hand was burnig so I thought quickly and slapped it on my name plate. The cool metel ceased the burning for the time being. Now all I had to do is find my way out of the house with-out being noticed. I have a bad feeling about the new girl thats hosting the party.

The author's comments:
This was an english assignment for a "spooky scary" as she calles it. This became out of control and now I cannot stop writing. I am addicted but thats not a bad thing and now i give it to you to tell me what I need to work on and what is good. Please if you read this comment so I know your there. Also I need ideas for the title of this piece. Hope you enjoy my writing (this is no where near complete and if you like it then there will be more tho come). Thank ya!

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