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January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Hello, and welcome to this weeks crime rate report, we’re going to start with Sunday. Six days ago the inane serial killer escaped from federal prison and has been sited in the Milwaukee area. The local police have a description; He is a tall man with a blonde afro and a scar on his arm. His recent attacks have been rampant. If you see this man contact the local police immediately and run. He is very inexorable; I admonish everyone reading this for this is a dangerous man.
“Hmm,” said the deputy as he finished reading this. I then began to wonder where this man could be hiding. Who would help this kind of a person? As I left the department I noticed another sign showing all the code of ethics he has broken. I concurred with all of them except for one, which seemed to give the sign more emphasis of this man’s behavior. When I approached another department to deliver my report I noticed a flagrant man. I quickly ran into the department and alerted the police. They ran out and with a gaze one shouted “there he is, it’s the culprit!” The flagrant man began to run. With three squad cars inches behind him, the man leaped over an ally. The squads continued to search for him outside of the vehicles. The man continued to move clandestinely as the search squads were out patrolling. I continued to go from store to store dropping off my story. As I opened up the door I saw that man. There he was waiting just outside staring me down; a cold shiver ran down my back as he walked toward me. I turned and ran through the back exit, not hesitant of turning around. A couple of blocks later I saw a patrol officer and increases my speed to catch up with him. “Wait!” I yelled as he stopped I saw that they had captured the serial killer. As I took a closer look I realized that he didn’t look like the man that was chasing me. The car then left and I decided to go home, now that he was caught.
On my way home I still questioned my self though. Was that the right man? If it was, then who was chasing me? Did more than one person escape from prison? I was confused. I then turned out the lights and lied down in bed. The phone rang, “hello?” A dark voice then answered “I’m back.”

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