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Flesh Fantasy

November 27, 2013
By heartagramflex PLATINUM, Moore, South Carolina
heartagramflex PLATINUM, Moore, South Carolina
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David knew it was time. He knew that if he didn't do it now, there would be no hope for the future. The only concern was HOW. How could he dispose the body of a full grown, 250 lb. man? Images of past methods he had seen on TV or in a movie flashed through his head. John had always had a fascination with the human body. He was intrigued with the complexity of it all, but never had the chance to fully experience it. He figured it was time he let his secret flesh fantasy come to fruition.
With this decision, he slowly undressed the corpse. He was revolted by the stench of the decaying body, but strangely had the urge to proceed. A sharp knife lay on the dirty carpet beside him. With sweaty, shaking hands he picked up the knife and twirled it between his fingers. He peeled the wads of dried cat hair off of the knife and caressed it gently. He felt a sort of connection with the tool. Somehow he felt as if he knew it. His blood rushed throughout his veins intensely as he slowly unbuttoned the collared shirt.
The feeling of sweaty flesh excited David. Never before had he been this controlling over another. Usually he was the one being kicked around, but not this time. This time he had the upper hand. Slowly he peeled the knife out of its case and laid it gently on top of the dead man's navel. He was ready. Sliding slowly into the dead flesh a bright light shone across the walls. The light danced from his face and back to the wall. His mother was home. She had just come home from the gym just like she had done every night. Panicking, David searched for a place to hide the cadaver. He was running out of time.
His mother walked in the door just as he completed the job. David crammed the dead body underneath the mattress of his queen-sized bed. "Hey David, I'm home!" shouted his mother. "I'll be out in a minute." David responded as he fixed his attire and scrubbed the blood off his hands. "I found this flyer outside the gym today. Didn't you know this kid?" his mother asked. She was holding a flyer with the picture of the now decaying body hidden in her home. The boy was Sean Edwards. He was a boy with a bright future and a solid life plan. Gliding through high school with the best GPA in the class, he knew what he wanted to become. Pre-med was his desired field of interest. Ironically, he was planning on becoming a surgeon. Look how the tables have turned. The surgeon was being operated on no more than 5 minutes ago. David knew him well. Even though they drifted apart they were close friends around the age of 14.
“No mom, I don’t know who that is,” lied David. “But I think he went to my school.” His mother looked at him reproachfully and said, “Well, if you hear anything let me know. I’m close friends with his mother and she is absolutely distraught.” A nod of the head ended that conversation but quickly they moved into another. “I bought you a pack of brand new silk sheets at the store today, David. I knew yours were getting a bit raggedy.” David’s mother said. “I’d really like to get them on your bed ASAP, so put these groceries away and I’ll go ahead and get it done.” David froze. If she went in there and rearranged his bed there was no doubt she would find the helpless body of Sean Edwards. “No mom, please. I’ll do it.” he said. And with that he threw down the groceries and grabbed the pack of sheets. David’s mom looked stunned and sarcastically spat, “Geez, calm down! You act like you’re hiding a dead body in there or something.” David shrugged off her accusation with a smug laugh and entered his bedroom.
He lit a stick of Dragon’s Blood incense as soon as he made it through the door. The stench of rotting flesh and decaying organs was already filling the room. Soon the stench was covered up and David shut his door tight. Now he was stuck. As he removed his old tattered sheets from the mattress he noticed blood. Tiny blood speckles coated the lining of them. David knew this was not able to be hidden. David found the sharp blade he had used not so long ago to carve a hole into his skin in order to take up for the mysterious blood speckles on his sheets. “Ow!” screamed David from his room. His mom came rushing in and saw David writhing in pain as he held the hole closed. “What happened in here??” she demanded. “I was taking these sheets off and accidentally cut myself with that dumb knife!” he retorted. “How did you cut yourself with that knife when it wasn’t even on the sheets?” she asked. “I don’t know! It just happened!” he combated. “Go into the bathroom. Clean up. I’ll get you a band-aid.” she said.
David slugged into the bathroom focusing primarily on the wound he had just inflicted on himself. He figured he had just saved himself from being caught but he dead wrong. David’s mother decided to replace his sheets instead of having him retry it. As she peeled back the rest of his sheets she noticed they were sort of sticking to the wall. She tugged on the sheets. A second time she tugged. On the third tug she ripped them off the wall. Blood had plastered them there. She peeled the second layer off and noticed they were more heavily plastered on the wall. She knew this was not from the flesh wound David had received. Anyone with a brain wouldn’t believe his story. Finally she made her way to the last layer of sheet. The mattress lay bare in front of her eyes as she notices a strange object protruding from the side of the bed. Horror strikes her and she feels like passing out.
The index and middle fingers of Sean Edwards were sticking out of the space between the mattress and wall. Terrified at what she is seeing before her eyes she screams David’s name. From the bathroom she can hear David swearing and yelling at himself. He hits himself repeatedly across the face and bites his lip. As she turns around to see David he’s standing in the doorway with a somber smile on his face. “Yes, mother?” he childishly asks. He had a certain glimmer in his eye that his mother had picked up on as she started towards the phone in the kitchen. “David! Please! Just tell me what happened!” she pleaded as she tried to force her way past his stance. David was not letting her by. He’d rather her end up like Sean than have her get to the phone in time to call the police. David was not going to pay for what he did. Others were going to pay for what he did. Everyone including his mother.
David slammed his door shut behind him and proceeded towards his mattress. As he glided past his mother he retrieved his handy knife and slashed her across the hand with it just to make sure she was not going to disobey him. He slammed her body down into his computer chair and threatened that if she made any sudden movement towards his door he would have her underneath his mattress as well. Terrified, his mother obeyed his orders.
The mattress was heavier than David had thought it would be, but he picked it up and tossed it on the floor across the room. Sean Edwards’ dead eyes seemed to be looking deep into David’s mother’s eyes as she let out a mental cry for help. Tears grazed down her cheeks and her face turned from pale white to rosy red. Never had she thought she’d ever have to witness this. Her own son whom she housed and fed for his entire life was now a crazed maniac demonstrating his flesh fantasy in front of his own mother’s eyes. Sean was now completely naked lying on David’s bare floor. The open wound which had spilled the blood out was clearly visible. Old bottle caps decorated the ground in which was under his mattress. Sean’s body had a various assortment of hair, lint, and bottle caps stuck to it. As David’s mother took a closer inspection of Sean’s body she saw that a tiny cross necklace was lying beside him. She recognized it from David and hers’ vacation to Disney World years before. David had to have the necklace. What was meant to be a symbol of life and love was now decorated with carvings such as ‘Satan’ and ‘DIE’. There was also a yearbook beside him in which David had circled Sean’s picture in red ink.
David gathered up the items around Sean’s body and threw them on the mattress across the room. “I’ve been planning this out for months now.” said David with hate in his heart. “This man has caused me more sadness and despair than you’ll ever know.” As he explained this to his mother he recalled the events he was speaking about. He remembered how many times Sean had stuck his head in the toilet and also how Sean would relentlessly put him down in front of his peers. Most of all, however, her remembered Sean ending their friendship on a dime. No rhyme or reason to his decision, he just woke up one morning and decided to end it there. Emotionally scarred, David vowed to hurt him back but he didn’t know how. Never had he thought of doing it physically until a couple of days ago.
Standing in the library at school he overheard Sean and his buddies talking about going to a party at a close friend’s house that night. It was homecoming night, so David knew everyone was going to be celebrating. He made a mental note of when and where the party was and intended on meeting Sean there. As he was driving to the party he noticed he was a bit low on gas. He pulled into a gas station and stuck the pump into his Chrysler Lebaron. He decided to make his way into the bathroom as he saw Sean fueling up beside his pump. He let Sean get about a minute head start before following right behind him. As he made his way into the men’s bathroom he clinched his fists and landed one of them directly onto Sean’s skull. He grabbed Sean’s head and bashed it on the lip of the sink repeatedly. He shoved Sean’s head into the dirty toilet and flushed. He repeated this as many times as he can think of Sean doing it to him. He finally stopped at the 7th flush and let Sean catch his breath. “Don’t you make one sound when we walk out of here.” he told Sean as he held a knife to his throat.
The two walked out of the bathroom together and stuck very closely together. Sean did not make a sound just as David had told him and obeyed him on all fronts. David pulled his car around to the back of the gas station and threw Sean’s limp body into his trunk. Slamming the trunk shut, he raced back to the driver’s seat and sped off towards his home. Other students whom David knew were driving past in their cars headed to the party that Sean was supposed to be attending. Little did they know their best friend was locked in the trunk of the ‘misfit kid’s’ car. David was approaching his driveway as his neighbor waved hello to him. He responded with a nod of the head. Until she went inside her home he couldn’t proceed with his revenge. David could hear the muffled screams of Sean Edwards locked in his trunk and he was sure that his neighbor heard it too. Thankfully she didn’t, however, and went back into her home.
David pulled into the garage and popped his trunk. Sean was lying in his trunk absolutely helpless with a gag David had made out of a three year old unwashed sock. Sean’s body was ripped out of the trunk and thrown into the living room of David’s home. As Sean writhed on the floor he started to weep uncontrollably. “We used to be friends, David.” he said. “We were so close, please don’t do this.” “Yeah, key word there was ‘used’ to be.” David said. With that last remark David slit Sean’s throat. He watched the blood pour down his neck like a beautiful waterfall. David felt a sincere feeling of success. He finally got what he wanted.
David approached his mother sitting in the computer chair across the room. “David, please. We can work all of this out.” said David’s mother. “There is still time to sort this out.” David looked at his mother with an intense feeling of guilt. A shiny tear danced off of his cheek and landed on his mother’s soft hand. “I know, mom. I don’t know what I got myself into.” he said. Suddenly David started bawling. His mother started bawling as well. Eventually they were holding each other in their arms and caressing their backs. “I’m so sorry mom. Please forgive me. Please.” David said. “Honey, we’ll sort this out. I promise. Just please let me get to the phone. We need to call somebody.” his mother said. “You’re right,” said David. “Will Jesus forgive me?” David asked. His mother didn’t respond and proceeded to the kitchen phone.
“Lucifer is upset with you,” David said. “He told me to tell you that.” “David. Please stop! We are going to get you some help just please relax.” his mother said. “I can’t relax when my savior is upset. I can’t do it.” David said. David started convulsing and writhing on the ground before his mother’s eyes. David’s eyes turned from deep blue to milky white. He no longer had any pupils. His entire eye was completely rolled back on both sides. Foam started to race out of his mouth and landed on the ground beside his mother’s feet. “Give me your soul, you ungrateful b****!” screamed David in a low-pitched growling voice. David lunged up from the ground and attacked his mother. He sank his teeth into her back and ripped out a chunk of flesh. His mother had already gotten done calling the police as this happened. David was ripping her clothes apart and making her skin the same way.
Deep gashes adorned her back and blood was spilling everywhere. Twenty minutes of demonic torture had passed when David heard a thunderous knock on the door. “San Francisco Police. Open up now!”ordered one burly policeman. David’s mother let out a deathly shrill scream and just as it escaped her mouth the door crashed open. Five men heavily armored entered the home and let fire. David was sitting in the middle of the room holding his mother’s head and sobbing. His mother was dead but David knew not that he had killed her. It seemed as if David had escaped the grip of the demonic forces which led him to slaughter his mother and rival but just as that thought appeared it disappeared. David’s head turned toward the policemen and his eyes turned blood red. He lunged at the policemen but was assassinated midair. His body slammed onto the ground and lay there dead and lifeless.
On the night of the kidnap David had chanted an incantation towards Sean intending to curse him. David being interrupted by his mother coming home had forced him to recite the incantation incorrectly and backfired on him. He released the demonic spirit onto himself and left the world with it. David is now walking through the depths hell below us. Sean’s body was discovered and delivered back to the family. Upon autopsy they found a strange object lodged inside his lower intestine. Upon further inspection they found this object to be a jagged homemade cross with Latin words carved on each point. When put together the points said ‘Satanas est nostrum socium’. Translated this means ‘Satan Is Our partner’.

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