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What To Believe

July 7, 2013
By Moriah_Sky BRONZE, Morgantown, West Virginia
Moriah_Sky BRONZE, Morgantown, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Everything happens for a reason"

I'm stuck in this room with 4 white walls and a hard rectangular bed. I don't talk to anyone except my therapist, which is barely. I don't like talking to him. They think they know everything when they don't. I shouldn't be here.

Somehow this hideous girl ends up in my room and dreams. She has black, greasy, messed up hair hair with bright green eyes and awful teeth. They're chipped and broken. She's the reason I'm here. She keeps trying to attack me but my therapist tells me she's not really there. It's a lie, I know it. I can clearly see her. She shows up whenever she wants. I just don't know how she gets in here. She follows me and makes me paranoid. I see her but why doesn't anyone else?

They've locked me up here. She can still get to me though. It scares me to sleep or walk around a corner. She could be there. Even in the mirror I'll see her. My therapist wants me to talk about it but I usually end up sitting there and staring at the window and he'll note how hopeless I am. When others try to socialize with me I just ignore it. I can't talk and try to pay attention when she's going to be there.

" you have to talk to me, I'm your therapist"
"We can talk about anything you know? It doesn't have to be about a specific thing"

I didn't want to answer him. But I liked him being there because being alone made it worse.
"Can I go get a shower?"
"Yes ma'am"

I sat in the hot shower thinking. I hate being here. Every thing's all white and they're not helping me. Nothings going to help. I talk to my conscious more than I do people. I should probably get out of the shower. I grabbed my towel and dry off. I wipe the mirror from the fogginess. She's there in the mirror. I jumped back and screamed. I tried unlocking the door but it wouldn't budge I started screaming and banging on the door. Nurses rushed in and grabbed me. It started to all go black.

The middle of night around 2:43am I woke up. I turned on a lamp and saw her in the corner. I jumped back closer to my bed. She turned around and gave me a creepy smile. She started moving closer my way I screamed bloody murder but no one came she was now extremely close. She grabbed a hold of my neck and started strangling me. I kept trying to pry her off and kick and do whatever I could to get her off. But it wasn't wor....

The next morning 2 nurses found her on her bed with the lamp cord wrapped around her throat. They called 911. The therapist came in and saw what had happened.

Police arrived and removed her body to take in for examination. Police wrote that it was suicide.

That night the mortician was examining the body. She looked at the throat seeing that there was no cord marks that would've been from choking herself to death but there were hand marks instead like she was choked to death by someone else.

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