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July 11, 2013
By iluvcaelum BRONZE, Birmingham, Other
iluvcaelum BRONZE, Birmingham, Other
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The sooner we leave this place the better! :)

She walked down the stormy pathway and glared at seemingly nothing in front of her.
Her feet made barely any sound as she wafted over the leaves that littered the ground like many dead bodies. She saw frozen faces glaring at her from everywhere that she rested her frosty gaze upon.

She really hated them.

She never understood their frivolous holidays or inessential feelings. In any case all emotions ever did was complicate things and get in the way of important duties.

The wind around her was screaming.
Its sound would’ve chilled her to the bone had she not known that she was one of the most powerful beings in the world. Many would call her a narcissist, she just called herself self confident, not that she even really cared what they thought of her.

The village that she was in was nothing more than a crumbling husk, that might have once housed many. However now it was no longer fit for any manner of living things. Then again the things that inhabited it now were no more than just that.
She heard a snarl echoing in the night air, the sound reverberated through her head.
She let a freezing, thin, frosty smirk grace her lips before letting it disappear leaving no trace that there ever had been one to begin with.
She spun around, the frigid, cool, arctic air doing nothing to hinder her, not even letting it slow her down by a milli second.
Once turned she saw the source of the snarl and that only confirmed her suspicions of what she already thought it was.
A zombie, voodoo, soulless corpse, the walking dead, call it whatever you like but that was what stood before her.
Its skin was black and charred almost like it had been at a barbecue lately and ended up on the grill. It had an open orifice in the place where an eye was meant to be. Maggots wriggled in and out of the open aperture quite like they were playing hide and seek on their host. The creatures teeth was pulled up in what would have seemed an alarming growl to anybody else but her. Half the skin on the face was missing and blackened teeth crusted and dripping with blood resided in what might have once been a rather shapely jaw.

The beast wasted no more time in letting its supposed prey ogle it any longer and took one long leap at the woman, its hands stretched out almost like an eagles claws.
Its mouth opened up in what could be mistaken for a smile – a disturbing one that was better of left on the faces of serial killers and monsters, but still a smile nonetheless even if it was a rather twisted one at that.
However before the half rotten brute could even get within smelling distance of the women its head was literally sent rolling over the floor, blood spattering the walls, floors and basically every surface possible but the woman.
Not even one drop had touched her almost like the blood had a mind of its own and decided to give her a wide berth.

The woman’s impassive look never even faltered once. Even when she beheaded the thing.
No emotions - not even one graced her face. The only clue into what she was feeling was dancing within her sparkling black, frozen over eyes. Blood-lust and mirth sparked within them at the feel of the thrill of the kill.
I mean sure the dead wretch had not even stood a slither of chance against her but she never got enough of seeing the light leaving someone’s eyes no matter how dim that light may be or seeing the very essence of their being and what had once been the only thing keeping them alive spread everywhere.

It just sent pleasurable tingles down her spine.
Also she just really, really liked the colour red, or in the zombies case muddy brown.

In any case one of the only times she ever felt anything even resembling a remotely positive emotion was when she was denying someone else of feeling those emotions ever again. And I mean ever again...

But despite her emotionally frozen state and loneliness she was happy with her life and would not ask for anything else. People feared her, well those that knew of her did, and those that did not know of her or did not fear her and quake in their very boots when her very name was mentioned soon learned to come to dread even the slightest whisper of her.
She loved teaching people the true meaning of terror.
Educating them in her ways. Many just labelled her a myth, an old legend, and old wives tale told to children to keep them in line. However she would soon show them, she would soon show them all...
The whole world would crumble before her.
Shifters, Humans, dwarves, elves, all manner of creatures varying in their number,size and strength would all bow before her, and those that ever crossed her would regret it and pay for their misdeeds with their very life.

Oh Yes, the world would rue the day she was born and people would never dare whisper her name for fear of repercussion. I mean for crying out loud her very name meant bringer of demise and slaughter.
They WOULD feel true terror at her name...

...Pontifex Mortis...

The author's comments:
Well not much really inspired this piece if I`m going to be honest. I write when I feel I feel like it. It sounds bad but that's how I write. If I`m not in the proper mood then I don't write, because then my work to me just sounds very forced and false. I like to write when I feel happy, excited and am brimming over with ideas and words that I just really have to get out and then I formulate sentences, paragraphs and eventually a whole article or story with them.
There`s not much a person can learn from my story unless your a bit of a twisted and sadistic person. However what I do hope for is that my story will invoke a sense of delight,fear and anticipation in its readers.

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on Jul. 17 2013 at 6:33 pm
MorningStar921 PLATINUM, Cheshire, Connecticut
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"They made their own choice. They chose family. And, well... isn't that kinda the whole point? No doubt - endings are hard. But then again... nothing ever really ends, does it?"
--Chuck, 'Supernatural' Episode 522

This was twisted, but I really enjoyed it! This idea would make a great novel someday. What creature was the woman, though? A witch?