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The Standup Act

January 22, 2010
By Amanda Lopez BRONZE, Pittsburch, Pennsylvania
Amanda Lopez BRONZE, Pittsburch, Pennsylvania
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How old were you when you received your license? States have balked when concerning the (GDL) Act. The decision that needs to be made can provoke many people. I know teens can be responsible drivers, even though others thing teens should not be driving till eighteen.

I disagree with the (GDL) Act because driving teens are very aware and vigilant on the road. The (GDL) Act is where teenagers must wait until they are 18 to receive their license. Also with a permit teenagers have the time that it takes to lean everything there is to know. The (GDL) Act makes teenagers out to be a grisly driver which is not true. The process of getting a license can be tedious, and shouldn’t be put off until eighteen. Having teens drive can help parents out. Driving when a person is 16 will not be perfect at first; it will take time for the child to become better. Teenagers do not want to be bereft when receiving their license. Many kids have been going for their license at 16 which I agree with. Kids who want their license should not have to wait until they are eighteen.

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