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Her Moment

February 21, 2014
By BiancaVanGilder SILVER, Clarkston, Michigan
BiancaVanGilder SILVER, Clarkston, Michigan
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She walked in the front door and set her backpack on the floor. The house was dark and eerie; something didn't seem right. It was strangely quiet, too quiet. Her little brother would usually be running around like the hyper 4 year old he could be. She called out his name but got nothing in response. She went in every room looking for her family, but found nothing; she entered the family room where she stopped dead in her tracks, a horrified look on her face. The room was lit with sunlight, though it was so cold. Nothing was out of place. Everything looked normal, or as normal it could look. No sound except for her tears hitting the floor. She had everything; a perfect house, all the clothes she could ever want, went to a perfect school. But in that moment she felt like she just lost it all. Her mom, dad and little brother were lying there, on the floor, motionless, while she stood in the doorway frozen, not knowing what to do. the looks on their faces were so sad and shocked at the same time, like they didn't see it coming. They're open eyes staring at her, almost like they wanted her to do something. To change what happened. There was so much blood on the floor, so much that she couldn't get anywhere near them without stepping in it. She started to weep even more but then finally snapped out of it and started to panic. She couldn't breathe, couldn't think straight. She fumbled around in her coat pocket for her phone, hands shaking, trying to open it and dial 911 as fast as possible. "911. What is your emergency?" "My parents.....they're...." She couldn't get the words out. "What about your parents? What happened?" the operator asked in a panic. "They're....dead." The woman started asking a bunch of questions, but it was as if time stopped. She couldn't see anything; her vision was blurry. The last thing she saw was her family lying there, and then everything went black. When she woke up there were 3 police officers huddling around her staring. "We need to ask you a few questions," said one of the officers. It was a tall woman with blonde hair, the same look on her face that her mother always had. She looked just like her mother, which made her start to sob. She didn't want to answer questions. She didn't want to remember what she saw. All she wanted to do was wake up and all of this be over, like it never happened. They kept talking to her but she heard nothing. She stoop up, puzzled looks on the officers faces, and walked away. Walked away like nothing ever happened.

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