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Almost Purple

March 18, 2009
By iwillbehauntingyou SILVER, Ogden, Utah
iwillbehauntingyou SILVER, Ogden, Utah
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"Everything has a good ending, and if the ending seems bad, it isn't over yet."

She watched as everyone around her talked. Talked about things that had no real importance, they were meaningless. She smiled at the woman that was telling a story then walked out of the building. It was all overwhelming and unbearable.

Outside of the church; it was dark. The wind made the leaves on the trees whistle and little pieces of trash flip flop on the cement. Random bats squeaked and flew around the tall light post standing tall in the middle of the parking lot. “Hallo” a low whisper said, it gave her goose skin. The man's cologne was strong and burned her nose. “What are you doing here?” he pronounced his W's like V's and his R's were silent.

“F-Funeral” she whipped around, trying to catch a glimpse of him. No sign. “Hello?”

“I am still here”

“This isn't funny! Who are you?!” she screamed, trying to hold the tears in.

“I think it is amusing...”

She quickly turned and ran towards the entrance of the church. There he was. Standing in front of the doors, hiding in the dark. “W-Who are you?”

“Well..I could could be all mysterious and tell you “I go by many names” but I am going to skip the B.S and you just let you call me McCoy” McCoy stepped out of the shadows, revealing a tall gray skinned boy with thick black hair pulled back. His black lips were pursed into a start line and his deep, black on black eyes that had pieces of stray hair covering them were studying her face. Her plump red lips, big green eyes, long copper hair, freckled nose and that beautiful neck. McCoy's hands clenched into fists as tried not to grab a hold of her right then. “And you are?”


“Germine. What a beautiful name.” McCoy took several steps forward and lightly brushed his finger tips on her jaw line. The most beautiful, perfect jaw line. “Don't be afraid...This wont hurt...” he starred into her eyes, they were full of tears. It wasn't like he had never seen a girl cry right before he killed her. Something was different this time. Germine didn't struggle, or beg..or anything.

When McCoy's cold hands grabbed her butter soft neck and put his razer sharp mouth over it...something hurt him. It was like something clawed all the skin of his marble back. He screamed, dropping Germine onto the ground. It was a blood curling yell. She lied there, starring up at him as something was killing him. “Y-You are a vampire!” She screamed. Something had clicked in her head and she knew what was going on. Her scream could have been heard through the whole neighborhood.

McCoy's predator was quickly ripping the skin from his back, then started ripping the flesh then nerves. “Ah!” he cried for help, from anyone. He could suddenly feel the burning hot hands on his cool back bone, his spine. “N-No!” he begged, listing in on his predator's thoughts.

“Не позволяйте мне поймать вас здесь снова” the monster spoke. “Я привычка, чтобы быть так добрый следующий раз” he threw McCoy down onto the ground, in front of sobbing Germine. “Как вас зовут?”

She starred up at him. To scared to move. He was young, but the way he moved and talked was like an adult. His tall broad body was pale like McCoy's, he looked just like him except for his eyes and hair. His eyes were light, very light, and his hair was short, white and swooped to the side.

“Как вас зовут?” he repeated.

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on Aug. 31 2009 at 5:26 pm
MM4ever PLATINUM, Owosso, Michigan
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that was great! just one suggestion: put the translation afterwards so the reader knows what he's saying...other than that it was amazing, keep up the geWd work!!

on Jul. 2 2009 at 4:35 pm
Swooshhh BRONZE, Bayonne, New Jersey
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"dont worry now things will get better. it may be stormy now but it cant rain forever."

i'm usually not a fan of vampire stories but this was different. It was amazing :)