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Bullying as an Identity

January 21, 2013
By Bambi67 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
Bambi67 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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Bullying an identity the aged school teens are using to intimidate others. Bullying applies to three different types of bullied, emotional, verbal and physical. This is an undesirable behavior amount our teens not only in school but online too. Bullying consists in attacking verbal, physical, spreading rumors, and rejecting someone for any physical aspect. The bullies and the victims may have serious lasting problems. Unfortunately bullied has increment due to the negligent the school and parents have towards this subject.

Normally the kids with the identity of “bullied” are trying to get the attention, to be the center of everything, to be the toughest. Watching someone been bullied and doing nothing about it makes you somehow part of it. The bystander may be intimidated to speak up but we have to teach our kids to be more than a bystander. I remember being bullied and harassed for a body size in high school by the people who I would call friends, to start I never pass 125 pounds, 5’2 feet and the comments and text, photos where too much to deal for me that I started using drugs, alcohol to numb the pain which are the method the kids that are bullied are using even worst thinking about suicide.

Bullying consist in attacking verbal, physical, spreading rumors and rejecting someone for any physical aspect, no matter the reason bullying leave several marks, some may hunt you forever like they are hunting me and always interrupting in my personal life. The most common effects of bullying is losing interest in everything, having social anxiety, depression, feeling loneliness and of course having low self-esteem. Even today I try to move on but how can a “friend” make comments like ‘ you’re looking fatter today” being in the lunch line and receiving text of your outfit, having the people you once call friends spreading rumors, and attacking you verbally, it Hurts. No the park of being bullied by your own friends, but been betrayed.

Bullying consist in three different types of abuse, emotional verbal, and physical. I wonder if these teens have any clue of the damage they cause with their bullied, with their comments and abuse. I consider that the worst for me was cyber bullying because the bullied in the school somehow ends when the school ends but the texting, the internet everything keep going on outside the school, I would never say a word back when my ex friends would text me pig pictures, call me names, and I remember when the others student will just watch as I seat by myself, avoid the lunch room, and how I started to lost weight, I always believe the comments and I started to hate myself and telling myself that this is happening because I am a pig and everyone hates me. I started with bulimia, then anorexia I will go to school and skip class, have weeks without food, drinking alcohol to stop crying, drink sleep pills to sleep and stop thinking and try several time to kill myself.

I do believe that I was getting to the point I was because I never have the courage to defend myself, because I never told anyone till my mother found out I was losing too much weight and caught me throwing up, I graduate from school, still have those friends on my Facebook, got recovery from my eating disorder but it just something that will hunt me forever, now and then I returned to my disorders, especially when the depression come and visit every few, but today I do have the courage to defend myself and no only that to help other who are being bullied to speak up, say something, teaching tolerance and always follow the golden rule. “Treat other the way you want to be treated”.

The author's comments:
" I hope everyone will learn to love they way they are,to treat others how they would love to be treated, because everyone is special in their own way."

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