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What to do About Bullying

March 15, 2013
By Lonesoldier GOLD, Winona Lake, Indiana
Lonesoldier GOLD, Winona Lake, Indiana
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Who's been bullied before? Have you been bullied or have you been the bullier? Have you helped the person being bullied or have you just stood around and done nothing to help. Bullying is a serious issue that happens everywhere and its sad how often no one does anything about it. I go through each day and I see bullying go on all around. Kids who have it rough at home and then come to school and it keeps getting worse. Why do people do it? The answer is so they feel better about themselves. People bully others for many reasons because they may envy the person and think putting them down will make it better. Look around you and next time you see bullying do something, because doing one small thing to help a person can change their whole life. Make a change even if it starts off small.

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I wrote this because of a video I saw called To This Day and its about bullying and what it does to people go to youtube and look it up and see if it touches your heart as well

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