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From Foundation to Fashion Week: Cassandra Bankson’s Journey to Beauty

October 4, 2012
By TheNerdGirl PLATINUM, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
TheNerdGirl PLATINUM, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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Cassandra Bankson was an average girl. She played piano and loved to sing but in third grade she got her first pimple. As she got older her acne got worse to the point that she was bullied really badly. She was made fun of constantly and once even had pizza thrown in her face (you know pizza face). The bullies got so bad that she left high school and went to a private school where it was one on one with the teachers so no one would ever have to see her. Soon she drifted away from her friends and focused completely on her school work. She finished high school to years earlier and went to study at Stanford University were she is currently studying now. But she still didn’t feel beautiful. She started playing with make up till she found the perfect mix and amazingly enough she was featured on the New York 2012 Fashion Week. But she didn’t go straight from her dorm room full of make up to the run way. Once she had figured out what make up to use she wanted to become a model. She auditioned and got some small stuff but nothing to big. She wanted to make a video on how to put on make up like all the videos she saw when she was figuring out her make up. She made the youtube video, Foundation Routine For Flawless Skin Acne Coverage, starting with all her make up off and worked her way though her extensive make up routine. This was the hardest thing for her because she didn’t want to show any one her face because she was too afraid that she would still be made fun of. Ultimately the reason she posted it was because she thought it was her duty to help girls that were just like her to finally feel beautiful. Even after she posted it she didn’t look at the comments for months because she was so scared of being bullied. She hoped that it would help at least one person feel beautiful again. But she ended up helping more than just one. All together her videos have 35 million hits. With in a month it went national and she got asked to do shows like The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, and tons of other shows. She got deals with lots of make up companies to do commercials and finally became the model that she had always dreamed of being. She walked beautifully down the run way and reached millions of people encouraging them to be and feel beautiful. In her videos she walks you step by step what to use and what to stay away from. She also makes videos for guys with acne and continues to put up more helpful videos to help people see their true beauty. If you want to check out her out her Youtube screen name is Diamondsandheels14. She is also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Blogger. Still today she continues to help people struggling with acne to over come it and feel beautiful.

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when i found Cassandras video my life changed. i went from the girl with bad acne to that funny girl that every one likes. once people saw me not my skin people started to like me. im truely gratful that Cassandra had the courage to post her videos. she is a hero to me

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