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No Time To Waste

November 26, 2007
By Anonymous

I was ten years old when I began doing Community Service for a school project. My stomach was full of butterflies as I hopped into the car on the way to an elderly home to start my volunteering experience. I was actually nervous about helping other people, that's a first. Maybe I would fumble with my words when starting conversation because of my nervousness. When I arrived at the facility, people greeted me with "Hello", and "Nice to meet you." When I heard those words I knew I'd made a good decision by doing my volunteer work here. My time there went very fast; mostly I took out garbage and cleaned hard to reach places. Then I realized Community Service can be something little like spending time and helping out a friend in need. I noticed I probably have been doing Community Service all of my life, when you go out of your way is when it counts the most. My time at that elderly home was precious; when ever I get the chance I plan to visit again, no matter if it's in search of more Community Service or just the need to have a nice conversation. Community Service changed my life for the better and helped the people at that elderly home. Remember, there's no time to waste; there's always someone in need of your help.

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