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A Personal War

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

My name is irrelevant right now, so don’t bother asking. Maybe a week ago it could’ve made a difference, but not now. I can’t say for sure that it is too late for me, but my time is definitely running short. A-Tech, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company has used me to test out their latest drug, a tiny pill that was said to reduce the chemical in my brain that generated negative thoughts. They wanted to use it to help stop violence in the world, to end all war. Instead they found themselves in the center of one. They found themselves in a war with the soldier they created. Me. Who am I? I told you that my name is irrelevant, but for my story’s sake I’ll tell you.

My name is James Patrick Andersen, and I’m 19 years old. A few years back my older brother was killed in the Iraq war, so I became very anti-war. My senior year in high school I was offered a job studying different drugs and chemicals that could be used to stop war. That is how I found myself working for A-Tech. That is where this story begins. My research led me to information on this radical new drug that was still in its test phases. They said that it would suppress the chemicals that activate violent thoughts. It seemed farfetched, but I had to look into it further. I had to try stopping all this madness in the world, for Johnny’s sake. I began my internship with A-Tech in June of 2011, the same month President Obama pulled the last of the troops out of the middle-east. Working with Doctor William Dean Harris, the developer of Sintua TE, I learned so many things about the way the human mind works, about why anger generates war.
Then about 3 months after I began working with the doctor we became confident enough to test it on a human. Knowing my hate for war and my overbearing lust for revenge, Dr. Harris elected me to be the trial. I naturally agreed because my respect for the doctor was immense. I began taking the medicine and about a week after the results became noticeable. I no longer felt any hate towards the men who killed my brother and his platoon. I no longer hated war for causing me so much grief. It had worked wonders and the doctor couldn’t have been more pleased, but it wasn’t meant to last. A month after the treatment started tragedy struck the lab. Dr. Harris was murdered by a mugger coming out of his home, a mugger who wore an A-Tech lab coat. The company sent someone to kill off the man who made the drug that could put them out of business. Without war to produce casualties and victims, who was A-Tech going to sell its prescriptions and first-aid to? They killed my mentor, and destroyed my dream of a world without war. And just like that the drug’s effects began to wear off. And I felt the anger and hate returning to my mind.
Just like that a personal vendetta has begun. Me against A-Tech. This is my story of revenge.

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