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My worst job yet

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

It all started about 4 weeks ago when I was heading into a normal day at work, where I live there are always new crimes and something for me to do. I walked onto the crime scene not knowing what to expect for the day when my boss came up behind me and suggest that I go home. “why?” I asked with a little concern in my voice. He said that I shouldn't be on this case, but it was my case this was my day I had already had my days off. So I ignored him and went right on into the house. Now this house didn't look familiar or anything to me so I don't know why john was so concerned. I walked up the stairs into the front room not expecting what was coming next.

I couldn't believe my eyes what was I seeing? This couldn't be right! Not him not my husband I didn't understand why, how did this happen!!? I saw his body just laying there still and cold “how long had he been dead” I thought to myself. John walked in and I just stared at him why would he not want me to see this, this was my husband I have very right to know and try to figure out what happened to him. If anyone is gonna try to figure out his death it would be me and no one else! I needed a minute I just wanted to be alone so I waled outside to get some fresh air and fell apart crying hysterically as people passed by me it was like I was in a dream, I couldn't feel anything I just wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out.

As I walked back into the cold dark house I made every other crime scene investigator leave the scene so I could be alone and they all knew why. They scattered away like little mice watching there friend get killed by a trap, and I began to work taking finger prints and putting glass in to plastic baggies and trying to figure out if the mistress laying dead next to him killed him first then committed suicide or if they were both murdered. Only time and hard work could tell with this one but I was determined to find out no matter how long it took I knew I could do, and so my work began.

I walked into my little office area gave the finger prints to sally to work on and had Zach start working on finding people that may have seen them last. I hadn't seen my husband in about a week, we had gotten into a fight and he said he was going on a vacation and that he needed time alone. I had no problem with it If I had to deal with me I would probably need some time alone too I giggled to myself and felt guilty at the same time knowing I was finding this I tad bit funny while my husband lay slaughtered in the next room. I went to go see what bob had figured out about Dakota now that he has had a little time to work on him. I was nervous walking into the operating room. What would he have found would it lead us to the killer and why was I so scared? I thought maybe whoever killed these two might be coming after me to! “OK calm down your over reacting its all gonna be OK.” I said to calm myself down. It wasn't working as my anxiety increased the closer I got but I just went for it, opened the doors and just put everything aside. Bob pulled the bright white sheet over him and revealed his blue stone body to me, he began showing me all the bruises that had just now appeared, it seemed he had tried to fight back to whoever it was which sounded right cause my baby was a fighter. “But that doesn't make sense” I said to bob she couldn't have killed him she is half his size and if he tried fighting back she would have died first. But was that a possibility? Could he have gotten mad at her and killed her then felt guilty and killed himself? No that wasn't it cause he was never violent towards women. He would never lay a hand on anyone. “Was he drugged?” “Yes” bob said with a weird sound in his voice, “with what” I said very concerned. “He had chloroform in his system but not a lot, just enough to make him a bit unconscious, then he was suffocated with a pillow then shot just to make sure he died. “ I wonder why someone would want him dead this bad to go to all this effort just to make sure he died?” bob didn't answer, which I guess didn't matter I was kind of talking to myself at this point. I left the operation room and headed to lunch if I was gonna be up all night I needed something to feed my hunger.

After lunch was over I headed back to the DNA room to see if sally came up with anything. She had a match to the finger prints, I was so happy. I went over to see who it was from and I thought nothing else could shock me, but boy was I wrong! I looked over the computer screen and there my mother-in-laws picture was. What did she have to do with this? So we called her in to question her I just couldn't believe that she would murder her own son and some innocent random girls that she didn't even know. Maybe she was mad that the girl wasn't me. But then again she didn't really like me that mush so I doubt she would have cared if he was getting with someone else. A million things raced through my mind as I walked to the questioning room, but nothing made sense.

I turned the corner and saw her sitting there. She couldn't see me through the one way glass but there was something different about her she wasn't glowing like usual she seemed warn out and old but it wasn't like her to not take care of herself. So I stood there outside the window looking and watching as Jeff was asking some of the last questions. He walked out and said it was mu turn but there was something in her voice that made her sound guilty. As I slowly stepped in she looked at me and terror swept across her face she turned as white as a ghost and a little whisper came form her voice very low but loud enough I could here. “why aren't you dead!?” she said form her soft lips. “Excuse me?” I asked. “What do you mean why am I not dead?” she stood up slowly leaned across the table and said “it's all your fault you know it? He wouldn't be dead if it wasn't for you!” At this point I had no idea what she was talking about, so I asked her to explain. “well I tracked you down well what I thought was you. So I hid out for the day watched as my son walked in and out of the house so I thought you were inside. When he left for a couple hours I heard the shower running and thought it was you in there so I came in waiting for you to walk out and as soon as the door opened I just shot at you and ran but as I was going out of the house Dakota came in and out of shock I shot him as well the suffocated him to make sure he was dead.” I was frozen where I stood I had no idea what to do or think. I didn't think she hated me that much. As I slowly backed way and the cops came in to arrest her all I could hear was her screaming, “I will get you after I'm out, mark my word!!!”

I went home that night with a job well done but still in grief knowing my husband was dead when it was supposed to be me. I felt guilty but I relieved that I was still alive. I will always love and miss him but it will be my job to make sure his mom is in prison for the rest of her life! I will make sure of it I promise. That was my worst day at work and I will never forget it, it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

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