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you never know what'll happen pt.3

January 19, 2013
By JYazzmen GOLD, Pensacola, Florida
JYazzmen GOLD, Pensacola, Florida
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I stared at the mystery girl for a minute before I figured out what just happened.
"Did you just stab him?" I asked.
"Yeah I stabbed, but didn't kill. now come on before he gets back up!" She started to pull me but I stopped her before my feet could move.
"First off I need to know your name, because I wasn't listening the first time. Second of all I need to know why you tried to kill that man", I declare.
"OKay my name is Lisa, and I didn't try to kill him you can't kill him, believe you me I've tried it too many times. Anyway I stabbed him because he would have touched you", Lisa said with inpatients.
"What do you mean he would have touched me, and I'm not asking that in any pervy way you might think."
"What I mean when I say he would have touched you is that he would have put his hand on your forhead or arm, roared, then killed you. he come's here every year doing the same thing. He would kill everyone in this place if I didn't stop him. Now come on! He's already getting back up!"
she pulled my arm untill I couldn't hold my ground any longer. I managed to look down at the man who showed me those strange visions, and he was in fact getting back up turning to face me. I let Lisa pull me along after that because I didn't feel like diying today. knowing that now I'm on his death list I'm willing to let Lisa kill the dude, but I have a weird feeling that that guy is looking for something...something imporant. Still it doesent matter, I'm not going to wait around for him to kill me.
I look behind me and find that he's running behind us, his eyes locked on me and for a moment I really feel like he's going to kill me. I turn my head and start running, I run past Lisa and turn left, the right. I keep running blocking out everything untill I see a small room, I make a beeline for it and lock myself inside. I know I'm not at all safe but to have something between me and that...beast is some what comforting. I hear a bang at the door and know that my time is up. I say a slient prayer and let the door bust open. A blinding white light make a shadow around the figure, I closed my eyes, waiting for th beast to take me.

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