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Mansion Murders

February 16, 2011
By Kiba1 GOLD, Cripple Creek C.O, Colorado
Kiba1 GOLD, Cripple Creek C.O, Colorado
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They Party was lasting forever. I was 15, Marti was 19, Griffin was 16, Are 11 and Fare and Tira were both 17 the day we all died.
It started when the electricity went out. We were all getting cold when we got lost. I was wearing a small green shirt and jeans, Marti was wearing shorts and a tank top, Griffin was wearing a black “wife-beater” shirt, Are, poor Are, he was so young. He was wearing the same thing as his big brother Marti, and Fare and Tira, being twins, wore matching dresses. We were trying to find a candle when Are` went to look in a room, and we waited for him to come back, and he never did. Marti was getting worried, and decided to go in after him. We heard him yell out, and ran in after him, we saw him crouched over his little brothers body; witch was mangled, and bloody. I was shocked and scared. Fare and Tira clutched each other, crying. I was sick, and I felt silent tears coarse down my face. Are` was so young. He was like the pet to our group; he would tag along to all of our things, no matter what it was. Now he was gone. And there was Macho Marti, sobbing over Are`s body.

“Don’t worry Marti, we’ll find who ever killed him.” I comforted him hoarsely. Who would kill a little kid?

“I’ll k-kill them, who ever it is, ill avenge my lil’ bro.” he picked up Are`s bloody body and tears fell onto the pale face. Griffins ebony eyes didn’t show any emotion, but tears streaked his cheeks. I knew Griffin carried a knife, but why would Griffin kill Are`? I decided to keep a close eye on him.

“Marti? We’ll come back to get him, we need to get to a phone and call the police.”

He looked at me and nodded. We started off and noticed Tira was missing. We called her, and then we heard her scream. We rushed toward the sound. We came upon a gory sight. A shadowy figure was crouched over the body of Tira, a sickening sucking noise coming from it. Fare screamed and ran forward yelling. The creature stood up, and covered its face up with a clawed, scraggly wing like thing, and it squealed, it sidled toward us ad took off. It flew right over us and as it was gaining altitude it grabbed Fare. She screamed out in pain as the long claws sunk into her sides. The creature flew off, and I looked at Marti and Griffin. Griffin looked enraged and had his 6 inch knife out and bared. I was sorry for accusing him. Fare was probably the only one in the world who Griffin cared for. He sat down and cried.

“S-s-she’s g-gone, I should have saved her.”

“Don’t worry, Grif. She’s gonna be ok.”

“N-No… it killed her.” He was so upset…. The next thing he did shocked us so much.

“She was my reason for living.” His voice had strengthened, I thought he would help us kill the creature, buy he raised his knife above him, and plunged it into his own heart. I yelled out in shock as the crimson blood soaked his shirt. It was red against snowy white, blood on snow. He looked down at the hilt sticking out of is chest, and pulled it out.

“Y-y-you’ll n-need i-it” he held the bloody dagger out to us. Marti took it. His once always laughing face was shadowed with grief.

“We’ll get rid of it bro. it was nice knowing you.” Marty held his shoulder, and Griffin gave one last shuddering sigh, and died. We stood up,

“We have to kill that… thing.” I resolved, feeling the tears streak down my face, “We have to do it for Grif.” I looked over at Griffins bloody body. Then I glanced at Marti. He was looking serious.

“Were not going to survive, were going to die. But we can take that monster with us.”

I nodded, shivering at his proclamation of our death.

“It went that way.” I pointed towards the north wing of the Mansion. I took the knife from Marti, and we went in that direction, hoping for it to find me. Suddenly I heard a shrill shirking noise, and I was tackled by the monster. I rolled over and it jumped on top of me, I saw its fangs reaching for my neck. I threw the creature off, and looked for the knife. I saw it, right next to Marti’s body, it had got him first. I grabbed the knife and waited for the monster, it jumped n me. I waited till I felt its fangs sink into my neck, and then I plunged the knife straight through its heart. I saw it roll off of me shrieking in pain. My body had gone cold. I watched the monster die. A black wave rose up over my eyes, and a blissful warmth cover my body like a blanket… and I joined my friends in the afterlife.

The author's comments:
I Wrote This A While Ago, it Gave My Grandmother Nightmares, and my English teacher Was Quite Frightened, i Don't Know About teens, but I'm Quite Sure It Will At Least Chill you.

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