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Community Service is Very Important to Me

April 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Community service is very important to me. I volunteer my free time a lot so that I can make my community a better place. People often complain when they need help themselves and don’t get any, and at the same time, never help anyone else. Well, I do community service to be an active citizen, but also sometimes for fun.

Each month, I put in many hours doing different kinds of service. For example, in January I organized and carried out a food drive for the local food bank. I collected over 200 items from my school with the help of my Boy Scout troop. Volunteering, community service, and helping people out is a big part of scouting, so I do a lot of service that way. Another example is when, after functions at my school (concerts, assemblies, etc.), I help the janitors put away chairs and other equipment. It really helps the janitors out, and it is a nice thing to do. Furthermore, I also help out the vendors at the Annual Christmas Craft Market in my town with setting up and taking down their stalls. I help them carry their merchandise in from their cars and sometimes help them set up. Also, I help every year twice a year with the clean up in my town. We go out, and for a few hours, pick up trash along many of the roadways in Hope, making our community look better. I also help during the summer with Genesis Farm Camp, a day camp for kids that teaches about the environment. At that camp last year, I was an assistant counselor. Although you may not think of this, participating in ceremonies on days like Memorial Day is also a part of volunteering. It is going out, giving of your time, and making people feel good. Whether it is veterans or their families, it is important that people go out and show respect, reminding them that they are not forgotten.

Community service has really changed me. For one, I am more charitable. I am willing to help whoever needs help, and I volunteer willingly. I am also more compassionate towards others. Compassion is feeling or showing concern for others, and that is truly what volunteering is about. With community service, you also meet new people in your community and it can be almost like a social gathering. I also know that if I help now, that person might help me in the future.

Some people think community service is unnecessary and don’t ever do it. Some know it is a good thing to do but don’t want to do it. Some people do it only because they have to or because they will get something out of it. Then there are some people that love doing community service and volunteer every chance they get. I am one of these people. I love volunteering and it has definately changed me for the better. Without volunteering and community service, this world would just be every man for himself, and it would be very unfortunate.

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niki16 said...
on Jan. 25 2012 at 8:52 am
this artical was very well writen on behaf of mother earth thanks ~niki~