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Where's The Doctor?

May 2, 2011
By ItsMyHaus BRONZE, Foxborough, Massachusetts
ItsMyHaus BRONZE, Foxborough, Massachusetts
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Mark Is a 16 year old sophomore in high school. Fear and imagination control the body and mind into doing things normal people would not do. His story leads to an unfortunate and confusing death that is unexplainable by anyone in the area of which he lays.
Wheres the doctor?

Listen, as the lights flicker and 16 year old Mark
lays on the ground. You can hear the silent laughter of which echos in the mind of insecurities. Look at the sight that you can see the blood filled teardrops and teeth scattered on the ground. It is as if no one cares. Invisible.
Murderous adolescents that left the broken toy on the floor, the smiles of blood while it happens, no one except the beaten one knows how it feels to be invisible for the only times he is noticed is when he is the targeted victim of the uncapturable predators.
The invisible mask crawls up his arm and spreads over his skin, completely devouring his visibility in just seconds. The only visible things left are his cuts, blood and clothing, and the spaces where there were bruises are slightly tinted but still transparent.
Evil holds heavy in the air. Fully invisible, Mark gets up, struggling to keep balance. Lights flickering and the sound of blood dripping from his body surround
sight and hearing. He looks over and sees a fire alarm, so Mark limps over toward the spot that holds the alarm trigger. The sirens scream and the emergency lights flare as he continues to limp toward the way that the predators went, but when he looks up he sees that they’re already gone.
Stairs seem to suddenly appear in front of him, and trying to figure a way to get to the top of the stairs he decides to crawl, for the impacts on his body were too great to simply walk up them.
Doors leading to a hallway were on the top of the stairs, which were now stained with Marks trail of blood. Reaching for the door, he opens them to find that everything was normal. On the ceiling were lights that did not flicker, and for the rooms, doors were open and filled with normal high school students. The fire alarms were just sitting on the wall, looking board, and he looked down and became slightly shocked that he looked normal, no blood and cuts, he was fully visible. Mark looked back out of the window leading to the staircase, in there the lights were still dark and the sirens were still going off.
He turns away and walks into a class that he somehow knew that he has. As he walked in, everyone looked up and starred at him.
“Your late.” Said the teacher. “Sorry, I... I got caught up in something down stairs.” Mark replied, “I’m pretty sure its done and over with. I’ll make sure it don’t happen again.”
“You better! Here, take this worksheet and go sit down.” The teacher handed him the sheet and he saw his friends waving him over to sit with them. These so called friends were, or at least looked like, the ones who beat him. Once he noticed this, he was reluctant to even sit close to them. There were 5 of them: Shanaynay, Mochi, Rochandella, Pablo, and the one who seemed to be the leader, Latrelle.
“Sit with us, Mark.” Said Rochandella in her squeaky deep voice with a smirk on her face.
“Oh... Kay...?” said Mark as he put his books on the desk
and sat down. “Where were you really?”
“Like I already said, I had something else to take care of.” “Yah, OK, I’m so sure...”
“Excuse me?! What do you care anyway? Did it involve you? No! So shut up, look down at your own paper, and mind your own damn business!” Mark said with an angry and annoyed look on his face. Silence filled the room as he looked down at his paper and started to do his work. There was a confused look on all his friend’s faces.
“Wow, I don't know what your problem is but you need to chill, I mean, like, damn...” Mochi said with an aggregated tone, getting even more irritated as he spoke. Mark just kept working, slightly shaking his head to the words spoken by the predators twin.
“Can I go to the bathroom?” Mark asked as he raised his hand.
“Sure, let me write you a pass.”
“Thanks.” Said as he took the pass that the teacher held out.
After Mark went to the bathroom, he washed his hands, and he heard the door to the bathroom open behind him. He looked up into the mirror to see the door being held open, but no one holding it in its place and no one walked in. In the mirror, he could see an outline of a person, an invisible person, standing next to him. The figure touched marks shoulder, making the color drain from Mark. As soon as he noticed what was happening, he backed away quickly. After a brief pause caused by shock, he saw the figure move toward him again, so Mark turned and ran out of the room.
Look down the hallway and you can see a copy of Mark, but it was the bloody, toothless, broken toy that was manipulated by the predators. Mark starred at the
reflection, and it did the exact same thing and copied the exact motions that Mark did. He ran toward the mirror and stopped about a foot or two in front of it to look at the copy and the mirror up close. There was a screen of what seemed like liquid, but it was silver and shiny, it was as if the mirror was created entirely of the only liquid metal known to man, Mercury.
He tried to see behind the screen to see the alternate universe that was secretly held by an unknown source. Mark decided to just go for it and ran through the screen, him and the reflection morphed into one during Marks transaction into the universe he wasn't in before.
Mark turned around to see no reflection behind him like there was before. Instead there was a brick wall in its place. He just continued into his classroom, all eyes on him as he walked from the door to his seat. The room was as quiet as the nights sky. The class was starring at his skin, which was again covered in cuts and bruises, and his skin was transparent.
As Mark turned to talk to his friends, he caught a glimpse of his teacher. The teachers mouth was sewed closed in a way that was done messy and carefully. A single bead of blood dripped down the side of the teachers mouth, and his eye lids were sewn fully open causing his eyes to look very large.
Mark continued to turn to talk with his friends, and he had a view of the whole class, eyes glowing blood red, and there was no pupil in any eye he could see.
He stood and ran out of the room. Mark turned to see himself brutally murdered at the top of the staircase he crawled up before. As he stumbled back in fright he turned and ran away from the scary sight.
Without thinking, he ran into the brick wall, but he didn’t crash, Mark just ran through it. Confused, he turned and looked at his mirror image again. The liquid mirror was back. He didn’t care and he just continued running. He finally came to see the
classroom he just left, but it was the normal version.
Mark walked in to see everyone doing their work. No students with glowing eyes or teachers with sewed faces.
“Your late.” Said the teacher as his friends waved him over to sit with them. This time around there were no questions or answers, he just walked over and sat down with a blank confused expression on his face. Everything looked normal enough, so he turned to talk to Pablo.
When he turns to talk, Latrelle’s eyes start to turn red, and her eyes and angry expression grow bigger on her face. Latrelle’s nails grow longer and sharper while turning a metallic silver color. She stood and walked in front of Mark, turned to face him, then slapped him across the face, and her newly sharp nails caused the flesh on his face to separate into 5 pieces, the cuts causing him to bleed continuously.
Mark tried to stand up and run away at the same time, causing him to fall and land flat on his face.
His head cracked open, exposing his brain, and when his brain rolled out of his head it exposed the lesions on the brainstem which the other students saw. There was high pitch screaming and students puking at the sight of this dead 16 year old student that hallucinated all events that have happened within this school day.

The author's comments:
This is a vision i could not get out of my head, it is set in my school. It was semi-inspired by Black Box TV (www.blackboxtelevision.com).

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