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Chaos Under The Clockwork Tower And Further...

December 22, 2014
By teacuppoetry GOLD, Lancashire, Other
teacuppoetry GOLD, Lancashire, Other
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Delicane looked up at the clock tower as the clock struck twelve. It was midnight. It was quiet that night, very quiet. There were a few people walking around but they were just the usual wanderer's.

There was a sudden chill to the air. Delicane looked to her left and then to her right, all seemed normal. Something wasn't quite right, there was a quirkiness to the air. She looked again, and there he was, the strange man.

Delicane is not normally one to judge but this man had a certain aura about him. Delicane started slowly walking over to him as a compulsion to do so was planted within her. She stopped. To people passing she would almost look as if frozen in time alike the strange gentleman who seemed out of his time. At a closer glance, she noticed she seemed to be the only person who could see this man.

His eyes bore in to her with ferocity. He tilted his head.

Delicane was now far more interested and simply had to go over to him.

'I can answer your question for you now, yes you are the only person that can see me' he spoke coldly.

'Why'? she asked.

'All of that is to come for you but for now, you must remain in the dark' he muttered.

Delicane was about to speak when she heard a commotion. She and the strange man looked over to the scene of a crime. A woman was screaming and wailing whilst embracing this man lying on the floor. One can only assume the man is her husband. One can also assume that the man is dead. Delicane was understandably shocked by the scene and terribly confused.

'How could this happen? I was standing here, in this area, how could somebody be killed right under my nose!' she exclaimed.

'As I said before, you are best left in the dark at this moment'

'Well, I don't want to be left in the dark! I want to know what is going on. This only happened when you arrived so it must be you.' she said

'You are eager aren't you' he said

Delicane was beginning to get increasingly distressed by the sounds of the woman's heart breaking because her husband has just died.

'Okay, I keep calling you strange man in my head and I can't do it anymore so please tell me your name'

'Strange man, well that's interesting. My name is Valdus'

She exhaled, content with now knowing the man has a name. Valdus grabs Delicane by the wrist and starts to pull her along with him. She protests.

'Hey! Get off me! Where are you taking me?' she gasped

'Your protests are futile, not a soul but I can hear you or see you for that matter'

Her head told her to run from Valdus now but her heart told her to go with him. Delicane was always bored and was looking for some excitement and now she had some.

Along the way, he had stopped dragging her along as she was now willingly following him.

Suddenly, there was a big loud bang and fire shot in to the air. Delicane turned and stood in shock. In the place where they had both been stood, something had exploded and had now left the place in ruins.

'Valdus, stop. Please explain to me what is going on. Bad things are happening in places I have been. Am I a chaos walking?'

'Delicane, I'm going to switch the light on now' he said

Delicane was momentarily confused and then she realised what he meant.

Valdus took the suggestive look from Delicane as the signal to carry on.

'This may be hard for you to believe but I am here to save you-'

'Save me? From what?' she asked

'Please, let me finish. This will save a lot less time if you just let me finish'

Delicane inhaled as though she was about to speak but thought better of it.

'I am here to save you because people are after you. I am Valdus, a crime fighter of time. I am not from your time, in fact I don't have a place in time anymore. I have been travelling between time periods for five years, I am a crime stopper of time. I stop crimes happening to the time people by the crime creators of time. Delicane, you aren't just a normal girl, you are one of us. You won't remember this because we had to send you back here to your time, and that resulted in your memory being wiped.'

Valdus stopped speaking as he noticed the look of utter internal combustion going on within Delicane. Valdus knew this was a lot to take in.

'Valdus, I'm running. We must get back to the marble. Valdus, Valdus'

Valdus' face dropped.

'You're remembering'

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