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Gay Code

May 30, 2015
By jaygatsbycastillo SILVER, Hemet, California
jaygatsbycastillo SILVER, Hemet, California
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Favorite Quote:
Never let fear decide your future.

\How To Be Gay

-Try to look decent at least at all times. ( If you don’t at least look decent you most likely are one of the gays who don’t act like it or the ones who are gay because no women want them.)
-Always be proper, if you aren’t you are basically straight and it’s hard to tell if you actually are gay.
-Have manners… without these you are just like any other guy… an asshole.
-Take your time to understand girls cause your guy friends are gonna need help from you time to time.
-But the #1 Rule of being gay is be sensitive and sympathize with others… If you don’t then no one will actually like… if you aren’t then your only friends will be the ones who only like you for the simple reason that you are gay!


Props To Being Gay
You are always right!
-Don’t ever let anyone tell you you are wrong… unless they are actually right.
-If they disagree with you just pull up the homophobe card.(Hint: Don’t use the homophobe card on gays… it doesn’t work!)

You are freakin awesome!
-You are awesome just for the simple fact you are gay!
-If anyone disagrees with that then they are the faggots not you!

-You are gonna find love because you didn’t care about right and wrong.
-Unlike what the Bible says love has no gender or race or anything love is just… well love.


Cons To Being Gay
-There are gonna be people who disagree with your choice… these people are called assholes and Bible Freaks.
-These people are to be ignored, don’t let what anyone say get to you, you made your choice so you should stick to it!

-Dealing with your parents and family or whoever is gonna be hard if you’re nervous… don’t be afraid
-If you’re wondering how to tell someone just sorta slip it into a conversation
                   - So start with a gay joke, add in a “What would you do if I was gay?”, then, no matter what they say just blurt it out… it would be best if you blurt it out before they answer.

-You might have to step on a few hearts while coming out the best thing to do is just tell them you’re gay before they could ask you out if not you will make them cry… trust me I know from personal experience.
-Try not to let it bother you because in the end this is for you, not them.

The author's comments:

I wrote this for my frinds then my best friends Lilah and Tabatha told me to publish this so... so, here you go!

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