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Taking Action on Bullyling

June 11, 2019
By sfurbish01 BRONZE, Meredith, New Hampshire
sfurbish01 BRONZE, Meredith, New Hampshire
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Parents and students are seeing a recurring problem of school districts not emphasizing the importance of bullying and following through with bully investigations. Most students feel like they cannot go to their teachers when bullying occurs because most of the time they are ignored or falsely promised a solution. When students try to communicate about being bullied, teachers and administrators may often be more likely to use the phrase ¨ That's just hear-say¨ instead of opening an investigation. Those teachers and administrators also would most likely dismiss the case because there is often no evidence provided. When students hear their teacher say this, it sends a message to the student that the adult who is supposed to protect and support them does not really care at all. Consider the saying ¨Actions speak louder than words¨. We (students) need our teachers and administrators help to take action on this developing crisis because most students do not have a voice and will not speak up to whoever is bullying them or their words are no longer doing justice. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take hold of this problem before it gets dramatically worse. In the past few years, the number of students who have died by suicide has doubled and children as young as 11 are taking their own lives. In addition, ER´s are seeing an increase in suicide-related visits. Something needs to be done and students need to be heard because bullying is never okay and children are taking their lives over social behavior that should not exist.

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