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Taking Chances Chapter 2!

April 25, 2013
By KealliiRaycene BRONZE, Sumter, South Carolina
KealliiRaycene BRONZE, Sumter, South Carolina
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Jade continued to laugh with Mark throughout lunch, they had teasing arguments, but also some serious conversation, though little. After a quick stop to the bathroom where Hillary was texted immediately, the two were headed out. “So, the second part of the date. Where to?" Jade tapped her chin in thought. “We're going skating!!" She grinned. Mark's left eyebrow twitched, his face falling just a little. “I, uh, I can't really skate," He grumbled, his eyebrow looking nearly sporadic. “Well, now is a great time to learn!" Jade teased enthusiastically. Mark gave a weak `yeah´ in approval. Jade just rolled her eyes, heading towards the car. “I'm paying to get in because you paid for lunch." She insisted, but Mark, who was proving to be oddly chivalrous, denied quickly. “But I asked you on the date! And a gentleman wouldn't let you pay." He decided with a satisfied smirk. “Fine, you incredibly stubborn man."
30 minutes later they were lacing up their skates. “Are you sure you can skate in a skirt? I mean, what if you fall?" Jade shook her head, explaining to him that a master never fell. Mark couldn't do anything but shake his head. Jade took his hands, leading him to the floor. “Watch my feet, I won't let you crash." She teased. Mark held her hand tightly and Jade noted how her heart sped up just a bit. God, I feel like some stupid 6th grader, she thought with a grumble. Mark stuttered a bit as he moved, but proved to be fairly steady for a beginner. Jade complimented him on the fact, although he just shook it off. “Let go of my hand, let me see if I can go on my own now." He insisted, Jade hesitated a little; their date was going so well, the last thing they needed was a trip to the hospital. Still reluctant, Jade released Mark, who then glided expertly across the floor. His ego hit an all time high and all caution was out the window. He sped up, matching pace with Jade. She knew from past experience this would only make him fall and just as she began to speak up, she heard the crash his body made as he hit the ground, but, to top it all off, his head collided roughly with the concrete wall bordering the ring. “Omigod! Mark!" Jade flew to his side as quickly as her skates would permit. An employee rushed beside her as her hands fluttered around him. “Mark, please say something! Mark, come on, wake up." She caressed his cheeks, trying to wake him up through gentle touches. Mark's long, dark eyelashes twitched, as his eyes opened.“Am I in Heaven; because I see an angel." Were his first words. Jade's eyebrows furrowed and she realized what he was doing. “Mark Danker! Were you trying to give me a heart attack??!!!" She gasped out. Her hands smoothed over his head, feeling for lumps and bumps. “Not that I mind, but what are you up to? I don't put out on the first date. No matter how nice you rub my head, Angel." Jade restrained herself, so she didn't slap the Neanderthal in front of her. “Angel? So I'm Angel, now? Hm, get up you big goof. You need to go see Phillip. Stay awake or I'll break out the ammonia stick." Jade's threat was empty, but full of worry. “Yes ma'am," Mark muttered, moving to stand. Jade gently pushed him back down. “Skates first." She wouldn't even let him bend to unite his laces, so she ended up doing everything herself, except for the fact that she was barking at the employee to get bags of ice and Mark's shoes. “So, are you going to carry me outside or am I walking?" Mark taunted, but it only made Jade more nervous. “Can you? I'm sure there is someone in here who can lift you. Are you dizzy?"
“Angel, calm down. I'm fine. I was just teasing, don't be so stiff." Jade's form was visibly more relaxed. “Right, calm. Okay. Calm." She dug into he pockets, extracting her cell phone. She dialed Hillary's number, explaining all of the events of the date. Phillip was indeed at home, now preparing for his patient. Mark wasn't angry per se, but Jade could sense his frustration at her dramatics. “Please, just humor me. Let's just say we have a past of comas in our family. I learned years ago to react immediately." Mark sighed, but agreed. “Is it too soon to ask about a second date?" He wondered aloud as he sat in the passenger seat of his car after passing over his keys with great resistance. “You still want second date after I almost got you killed??” Jade asked, her voice incredulous. “Sure, I do. You warned me. Now, if you would've pushed me into the wall...actually, you know what, scratch that, I still would've asked for a second date.” Jade was pretty sure her jaw was below her knees. He had to be kidding! Did he not care about himself at all? “I'm kidding. I would've waited a month. Then asked you out. Only if you bought me chocolate. My heart beats for it's delicious goodness.” Jade rolled her eyes, laughing along with him, even though she thought he was crazy. She pulled onto Hillary's street and eased the car up the driveway. Hillary came running out, Phillip right behind her. “This is a record! Trying to kill your lover on the 1st date!! Way to go, Jade!” Hillary laughed, lightly punching Jade's arm. Mark laughed wildly at Hillary's comment, but a threatening glare from Jade shut him up quickly. Phillip helped Mark out, careful not to let him bump his head. “Sheesh, calm down, Jay, it's not like he's on his death bed!” Hillary chortled, but Jade was far from seeing the humor in the situation. “Hillary, let's be more sensitive in the matter, please.” Phillip chided gently. Hillary's eyes went wide and she embraced Jade in a hug. “I'm so sorry! I didn't even think about it!” Jade shrugged, ignoring the burning sensation in her now teary eyes. Mark, who was paying close attention to the whole transaction, spoke up. “Ah, Angel, don't cry. Tell her I'll be okay, Doc, since she won't listen to me.” Phillip smiled at his nickname and Hillary's arms tightened around Jade's after hearing hers. “He'll be fine, sweetie. Go with Hillary while I patch him up. Mark and I need to talk anyway.” Phillip stared at Mark and it clicked in Jade's mind exactly what he meant. “No, Phillip! It's only our first date!! Run, Mark, run,“ The last part was whispered and Mark began to howl with laughter. Hillary giggled, as well, sending Jade into a pout. Mark's laughter stopped immediately when he saw the tears pooling in her eyes. He walked beside Jade, hugging her to his side, “Come on, Angel, don't cry, again. I've ruined our first date if I made you cry this much.” Jade could see the guilt waning on hide face, worry etched into every feature. “Gotcha!” Jade grinned. As if some boy could make her cry. Mark looked startled. Hillary and Jade both high fived each other, smiling their victory grins. Mark released Jade from the hug a frown on his face. “Alright, children, let me give Mark a quick check up then you guys can go crazy.” Phillip chuckled, but Jade could see the concern on his face as he stared at a now swaying Mark. Jade steadied him with her left hand and rubbed his head with her right. Hillary pulled her friend away, waving the doctor on. Jade's eyebrows stayed furrowed, her face was bunched into a worried expression. “You're going to get stress lines,” Hillary murmured, handing Jade a soda. Jade just shrugged. “C'mon, Jade, you and I both know this is different from what happened to Ebony. Mark has Phillip. He's going to be fine.” Hillary stressed that last word, but it didn't lessen Jade's concern. Hillary sighed and hugged her best friend. The two went quiet, both consumed by their thoughts. In the silence of her mind Jade tried to collect her feelings and grasp exactly how she was going to handle whatever she had with Mark.

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Continuation of Taking Chances!

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