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The Devil Was an Angel Too

September 23, 2014
By angel_of_silence PLATINUM, Cotulla, Texas
angel_of_silence PLATINUM, Cotulla, Texas
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“The boy never cried again, and he never forgot what he'd learned: that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed.” -Jace Wayland City of Bones

Jack was dead. My best friend was dead. We don’t know how he was just dead. He was walking home through the woods and decided never to come home. When his mother went out looking for him, she found him face down lying on the ground, dead.

When they did the autopsy, the examiner couldn’t find anything to explain his death except that his heart just stopped.

At the funeral, there was a girl that I had never seen before. She was very pretty, with light blonde hair, and a light complexion. The only things that were odd about her were her eyes and hair, they were a dark purple almost black. When she saw me looking at her, she walked over to where I was.

“Hello, my name is Jezebel.” She stuck out her hand so I could shake it. I was hesitant; she was very beautiful up close.

“I’m Blake,” I tell her. “Um, were you and Jack close?” Why she would be here, I have no idea. Jack never told me about her. If he did I think I would remember.

“Oh, yes,” she answers with sadness in her voice. “We spent plenty of our time together. When I found out that he had passed, it was a great shock, but I guess you just never know right?"

“I guess you are right.” I was beginning to get uncomfortable. Something about this girl was off; I could feel it, what it was I couldn’t figure out, I couldn’t look past her beauty to even try.
We stayed together through the rest of the funeral. At the end, she asked if I could stay with her for a little bit. I agreed.

“I don’t think that Jack just died out there,” she told me. “I think he was murdered.”

I look at her shocked. How could she make a conviction like this? “There isn’t any proof. So even if it was a murder no one would know. Besides the police said he died of natural causes though what they are, they don’t know.”

Jezebel stared at me, anger written all over her face. If Jack was killed, there’s nothing we could do so I don’t understand why she is so angry at me.

“Fine then,” She stated. “I’ll just go investigate by myself.” Wait what?

“You are going to investigate?” I asked. “That’s not your job Jezebel.” This girl was getting me angry, why couldn’t she just leave it alone? I mean Jack, is already dead. We can’t bring him back to life, we are only kids.

“It may not be my job, but I will do it anyway, for Jack.” I couldn’t let her do this, at least not by herself. She could get hurt. Besides, she seems nice enough, and she is really beautiful. I wouldn’t want her to mess up her beauty.

“I’ll go with you,” I mutter. “Wait, what are we investigating anyway?”

“Why the place he was found,” she answers. “It’s the best place, that’s where all the evidence would be. We can go right now, it’s best to start as early as possible.”

“Oh, okay.” I didn’t expect to go so soon, but if that’s what she wants I’ll do it.

We left the cemetery, and headed, on foot, toward the forest. The whole way there I couldn’t stop myself from taking quick glances at Jezebel. At one point she caught me looking.

“May I help you,” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Oh, no,” I stammer. “It’s just, um.” How could I tell her that she was probably one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever laid eyes on? “It’s just you’re really pretty.”

Way to go Blake, way to seduce her with your awkwardness.

“Oh, well thank you. You’re not too bad looking at yourself.” She winked at me.

What the heck? I was falling for a girl, who one, I barely met, and two might be crazy because she thinks that my dead friend was murdered. Or maybe I’m the crazy one for not believing her. Either way, I’m content right now with just being close to her.

Wait, what? I thought to myself. Blake get some control over yourself, you just met this girl. You don’t know a thing about her, and you met her at you best friend’s funeral. What kind of person are you.

When we get to the forest, I hesitate and suddenly want to go home. What if there was something in there that killed Jack? I do not want die today. Jezebel walks into the forest unafraid. Man, was she brave. When she was a little ways in, she turned and looked at me.

“Aren’t you coming,” she said with a bright smile. I nodded and followed her in.

I wish I had brought a light or something, it was going to be night soon and I really don’t want to be in this forest in the dark. It’s not because I’m scared of the dark, no it has nothing to do with that. It’s what is in the dark that scares me, you don’t know who or what is there watching you, waiting to attack.

There are a few good things coming out of ordeal though. For one thing, I can maybe have some closure about what happened to Jack, know what actually happened to him. Two, I’m not moping around at the house, and three, I get to spend this time with a very nice, beautiful girl who wants to find out what happened to Jack just as much as I do, possibly more.

While I was lost in my thoughts I thought I heard someone call my name. It was just a whisper, but it was still audible. When I asked Jezebel if she had heard something, she looked at me strangely and said that I’m probably just hearing things. I agreed that is until I heard it again.

“Blake,” it whispered. “Stop, go back.” I paused; I know I had heard something now.

“I think we should head back, I don’t think it’s safe here.” I told Jezebel.

“Oh, come on Blake,” she whined. “We’re almost there. Please stay, I need you here.” She pouted and I have to admit, it made her look cute.

“Fine,” I tell her, ashamed that she got the better of me. “But, we have to hurry it’s going to be dark soon.”

We kept walking to the site of Jack’s death. When we were just a few feet away, I thought I saw something move in the trees, but concluded that it was only my imagination, though I kept hearing the whispers in the back of my mind.

“Blake, turn back now,” it was the same voice as before only this time I felt like it was right next to me. When I turned there was no one there but Jezebel. “You can’t trust her,” the voice continued. “Go back.”

Maybe it was my imagination, but the voice sounded a lot like Jack.

“Alright we’re here,” Jezebel announced. “Now the real fun begins.” Fun? There is nothing fun about this. I’m scared out of my mind right now, I feel like Jack’s ghost has been following me, and she’s calling this fun?

“I can’t do this,” I tell her, “I’m sorry.” When I turn to walk away, she grabs my arm. “Hey! Let go of me.”

She looks at me, but doesn’t let go. I try to break free but she has an iron grip on my arm. Her eyes have turned black, and she has a menacing look on her face. Her teeth were bared and her mouth was full of fangs. Her fingernails were black and sharp, digging into my skin, almost making it bleed

“You aren’t going anywhere,” she hissed at me, then chuckled,

“You’re going to die just like your friend did. Speaking of him,” she turns toward the trees, “Jack, be a dear and come see your friend.” She still had me in her grip, I tried escaping but she just laughed and tightened her grip.

At that moment I saw something move from away from the trees. It was Jack. He was pale and looked sad. “I told you to go back,” he told me. “Now you’re going to die just like I did.”
I looked at him. What had she done to my friend? He is a ghost trapped here forever.

“Yes, he’s trapped here,” Jezebel said. I didn’t realize I had said that out loud. “He will be here for all of eternity, wishing that he hadn’t trust the pretty girl who convinced him to take a walk in the forest with her.” She smiled, “And now he’ll have you to keep him company, so you both can cry forever.”

“Please, let me go.” I begged. Why did I trust her? Oh, I know because she was pretty and you thought she was nice and wouldn’t do anything to you.

“Oh I can’t do that,” she answered me. “You should have gone when poor Jack here told you, now it’s too late Blake. You are mine to have.” She put her hand under my chin and made me look straight into her eyes. “You should never trust someone you don’t know Blake, bad things will happen.”

As I looked into her eyes, I saw a dark place where there was no happiness, just fear, dread, and hopelessness. It was that hopelessness that just made me give up on trying to escape, and I succumbed to it, falling to sleep in its open arms.

When I awoke, I was alone. Jezebel was gone. When I turned I saw Jack standing alone in the trees. He was standing over something. When I went over to him I saw what he was looking at.

It was my lifeless body, face up, eyes wide open staring into space, my face was pale and my mouth was open in fear. I thought I had passed out, but I was so, so wrong.

I was dead, she had killed me. I want to run, but I am trapped here forever, so instead I did the only thing that I could do.

I screamed.

Be careful of who you trust, the devil was an angel too.

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