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Endless Love

February 26, 2009
By Kendal Witherup BRONZE, Galloway, Ohio
Kendal Witherup BRONZE, Galloway, Ohio
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Everything was almost packed and ready, as they loaded up the new shiny red jeep. Stacee had packed about her whole closet, ready for any kind of weather that could possibly happen. Leah took her one bag and shoved it in the available space. The guys had yet to arrive, late as usual. Probably getting in the last time of working out for the weekend.

About ten minutes later, Dalton and Matt showed up, finally, with plenty of excuses on why they were late. 'My mom made me do laundry right when I was about to leave!' Matt lied.

Stacee and Leah just laughed and hopped in the car. 'California here we come!' Stacee screamed while standing on the seat, as Dalton sped down the interstate. Twelve hours later, they had arrived in sunny California at their hotel overlooking the beach.

The first night they were all tired from the long drive so they had a night swim at the beach, and then headed up to the rooms. Stacee and Dalton had one room, and the room right beside them was Leah and Matt's. The rooms shared a door so that they could be together whenever they liked but also have their own privacy and more space. When they returned to their rooms at about 11 that night, they noticed a kind of creepy man standing down the hall. He was maybe in his upper forties or so, with gray hair and a beard, and a sort of hunch back, the kind you see in movies where the person is just a loner and hangs out in his house all the time and doesn't socialize with anyone. He just stood outside of his room in his pajamas, staring, as the kids walked into their rooms.

'Well that was a little creepy,' mumbled Leah.

'Yeah, your right. Anyone seen that guy before?' asked Matt.

'No never,' replied the other three.

The next morning they all woke up early to go out and get a good breakfast. As they walked out of the lobby they noticed the same old man standing at the reception desk just looking at them. 'That dude is really starting to freak me out,' Dalton said. It seemed like everywhere they went, the man showed up. And it was like he was specifically watching them each time they saw him. They turned to leave, the man still staring at them.

When they got back, Stacee and Leah wanted to just go down to the beach, so they all got ready and headed down. The beach was very crowded that day. People everywhere, but the weather was beautiful. It was almost 100 degrees, with clear blue skies, a perfect day to go to the beach which would explain the crowd.

They stayed at the beach for most of the day and by the time the got back to the hotel, they were all exhausted. They headed up to their rooms, going separate ways into their own areas. Leah and Matt got in first to see a horrifying sight. In blood, written on the walls were the words,

Watch what you do, the end is coming.

'Oh my gosh, who would have done this?' Leah asked, her voice shaking with fear.

'I don't know but we need to get out of here,' Matt assured. The couple ran into Stacee and Dalton's room to see the same sight. Whoever did this, had been watching the four of them. They still had a day left on the trip and were scheduled to leave the next night.

'We're getting out of here,' Dalton demanded. Dalton, Matt, Leah, and Stacee all headed down to the parking lot to see their jeep stolen. Someone had taken it so they could not leave.

'This is ridiculous,' Dalton steamed with anger. Dalton stormed inside back to the receptionist, slamming his fist on the desk.

'No need to get violent. Please calm down sir,' the lady at the desk said.

'Would you have any idea who stole our car?!' Dalton demanded.

'I have no idea, I never saw anything I'm so sorry.'

The four headed back upstairs Stacee almost in tears as Leah tried to comfort her Dalton punching the walls as Matt calmed him down.

'Let's all just take a deep breath,' Matt said reassuringly. He had always been the calm one of the four. The anger he had when he was younger had gone away over the years, turning him into a very mellow person.

'Get your stuff, we're getting outta here,' Matt demanded to the other three.

The girls quickly packed their stuff as Matt and Dalton talked about what they were going to do. It was night now, too dark to walk anywhere. 'I'll go ask the clerk if she knows of any planes we could take and get the first flight out,' Matt said, hoping Dalton wouldn't insist to come, thinking his anger would not help the situation any.

'Fine, I'll stay up here and help the girls,' Dalton forced out.

'Is everything gonna be okay Dalton?' Stacee broke into tears.

'It's gonna be fine Stac,' Dalton replied.

About half an hour later, Matt busted through the door. 'Plane leaves in fifteen minutes!' Matt yelled.

'Can we make it?' Leah asked.

'Well she said that if we take our stuff and leave now we can still make it,' Matt replied.

There was a bus stop at the corner, with buses leaving every hour and the next on the hour would be in 5 minutes. The four grabbed their bags to leave and headed downstairs. They headed outside to walk down to the bus stop. They could see the bus stop now, maybe 30 feet away. 'We're almost there!' Leah exclaimed.

Suddenly they heard a scream as they turned around to find Leah, laying on the ground a bullet in her back, as she gasped for her last breath.

'LEAH!' Stacee cried. They all looked around frantically to see where the bullet had come from. Another shot, another dead body. This time it was Matt.

'Matt!' Dalton screamed. A final shot was fired. Dalton was gone. Stacee fell in tears, not knowing what to do as the bus flew right by the stop and she lay, sobbing on the ground.

Stacee will never forget that dreadful night. To this day they've never found the killer of her beloved friends; As Stacee sits often wondering why she couldn't have been killed too. She heads off to therapy each day, praying the murderer will be found, and she'll make it through.

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