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How One Man Online Is Stopping the Spread of Toxic Gym Culture

October 22, 2022
By httpshaylee GOLD, Arvada, Colorado
httpshaylee GOLD, Arvada, Colorado
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Gym etiquette. It’s a very real thing.

As someone who has never stepped foot into a gym in my life, I can confidently say that it’s pretty obvious the gym has unwritten rules of things you just shouldn’t do. Apparently, not everyone knows this, however, and toxic gym culture is unfortunately extremely common.

From filming people working out without them knowing to make fun of them to genuinely getting upset that people ruin your gym selfie for simply just existing, people unknowingly prove every day that they have no idea how to be decent human beings.

That’s where Joey Swoll, the king of TikTok in my personal opinion, comes in.

With over 5 million dedicated followers on the app, Swoll is the self-proclaimed “CEO of positive gym culture,” and he lives up to that name every single day.

With millions of views on each and every post, Swoll is clearly doing something right. What exactly is that something, though?
Unafraid to call people out
What Swoll does is so simple in theory, but really makes a big difference. He stitches videos of entitled people at the gym and calls them out telling them to do better and to mind their own business (MYOB).

What Swoll does is extremely effective in showing people that the gym should always be a safe space whether someone is there for the first time or go there every day. He proves that being nice will prevail ten out of ten times.
A voice for the afraid
Swoll is undoubtedly the voice for the underdogs that may feel they don’t deserve to be at the gym or are too scared.

By creating a safe space, he is helping more people get over their fear of the gym and realize they deserve to start their fitness journey as much as anyone else.

“I just want the gym to be a safe place everyone feels comfortable in!” -Joey Swoll

The gym is a place for people to feel good about wanting to better themselves, but too many people have made it a toxic environment and it is all too common to see people making fun of others. Swoll puts these people on the spot to show them this behavior is unacceptable and that the gym is no place for them.
Final thoughts
Joey Swoll is using his platform to speak for a community that has needed it for all too long.

He is stopping the spread of toxic gym culture with each video and showing people the gym needs to be a place for everyone to feel their best without fear of judgment from others.

His message is something many people needed to hear and he is truly changing the way people view the gym. I am always filled with happiness every time I see one of his videos because I know that it made a difference to at least one person.

He deserves every bit of fame he has gained from TikTok and we need more people using their platforms to make our society even just a little more empathetic and considerate.

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