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The Voice

April 1, 2011
By SlightlyNHK SILVER, San Deigo, California
SlightlyNHK SILVER, San Deigo, California
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I take in a deep breath, and stare blankly at the 3 numbers on the plain door. 347. The first class at a new school. I could hear the other kids inside, playing around, socializing, and talking about their summer. I then brushed my hair off a little, just to look nice since this will be my first impression with people I’ve never met in my life. Sighing, I take hold of the doorknob, and open the door. And the first thing I saw, was the eyes. Every single person was staring at me, as if I was un-human. I started to get nervous, and I look to find the teacher at his desk. I walked up to him, and gave him the note in which the office gave me.

“Ah, so you’re new here. Um, take a seat in the back, there should be an empty seat there.” He gestured to the back of the room, where the empty seat was all alone. I sighed,
“Alright.” and walked slowly to the back. I tried to not look at the faces that went by me, but the staring was unbearable. I had to look at their faces. And after what seemed like a hour of walking, I finally took my seat in the back.
“Ok, class we have a new student to this school, as you are all aware. Anyway, lets turn to page 143 in the textbook on each of your desks.” The teacher seemed quite nice, and I liked him. I reached out for my textbook, and turned to page 143. It was a simple narrative of fiction. And that’s when it started again.
“Ah, so you’re in a new school now huh? And we both know why.”
“Shut up… I don’t want you here.” I was trying to keep my voice down, but some kids looked at me. Probably thinking that I’m a freak for talking to myself.
“You’re too dangerous to be in another school.”
“That was your fault last time…”
“But it’s your body.” I started ignoring him, like I always do,
and focused on the story. Unfortunately I missed the instructions on what to do. At least I looked around and saw that everyone was silently reading to themselves. So, I copied.

“Look at that, there’s a pair of scissors right there. Go on, grab them.”

“No… I won’t.” I didn’t know what to do. He was persuading me again, to do horrible things. That’s the reason why I’m at a new school. I got expelled from the last. With one simple thing, scissors. And his voice.

“Please? We can do it quickly, or maybe wait for someone to go to the bathroom and follow them. Just put them in your pocket, and everything will be fine.”

“Or what?”

“Or what? Come on, I can show you horrid things, and you think like me.”

“Ok, fine. I’ll keep the scissors in my pocket. But I’m not promising anything!” At that moment, everyone was staring at me. I spoke the last part wrong. I started blushing of embarrassment. And the teacher soon came over to my desk.

“If you want to read aloud, you may, but not too loud in which it disturbs other students. Ok?”

“Ok…” I replied softly. And pretended to read. Before class ended, I grabbed the scissors and put them in my pocket. The bell rang, and everyone left class. And like a sheep, I followed.

“Ok, now just go to the bathroom, and wait.”

“No! I said I wasn’t promising anything!” I yelled this too loud, and I was in the hallway. Everyone turned toward me, and I ran. I didn’t know where, but I ran. Until no one was around me.

“Alright, now you made yourself the school ‘freak’ and everyone is going to be scared of you.”

“I don’t care.”

“Of course you do! You always wanted a friend.” He got me there. I never had a single friend in my life. Not once.

“Why do you have to be in my head?! I never wanted you!”

“Oh well. Now, if you do as your told, you will be much happier with your life. Trust me.”


“Just do as I say!”

“Ok… I’ll do as you say…” I walked back down the hallway, pass the lockers and towards the bathroom.

“Alright, now go in the bathroom and wait.” I decided to just listen, and not talk. Like what I did last time once I didn’t know how to respond to him. So, I went down the hall, took a left, right, straight, and there was the bathroom. I went inside, and waited.

“When someone is done, and when they go to the sink, you go up behind them.” We waited in the stall, listening for the footsteps. They came. We further waited until they were washing their hands.

“Alright, now be silent. Get the scissors out.” I lifted up from the toilet, and opened the stall door slowly. Walked on my tip-toes, towards the kid. I was right behind him. And time was slowing down; I felt this before I thought to myself. But nothing could stop me now. I raised my hand, scissors clenched in my strong fist.

“Now.” I quickly made my move. And left the bathroom. I had done it again.

The author's comments:
I just wanted to write a nice thriller about some... well... I guess supernatural? Or more like a mental problem. Either One :P

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