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The Call

July 5, 2011
By JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
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My heart jumped from the loud squeeling ring of the phone, as I sat at the desk counting the change for the cash register.
"Hello?" I answered with a hint of fear in my voice.
Dead silence on the other end.
"Hello?" I asked again with a little impaitence.
I was ready to get the hell out of this place. Closing all by myself on a Friday night wasnt sitting well with me, and a phone call like this was just adding to the fire.
"I'm hanging up now."
Still no answer.
I hung up the telephone and went back to counting tonights money that was earned.
How did a beautiful girl like me, end up a place like Five Guys Burgers and Fries? Weren't the pretty suppose to be off being models and movie stars? Getting everything handed to them? Wasn't I suppose to be in the lead of life? No.
I had to work for everything I got, especially sacraficing a Friday night when I could be out doing better things.
The restraunt at night and being alone scared me. Yet, they still made me close every night by myself.
Desperatly, I looked around for another job, but nothing. I was stuck here till I was going to die, with my luck.
Again the phone rang again, and I ended up dropping the change I was counting. They fell unto the floor, anger rose.
I took a deep breath before answering. "Hello?" I tried to say in the nicest tone possible.
This time, there was no silence. This time, there was nothing but heavy breathing.
"C'mon dude, I have better things to do, now what do you want?" I knew it was the same D-Bag, a creep wanting to have some fun.
Curious, I didnt hang up too quickly.
Waiting for a response, all I could hear was the deep breathing.
"So you're just gonna keep breathing like a freak, huh?" I asked, still no response.
"Okay I'm hanging up." I hung up quickly.
Angry, I picke up every coin that fell.
Suddenly, a strange noise came outside the door. My heart pounded fast.
No freaking way, I thought. It was some kind of joke. It must be.
I walked quietly to the door, that led out of the office. I opened the door and checked the outside of the restraunt. Nothing. Just tree branches scraping on the outside windows of the lobby.
Get your crap together, I thought.
The phone rang again, and I jumped. I was sick of this, and I knew who it was.
I ran to the phone and picked it up.
"What do you want?!" I screamed.
Silence. But in the faintest whisper the voice answered: "You're insides... all over me..."
I gagged. I slammed the phone onto the reciever and pulled out my phone and called my boss John.
No answer.
Hurry up and lets get the hell out of here, I thought.
I started to count the money quickly. Then my phone started to vibrate.
John was calling back.
Relief filled my whole body. I answered quickly.
"John, this is Aubrey. This freak wont stop calling me and-" I stopped.
Heavy breathing on the other line.
I looked at the name again to check if it was really John. Maybe my eyes were wrong. John's name was on the recieving line.
"John? Is this you?" I asked.
Please be a joke, I thought.
Heavy breathing continued. Finally the same voice answered: "John, isnt here..."
"Who is this?" I asked.
"The last person you will ever see..."
I felt all the tears wanting and begging to come out, but I wouldnt let them.
"If this is a joke, you better stop now, you've crossed the line already!" I screamed.
"No joke. This is real life, Aubrey..."
"No, this isnt real. Things like this dont happen." I answered with acid in my tone. It wasnt fear that pushed me to say that, it seemed as if anger was flushing into my system.
"It's happening. You just wait."
"I'm not waiting, I'm leaving right now, good bye." I started to walk to the nearest door. "You played a good joke and it's over now, John!"
"WALK OUT THAT DOOR AND I'LL KILL YOU LIKE YOUR BOSS!" The voice bellowed at me. I took my hand away from the door. Fear took over.
I backed away slowly and sat on the ground. I couldnt stand anymore.
"Please tell me this is a joke..." I asked. Tears were pouring down my face, I couldnt hold them back.
"Your boss thought it was a joke too, and look where it got him."
"I'm going to call the police, I'll do it." I threatned.
"What makes you think they'll get here in time? I have plenty of time to slit your throat."
My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. This only happened in movies, not in real life.
I got up fast.
"You're so full of it! You haven't shown your face any where, for all I know, you're some creep that is wanting to play a joke, and just stole the right phone to do it! I have better things to do before I ever get down to the level of a maniac like you!" I bellowed into the phone.
Car lights in the parking lot turned on, and the engine of an old car roared to life and came driving at full speed to where I was.
In shock I couldnt move. This wasnt going to happen. No one was going to smash their car into a building. This was real life. But the car didnt stop, and it wouldnt. I finally had the strength to dive as the car came crashing into the building. Glass went every where as the car toppled over tables.
Glass and debris were all over me. I heard the drives side door open, and the sound of a blade being pulled out of a case. I got up quickly and ran to the back of the building where the office was.
But the dreaded thought came to me, there wasnt a lock on the office door. But I continued to run. I saw the closet door, and that had a lock on the inside, which I had a key to. I opened it quickly and ended up screaming on the top of my lungs.
John's dead body fell onto me, his cut slit, and his body stabbed multiple times. The weight of his body made me fall. I tried to get him off but the weight was too much for a girl who never worked out in a day of her life. I looked over and saw the killer coming. I was too busy staring at the knife, I didnt get a chance to see his face.
Finally pushing John off me, I got up and ran. I felt the blood all over me and I wanted to throw up. I reached the office door and shut it behind me. Putting my ear and body weight on the door.
Nothing but silence.
Then with no warning, a knife came through the door, centimeters away from my head. I jumped back.
The killer started to open the door but I backed a table against the door to slow him down.
I went straight to the phone to call 911 but the phone was dead for the line had been cut.
"NO!" I bellowed.
The killer burst through the door and I ran to the double doors that would lead to the kitchen that connected to the lobby.
Right when I thought I would make it to the double doors, I felt the knife enter my back. I screamed and fell down to the ground. Working my way to the double doors.
I felt every stab as the killer stabbed my over and over.
My screams did nothing to call for help.
He turned me over, gasping for air, for my lungs felt sore.
"Please... dont do this." I begged.
"But if I didnt, then it wouldnt be real life, would it?" The killer smiled at me.
I felt his knife on my throat as he slit it. Blood was pouring out and I could feel it as my life started to slip away.
I thought I would end like this and be done, but the killer started to stab me in the chest. But this time I didnt feel it, for I felt peace and everything started to become blurry. I was dead now.

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