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The Deception of Beauty

December 25, 2008
By Anonymous

"Grandpa not story time. I'm tired of this. I have better things to do.” I whined.

"You will listen, Nathan. I am sure that this story will appeal to you.” I rolled my eyes but still settled down for another boring story. “It is a story about deception.”

“It begins on a cold night.........”

I knew I was asleep, but everything still felt so real. I was in a dark cabin and my breath felt frozen. I stood up and opened the door. Everything was dark. So dark. But looming in the forest was a bright light. Something in that light pulled me, it told me to come closer, and I couldn’t resist it. As I got closer I realized that the light was not really a light at all. It was a girl. The light was coming off of the girl.

“Please miss, could you help me find my way?" I said to her. She slowly turned to me and I instantly knew she must be and angel. Her beauty could be of no human. Her porcelain skin and sea blue eyes brought a tingling heat to my face. Luscious brown curls framed her heart shaped face. And when her lips turned up in a smile, I was done for. I knew I could trust this girl. Dressed in white, the wonderful apparition was a sight for sore eyes. This beauty could do no mischief, no evil.

“Where is it you are going." she said to me in a voice like bells. Never had I heard a voice so delicate, so musical.

“I'm trying to get home dear lady." I said trying me best to keep my words from slurring.

“I will show the way, but you must first tell me your name, sir."

“Nathan. My name's Nathan."

“I am Sariel. Come Nathan. I will show you the way home.”

Then she turned and started to lead me through the forest. I followed like a puppy dog. She completely ignored me and let her gaze all on the trees, as if looking for something. After a couple of moments in silence, I tried to start a conversation with the beautiful creature. Before I could open my mouth she turned to me and spoke in her velvety voice.

“Tell me Nathan, why do you trust me so. Why do you follow me with no doubt. Aren’t you worried at all that I might be leading you to your death.” The last part she said with a giggle, yet that didn’t keep me from feeling a shiver roll up my spine. But no, this beautiful girl couldn’t be a threat.

“It’s your beauty, your grace. I could never doubt someone as gorgeous as you Sariel. One look at your angelic face and I was done for. Never could I mistrust you.” I replied with complete honesty. She smiled a small tight smile and turned back to look at the trees.

We continued for hours it seemed. All the while I watched her drift, for her gait was too graceful to be called a walk, along the narrow path. The glistening light that seemed to emerge from her skin lit the forest. Because of that I was able to see that the path we had taken looked nothing like the path to my home. I wanted to ask her about it, but again she spoke before I could utter a single syllable.

“If I told you to promise, Nathan, would you?” she asked in a most pressing voice.

“ What do you wish me to promise?” I asked, a tinge of nervousness in my voice.

“Just promise Nathan. Promise that you will follow me no matter where I go.” She turned her blue eyes to me. Her gaze seemed to penetrated my very soul. I nodded helplessly. How could I say no to such a wonderful apparition. “Say it, Nathan, say you promise.”

“I promise.” I said. “ I promise.”

She smiled her angelic smile, and continued walking. But everything was different now. We walked for an eternity, but I didn’t tire. But as time passed I grew weary. We were no longer in the forest. Everything was barren, a desert. And there was light now, along with a scorching heat. I pulled at my tie, trying to loosen up. Surely this angel wouldn’t lead me to danger.

“Sariel, where are we? I thought you were taking me home.” I asked her. She turned to me and smiled. But it was a different smile. A smile that didn’t belong on her beautiful face. A smile that said it all yet I couldn’t believe it.

“Why Nathan, you said you would come home with me, didn’t you?” She turned back and started to walk faster.

I wanted to say no, to leave, but there was an attachment there. I couldn’t walk away. I trailed after her. My mind kept telling me I could trust her against my better judgment. As we walked, I observed the changes in scenery. The sky turned red, and the landscape black. and the heat unbearable. It liked like a place out of my worst nightmares.

I turned to Sariel and gasped. She was no longer a beautiful angel clad in white, no. Now she was dressed in tattered clothing of vermillion and ebony. Her face was just as pretty, but twisted into a grimace. There was nothing beautiful there anymore. Sariel looked a...

“Yes, Nathan. Like a demon.” She smiled and showed her razor sharp teeth. “ This is my home, and I am Sariel, one of the seven watchers. One of the fallen angels.” she spread her arms showing off the red skies, the putrid smell. “ And guess what. You get to come home with me.” she smiled again. I shook my head.

“ No. NO!” I shrieked.

“Oh yes. Yes you will. You promised.” she glared at me, and something grabbed at my feet.

Thousands of pairs of hands pulled me along. They dragged me while I clawed at the ground trying to stop our advance. Then I saw where it was taking me. There was a deep black hole, an abyss. And that’s where we were headed. To her home.

“No! Let me go! NO”

“Nathan? Nathan wake up.” someone shook my shoulder, and I jumped. “You missed the end, Nathan, where the boy discovers that not everything beautiful is good. I was sure that this time you would enjoy the story.” he shook his head at me.

“Sorry grandpa, it’s just that I had the weirdest dream...” Someone rang the doorbell. Grandpa held up a finger and then went to get the door. I sat down and tried to calm down my speeding heart. It was such a relief to know that it had all been a dream.

“Nathan this young lady is lost in the storm and says she needs help getting home. Says she was wondering if you could show her the way.” Grandpa said as he entered the room.

I looked up at the lady and nearly died. In our living room stood a beautiful girl with brown curls and sea blue eyes. There stood Sariel.

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Honestly, I almost got angry at the benginning, haha, I thought you were copying The Princess Bride. But as I got farther into the story, I calmed down. :) I enjoyed it, you've got talent.