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3 am.

May 29, 2014
By Rebecca Schoolcraft SILVER, Lyndonviile, New York
Rebecca Schoolcraft SILVER, Lyndonviile, New York
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3am knows my secrets. It knows everything. I've been scared, alone, and hurt but 3am is there. I feel useless. I feel like nothing I ever do is good enough. Why, why do I feel like this. Why can't I be happy? Maybe because I'm tired. Tired of caring, being hurt, being lied to repetitively. But what most people don't know is that at 3am I am a wreck. I can barely breathe from crying so hard. Why do I feel so alone when so many people say they are here? Well where are you now? Because at 3am I am alone. I'm breaking down after the day. Just waiting to get into bed and cry. Feeling like there is no light or no way out. 3am knows my secrets..

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