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Secrets of the Shadows (Part 2)

January 14, 2012
By summerchikk14 SILVER, Redding, Connecticut
summerchikk14 SILVER, Redding, Connecticut
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Deep breaths, deep breaths, I think to myself. It's been 2 weeks since Emily had passed out, and I'd seen Anja. I pinch myself. No, this definitely isn't a dream. Pushing through the uniform white door, I step into Emily's room. One step, two, three, and I am beside Emily, laying unconscious on the hospital bed. “Em, this is Shara.” A deep breath, I am unsure what to tell her. “I don't know if you can hear me, but you're going to be okay. You're in good hands. Trust me, and trust in yourself. You can push through it Em!” I place my hand on her forehead. She gives a slight shudder, and starts to open her eyes. I gasp. “Emily....”

“Sha...Shara.” She blinks and rubs her eyes. “ I?” I give a small smile and squeeze her hand.

“You're in the hospital, but you're okay.” Emily's eyes widen. She twists to get up, and groans from the effort. “Maybe that's not the best idea right now. You've been out for 2 weeks!” She pinches herself hard on the arm and pulls at a lock of platinum blonde hair.

“What?! But....there was a room, and I was running. A girl was chasing me, I knew it. Someone was, at least, from the shadows. It caught me, and I....I couldn't breath! And that's all I remember, Shara. I don't know what else to tell you.” I blink in shock, not believing what I saw. A twisted design had appeared on Emily's forearm. Emily turned to look at what I was. She gasped. “Shara, what is that?!!” The design started to curl and snake around her arm, and it began to sink into her skin. Emily screamed.

“EMILY!” I start to kneed her arm, to erase the design. It continues to spread, up and down curling and winding over her body. The design reaches her throat and she starts taking gasps. The heartrate meter has gone insane and is beating quickly, too quickly.

“Can't.....breathe,” she gasps out, wildy seeking air. Her eyes start to close. I run to the phone and start to dial the emergency line number. I hear a heartwrenching screech and turn to see Emily has begun to glow, the design lighting up. It bursts into flames, and Emily is gone. Feeling lightheaded, the room swirls around me. She's dead, I think as my world turns to black.

“Is she okay?”
“Tiffany! What do you think? She just passed out in the dining hall, do you expect her to be okay?”
“I'm just saying....”
“As long you have her life in your best interest.”
“Of course I do, Cassia!”
Cassia? I've never heard of Cassia, perhaps she's a new friend of Tiffany's.I start to open my eyes, as Cassia and Tiffany continue to bicker.
“I predicted as much, th??? m?rkha.” The sound of that Indian accent makes my blood run cold. It's Anja. Why would she come to see me?”
“Anja, nobody believes your predictions. Just because you predicted Shara would fall does NOT mean a thing!” I have to hold my smile at Tiffany's classic, cutting remark.
“Please leave, Anja. Can you not see that you are only adding to our problems? Emily has already died after you played with her gullible mind. I suggest you leave before we call in hospital security.”
I am intrigued by what Cassia has said. She doesn't sound like a student at Wellesly, so what could she be? I hear a door slam shut and Tiffany walking over to me.
“Don't think I didn't see your eyes peek open Shara. Come on, Anja is gone!”
I open my eyes and see Tiffany smiling at me.

“Well, I didn't pass out in the dining hall. I passed out in hospital room 209, where Emily was.” Tiffany shakes her head, frowning.

“Shara, there is no room 209. And Emily died that day she passed out, because she cracked her spinal cord, remember?” I shake my head. Tiffany nods, as if she understands.

“Well, you were out for awhile. Maybe you just don't remember.” But I do remember. I remember the pain as I watched my friend die, engulfed my the insignia that had haunted me only in my dreams. I can tell Tiffany means well, but she doesn't understand. Against lying I might be, but to keep people from believing I am insane, I will go with what Tiffany is telling me happened. If this is what she believes, then everyone else must as well. A shock of realization comes across me. Emily died for a cause unknown, I have nightmares of the same insignia, Anja's look....Somehow, these are all intertwined. I do know one thing- they were not accidents.

Slowly, I walk towards the dorm. It feels as if I had never walked before, and this was an entirely new place. What was happening to me? That question was the consistent item nagging me constantly, and I don't know if I'd ever find the answer. Dark things were at work, somewhere. I just had to find out who,and why. I twist open the gold knob and enter, feeling the squish of our carpet and I sink down into the chair, picking up the remote and turning on Channel 8 News.

“Hello, I'm Katie Cassidy and I'm here today with a special report coming from the town of Sudbury, Massachusetts. A young girl by the name of Katara Amichi has been killed by an unknown cause. A few weeks earlier Katara's friend Helene Serben was found in a river, with the same odd marks Katara was found with. Both girls were only 13 years of age, and no one had any reason to end their life so young. I'm Katie Cassidy, and that's the news for Massachusetts. Rob-” I click off the TV. Sudbury, think. That isn't far from here. Perhaps that meant that whoever it was could be coming here, and soon. “Wait,” I say to myself. “Both girls died the same week Emily did....There are more!” I hold my breath, thinking to myself in horror, what if I'M next?!

Cassia opens the door and I jump up from my seat, then relax when I realize its her. She looks concerned at me. “You okay?” she asks, and sits down next to me. I nod my head.

“Yes, I guess I'm a little jumpy today. Did you hear about the two girls in Sudbury? Katara and Helene?” Cassia nods with a grim look on her face. She clicks on the TV.

“Helene was my cousin's friend. I now fear for her life, too. She may die as well, and then what would become of my family? My cousin was a survivor, she barely made it as a young child. When we found she was going to live, you wouldn't believe how that gave hope to my aunt and uncle. If she should die young at 14, they'd be devastated.” I nod, understanding her predicament.

“If Emily died for the same reason....Well, I think we and everyone else who knew her may be in danger as well.” I sigh. “It's so hard on me. I can't fathom Emily's death. And why her? There was no reason to. She was smart and kind, she'd never hurt anyone!” Cassia gives me an odd look, like she was surprised I'd say this.

“You know,” she says, “I think Anja is up to something.” At this I nod my head vigorously. “I think we should pay her a visit.” I follow her out of the room. We walk down the hall in silence, and go to Anja's door and knock, The door swings open, and we find Anja waiting on the couch. She grins maliciously.

“Well come, come! Do not stand at my doorway!” she hops up and closes the door for us. I bite my lip. “I expected you. Would you like a reeeeading?” Cassia shakes her head.

“That's fine. We were just curious on what you're up to. Maybe we could stay a little while?” I look at Cassia, that says 'are you out of your mind?!' She holds her index finger to her lips and continues.

“So, you say you're a fortune teller, huh?” Anja nods and gestures to the chairs for us to sit. I glance at Cassia, and she nods.

“It has been in my family for many generations. We have told the foreseeable future, and unless thee plays with fate, it stays true.” Cassia nods, as if she actually believes this.

“Can you tell us about the girls that have died?” Anja looks grim and gets up with an oomph! from her anger.

“Yes,” she says fiercely. “They were traitors to the spirits, their families! They deserved to die!” and she slams her fist on the table, knocking over her cards as Cassia and I look at eachother in shock.

The author's comments:
Dear readers,
This is the second part of my thriller series, Secrets of the Shadows! I hope you enjoy it.

xoxo, jenna

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