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Civil Rights and Responsibility

January 16, 2011
By Chibbie1 PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
Chibbie1 PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
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Over the years we the people have fought for our rights, form trying to be free, from slavery all the way to the time racial issues. Yes we do deserve our rights, and are freedom, but it is up to us whether to cherish them, or just abuse them for our own selfish needs. We should know that our government is trying to help us. If we did not have rules or responsibility then we would be in complete and utter chaos. Therefore, we do have the responsibility to believe it or not, but, it is our rights. Just as hard we have fought for our civil rights; we have to be just as responsible to keep them.

Imagine, if someone were to decide that he or she just does not want to pay taxes at all because they do not want to. For one thing I believe this totally unfair, and just wrong. No, matter what place you are in the social rank you do still have to pay taxes including the president has to pay them because it is the law. Though, there are laws that have been amended for the people over the years. You may just be one person. Although, if you have strong believes and ideas, then you can change the law. For instance Martin Luther King Jr. had changed the law by fighting for the equal civil rights for everyone. Though I am not saying that you can just do whatever you want and start a riot just because you may disagree with it. Therefore, I must remind you that it is for the common welfare that we have these civil rights and laws. You may be taken away from your rights and even wind up in jail just to change something like Gandhi .

As you may see I do believe that our rights and responsibility go hand in hand, for example once you get a car you are responsible for taking care of it. Just like you must check your car’s gas outage by law, so that you may not pollute so much of the air we breathe in. Yes, I do believe that everyone should have the rights as everyone. Though, I do not believe that you should abuse those rights just because they had been given to you automatically. The civil rights should not be treated as if they were an old used up toy. We must follow the rules and treat our civil rights as if they were the gift greatest acquire by people with great courage and great thinking on what is right. Therefore I believe everyone has the right to enjoy their civil rights to cherish respect and protection.

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