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"Life With All It's Glory"

June 10, 2011
By PoeticTouch GOLD, Saida, Other
PoeticTouch GOLD, Saida, Other
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Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

We live in this world with so many things to worry our minds with. We try to cope with problems hoping they would just fade away. And we all have patience in this world because we promise our spirits with something to let us forget our misery. Something that would come later on to renew our souls, but along the road to survival we face obstacles. These obstacles that make it so hard to continue and move on. We’d feel down, depressed, and maybe unloved. However, have we ever thought that this torture we are going through is just a test of our strength and abilities? Maybe just facing these problems we are motivating our spirits for a harder life. We’d feel never ready for a big change that would turn our lives upside down. What if this change is for the best? What if this so-called disaster finally ends with something so special we’d thank God it existed? We just have to be patient to see what tomorrow brings us. Maybe a brighter future that might carry happiness and of course maybe a sad ending that leaves us with nothing. But we always have to stay optimistic about the next day, it’s hard and exhausting but this is life with all its glory…

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