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Oh Lord, Forgive Me

November 16, 2008
By Anonymous

About two weeks ago I stopped going to church, which for some strange reason resulted in a series of crimes connected to me as the victim. I told my parents that I felt church wasn't giving me anything that I felt connected with. I said that I would rather be working more hours and earning money for college. My name is Lucy, I'm seventeen, and I started writing this journal because each week the hate crimes against me get worse, and I want people to know what happened. Well first It was a Monday morning, I was walking out to my car to drive to school and as I looked up I my car my body started to freeze from my legs to my lips. Mt tires were slashed, all my windows cracked and on the windshield there was blood spelling out my name. I walked back into my house woke up my father and explained what had happened. He ran outside and started to say something "Whaa. Whaa." Then our priest came walking past on the sidewalk, his name was Mathew Curran. To us he everyone he was Father Mathew. When he sees the car, his facial expression changed to a horrified look "Dear lord, what has happened to your car Mr. Wilson?" My dad responded by saying "um it's Lucy's car" speaking still in shock. "I can alert the authorities for you if would like?" I simple said "no, no it's fine Father. We can do it. Enjoy your walk." "Okay as long your okay, and thank you, also will I be seeing you at church next Sunday Lucy?" "I don't think so Father, I have work, I may stop in sometime this week" I responded, with no intension of stopping in. "Sounds good, well good luck." I told everyone in school what had happened, and boy named Jim who is known as a "religious freak" came up to me and said "I heard what happened with car, that’s why you should always go to church." He walked away with a stupid grin that seemed to be plastered to his freckle infested face. I am starting to question his comments and wonder if it as related to the crime. After I didn't go to church a second week nothing seemed to happen. Everything seemed to be fine. On Friday I drove in my dad’s car to the department store I work at, walked in and the whole place went silent. Everyone was just looking at me. My manager walks up to me and says "Lucy come with me, we have to talk." We went into his office and he started saying that someone called in and said they saw me steal money from the register. I ask who, but he said he couldn't say. All he said was that this person was a trusted citizen in our town and that I’m fired. I drove away in anger and I went to my uncle’s store to ask for a job. He said he needed a cashier and of course he would give me a job. I left his store with a smile on my face, and drove home. As I pulled into my driveway I saw my room light was on, and the rest of the house was dark. When I left I turned my light off and my mom and dad were out of town. I walked inside saying "Hello?" as I put a foot on the stairs leading upstairs where my room was. I went up slowly repeating my one word question with each step. I had turned out most of the lights and grabbed the phone just in case. I grabbed the door knob gently so when I turn it I would surprise whoever could still be in there. I turned the knob and pushed open the door with all my force and took a step back quickly. Everything was knocked over and/or messed up in one way or another. On the walls there was more blood spelling Lucy everywhere. There was a typed note that said "Don't Be Afraid! Don't Try And Hide... God Is On My Side! My Hand shook as I kept rereading the psychopathic note. I ran into my parent’s room, sat on their bed and called the cops. When they arrived they ask if I had any suspects. I quietly responded "No." They left but said they would have a cop patrolling around the house. That was three hours ago, the cop was parked on the street just watching out. I called the store to ask the manager who it was who called and informed him. The assistant manager picked up and said he left soon after I did and hasn't come back. I hung up and then heard the doorbell ring. I ran downstairs to see who it was. I looked through the eye hole and saw Father Mathew. "Hello Father, um it's nice to see you, not too sound rude, but why are you here?" "I heard what happened and I wanted to make sure you were okay." "Oh. Well thank you but yes I’m fine." "Good, well do you mind if I grab something to drink?" "Yes father, of course." "So Lucy, how have you been?" "Well with all that’s happened lately and losing my job, not so good...” "Have you considered going back to church now that you lost your job?" "Um I found another job at my uncle's store." "Oh Lucy, lately you've disappointed me. Now I have to praise you with my special-." "Ring! Ring!" "Um I have to get that father" "Hello?" "Its sheriff Harrison, the blood on your walls was your old boss’s blood. I am sorry to tell you that he's dead. Goodbye" "Who was that?" "The sheriff, he said the blood was my bosses...” "Well I knew that Lucy, considering that I cut him up with my special cross. It's special because it's got a blade at the end." "Whaa. Whaa. Oh my god! No Father Mathew!" "The lord strikes down on those who refuse him!"
Screams were heard all over town. The cop patrolling ran into the house and saw Lucy dead on the ground, and Father Mathew sitting on the floor with a stab wound in his right shoulder. When questioned, Father Mathew said "a man 5'10 wearing all black clothes including a black ski-mask stabbed both of them. He was going after Lucy, and I tried to stop him but he overpowered me." The case was closed when no suspects came up.

The author's comments:
I wrote it to show that the suspects of crime mystery's aren't always who you would guess them to be.

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I agree. Also, I would try to add paragraphs; the one large chunk of text makes it hard to read.

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Very great start. Try posting after all grammar errors are fixed. It makes the story easier to read and will engage readers more.