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April 23, 2011
By MorningStar15 DIAMOND, Orange, Vermont
MorningStar15 DIAMOND, Orange, Vermont
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I woke up, the taste of blood running down the back of my thought. A gut retching fear starts making my bladder tense. I feel tightness on my skin, I the smell of rust and musk fills my nostrils with a pungent smell. I go to wrinkle my nose to try to elude the smell, and feel a twinge of pain and a gasp escapes my lips. Then I panic, my eyes are not opening, it is like they have been glued shut. I can hear whispering coming from somewhere around me. I can hear the high pitched muttering in an echo. The floor is covered in tiny cool rocks. They prod and jab on my exposed skin. I then try to pull at the ropes binding my feet and arms. My blood is pulsing pushing out against my aching goose-bumped skin; my heart has never raced so rapidly. Thoughts pooling in my head the sap like fluid I was laying in. I hear someone shriek in what seems to be the other room; where the voices screeched and hissed a few minutes before. My breathing flowing in and out of me but I felt like I wasn’t breathing at all, was there no air where I was? It was then I knew I needed to fight. I picked up a larger rock that has been poking at the flesh. I rub it against the slimy rope around my wrist. It slips and plunges into my arm, I inhale sharply and a sound exits my lips. The fear of the fact of drawing attention to myself and hearing silence coming from the other room, where a sloshing and tearing sounds were just coming from. Then I pick up the rock from where I dropped it, and started wearing away at the rope. It seemed like a long time before I could feel it pluck away strand after strand of the last bit. It came free with a snap, and the rock hit the opposite wall, as it fell from my hand. It made a sound of rock hitting rock. They had long finished the guzzling, and now where resorting to what seemed to be fighting, in a high pitched unidentifiable bellowing. I was still in the dark. I had tugged at my eye lids harder then I wanted to but gave up because of the pain. I would find my way out without my sight. I crawl towards the wall where I had heard the rock, it would be there I would unbind my feet; I found another puddle of sap a few meters off from where mine was. And soon stumbled upon a mound of fleshy tissue; it was another person, as soon as I touched them they cried out loudly. I reached around to place my hand on their lips and shushed them, they started to cry and tremble; I moved on. As soon as I felt my hand touch the wall, I noticed its strange texture; it felt like matted hair, and shrapnel and shards of skinny long rocks, some of it was sticky. I reached down to fix my legs, my fingers tremor, and I pulled at the knots. My mind consumed on trying to figure out how I got there, better yet, whom I was? None of that mattered. The noises from the room came to a standstill. And a snoring filled my ears, my stomach still turning, how long has it been since I have ate? The knot gives, and it falls to the ground; now to survey the area. My hand touches the walls the dampness and some of the rock faces tells me I am in a cave, do I know of any caves this may be? No… I walk slowly and my fingers search the wall. I feel a snap under my bare foot; so I reach down, and pick up a long tacky piece of bone. I drop it as soon as I felt it; the gargling in the other room hesitated, and started again. I reached an opening in the wall. A sudden shrill came from close by, but I could tell the lighting has changed, because the insides of my eye lids changed from black to red. I could smell what reminded me of the soggy forest floor, I was free. My legs teetered like stilts as my arms left the wall. I picked up my pace. I could hear the birds. Feel the sun. A smile stretched across my dirty teeth. I am not even convinced I have all of my teeth. It is then I feel something hit me, I fell to the floor without a fight, and I had no choice. It was heavy, it had scales, its breathing sounded that of an overweight man that had just climbed a flight of stairs, it wheezed corrosion onto my face. It lightly touched my face; its fingers like razors on my hide. My breathing stopped. A sting pierced my eyes, a tugging at their lids. Light rushed in, with a filter or red, I could see the sky, I wanted to cry but nothing came out. The dead weight on top of me lifted and tightness around my left leg dragged me back into the dark.

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on May. 9 2011 at 8:01 am
MorningStar15 DIAMOND, Orange, Vermont
71 articles 2 photos 179 comments
There is not more, at the moment. I suppose I can weave something into it. They in my mind are in a cave, it reminded me of a large bare cave, as a random thought. Thanks!

goodtime67 said...
on May. 2 2011 at 1:08 pm

wow great story really had me on the edge of my seat,is there more?

and where were they?