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Sight: chapter 2 Reflection

August 6, 2011
By straycat SILVER, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
straycat SILVER, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
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I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.
Joan Didion

He immediately noticed something was wrong, his boss, Mr. Schindler was unusually quiet and the room lacked the smell of smoke. The desk had Mr. Schindler’s untouched pipe, his paperwork was all stacked in a bin, when it was usually was smeared all over his desk. Worst of all he hardly acknowledged the presence of another living soul. After another eerie, he quietly said “Sir, I’m sorry I’m late there was ...” Mr. Schindler raised his hand signing him to stop And calmly said “ forget it, listen I want you to clear out storage room five, I don’t care what you do with its contents, just get rid of it all.” He reached into the desk and threw the keys to him “after that take the rest of the day off” then Mr. Schindler turned to the window and stared into space again.

It took only a short time to get to the storeroom but his mind was running wild. It was so uncharacteristic for Mr. Schindler to act in a calm manner, he was usually yelling and getting upset at every minor detail but for some reason he excused his tardiness like he was on time every day. He knew his boss to be a workaholic and would have had his in-box empty by the time he got to work. “Forget it, it’s none of my business, all I do is clean and move stuff for minimum wage and it was hard enough to even find a job in this economy”. He then unlocked the door and stepped inside to be dumbstruck by the intensity of the room. It was empty except for a gigantic mirror filling the adjacent wall; it had a bronze frame consisting of spirals that seemed from where he was standing to go on forever. The size of the mirror was so large it hardly fit in the room, let alone get out of the small door or the small slits of windows on the adjacent walls sending rays of light out at odd angles. He was about to go back to Mr. Schindler’s office to address the problem but found that he could not move at all. Suddenly in one fluid motion he was directly in front of the massive mirror with his shocked face staring right back at him. Then it changed into a small grin and a hand reached out and grabbed his collar pulling him closer and closer and as the room was blacking out around him the last thing he saw was the golden cat-like eyes of his reflection.

The author's comments:
I know all my chapters are short but this short story is just my first experiment in fiction writing and lately I've been pressed for time,they will get a little more interesting as i progress though.

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