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Community Service

March 31, 2009
By Andrew Fuksa BRONZE, Portland, Indiana
Andrew Fuksa BRONZE, Portland, Indiana
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I was not always a community service oriented person. Up until my sophomore year in high school, I was very much ignorant to what community service entailed and where and how to begin. I have always been open to helping when asked but to volunteer had never crossed my mind. When I was a freshman I made many friends who were in a club called Key Club International. From talking to these people, I came to understand that community service not only helped those in need, but could be fun for the volunteers. Then, at the beginning of my sophomore year I was asked to come to the Key Club’s first meeting to see if their thoughts and beliefs were intriguing to me.

I soon found that Key Club was exactly what I had been searching for. A way to commit some of my time to helping others while enjoying myself was possible through this organization. I soon became one of the more active members and participated in several events right from the start. Key Club is an organization run entirely by high school students. Our entire governmental system is comprised of teenagers. I, at seventeen years of age, have been elected to treasurer for the next upcoming school year, at which time I will be a senior. I am very excited about taking a more significant role in the club’s activities and showing others the benefits of giving through my own actions. Key Club is all about helping our own community and on occasion even the world.

I have been involved in several activities such as fundraisers and volunteer labor. One significant activity I participate in every year is in the Delt’s Craft Show. I do not make crafts however; I help people carry them in to our school. The show is held in the high school I attend and every Key Clubber we can round up comes to help carry crafts and equipment into the building. In reward the Delt’s Craft Show managers donate a sum of money to cancer research in our name. I know that when I take the extra effort to push my cart or carry a box I am really helping someone. Be it the cure for cancer or just to heal one patient I know that I am doing well for another.

A second major project which I spent many hours on is a float for the local parade. Through hours of dedication, fellow Key Clubbers and I were able to design and build an approximately twelve by four feet float which was a real crowd pleaser. By collecting donations alongside the float we were able to raise a significant amount of money to donate to Riley’s Children’s Hospital. The Children’s Hospital is always a major foal point for me as well as the club. Every year we participate in at least one fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital and often we vote on donating more than just the fundraising money.

We have already begun planning the next big fundraising project. The plan is simple, sell our time to those who could use a hand and use the money we earn by helping people to help more people. All that is necessary is filling out a short form with your information and getting it out on the radio. Through the radio station, we auction off our time and hard work to those who need help with common chores or possibly ones they can not complete on their own. With the money we receive from these bidders, we donate the full amount to an organization which seems most helpful to us. Although this plan has not fully developed, I am ecstatic to participate in the project.

Since becoming involved with Key Club, thanks to the help of friends, I have never stopped believing in volunteerism. I plan to continue on this path and help at any and all costs. Whether it is fundraisers, project coordination, or donating on my own, I have been touched by the volunteering fever and it just will not go away. I only hope that I can help to spread this fever, for in my mind, what is a few hours of community service compared to the life you could be saving?

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