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Making the Summer before Your Senior Year Shine

May 22, 2010
By neyat123 GOLD, Hawthorne, California
neyat123 GOLD, Hawthorne, California
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Most teens have heard much hype about that summer before their senior year of high school. This is that golden summer where teens are meant to shine and impress prospective colleges and universities. However, I’m sure you teens and parents of teens out there are wondering what this super summer consists of. What is going to make you stand out? What will keep you busy? How will you gain much needed real world experience? Here are all of the answers to these questions and more, fashioned in list form (this list is in no particular order). This list provides ideas and suggestions on how teens should effectively spend their summer between junior and senior year.
Obtain a job
Sure we may be in a recession, but there are jobs out there. There are places such as retail stores and food chains that hire teens for the summer. Teens must realize that when applying for a job, they’re running against experienced and unemployed adults, so it is necessary to have an impressive resume and cover letter with great recommendation letters to boot. Also note that while applying online can sometimes be effective ( is a great site), it is best to go out and apply in person.

Volunteer in your community
A great way to give back to your community and earn service hours is to do volunteer work. Sure, many might not find it appealing to work for free, but most community service projects are fun and usually involve free food, a free t-shirt or company merchandise, and best of all, that priceless feeling of having helped a great cause. If you’re ready to take the initiative to volunteer in your community, log on to for an opportunity in your area! Be sure to keep a log of your hours and reference letters from your community service leader for college or job applications.

Find an internship opportunity
What are you interested in? Writing? The medical field? Acting? Do your research and find companies or small businesses in your area that are hiring student interns. Paid or unpaid, internships are a great way to dip into the waters of the real world. Internships provide you with the work skills necessary for the field you are interested in and they teach life skills in general. They also look impressive on job and college applications because they show that you’ve had experience.

Study Abroad
There are plenty of opportunities for teens to study or volunteer out of the country. Students can take classes abroad for credit, or just for fun. This is a great way to make friends from all over the world and discover the wonders of a new country. If ready to embark on a faraway journey, make sure to do extensive research on the different sites to make sure the company of your choice is trusted and secure. You don’t want to end up in Siberia and find out the whole thing was a scam.
Take a Class
A great thing to do which is a much better alternative to being a couch potato and watching twelve hours of television all day, is to take a class. Taking a class for credit at your local community college is a wonderful way to get a preview of the college experience and to keep your brain stimulated when you’re out of school. Also, if your community college doesn’t offer class spots to high school students, then take a dance or pottery class. Try taking up a hobby that takes you out of your comfort zone. The summer is full of idle time, so why not gain some new skills or talent?

There you have it. Five ways to spend your senior summer productively. Now get out there and make your summer glisten and shine. Make this break worth your while; it sure beats camping out in front of the television or sleeping in until noon!

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